Akiane Kramarik – Drawing Heaven

Today I felt the calling to do a post on Akiane Kramarik. She is now a young

woman, but she has been popular in Spirituality circles since she was a young girl.

She is an artist. A painter. A poet. A musician.

Getting out my Thesaurus, there are no words to describe how beautiful her paintings are. “Alluring”. “Radiant”. “Ravishing”. “Dazzling”. No, there are no human words that come close to describing her and her works. Maybe the closest ones would be “Angelic” and “Divine”.

Coming from a non-religious family, she says she got her inspiration from “God”. And there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that this girl has seen (and remembered) heaven.

She had visions, heard voices, saw scenes from the past and the future! She says that after she would paint them, the visions would fade away, and she would forget.

Not knowing at the time what was happening – where she was getting these visions – her family went through many religions seeking the God that Akiane has seen. Members of her family settled into different religions. But Akiane  says that she doesn’t belong to any denomination, she is simply “spiritual” (I love this!).

About her poetry, she says it “just comes out of me – effortless”.  She says about half her poetry goes with her paintings (the painting she is working on at the time).

When asked about her future, she says she has an idea of a school of arts for  children, young adults, and adults – to teach them to be not afraid of making mistakes, to be open to them to learn from them. No more strict rules. It has to be coming from the heart – not from the brain.

She says she would love to travel in “our new world, we’re just entering”. (Profound? Yeah!!)

When I look at her and hear her speak, I just know that I’m truly seeing a real Earth Angel.

Here’s another video (below) where she was interviewed at age 15. I have pulled the information (above) from this video. There is a little commercial at the beginning of the video so the interview actually begins at 1:30. If you are short on time, at least watch what she says at the 24 minute mark.

Below is the address to her website. If you enjoy her work, then go on over there and check out the rest of them. They are really Amazing!


“Bridges unite all the kingdoms, nations and countries that are represented by castles and palaces growing out of the mountains. The first white flag invites everyone for surrender to peace and unity.”   ~Akiane

‎”Each and every one of us is part of the infinite perspective seeing reality through our own individual awareness.
Without one of our views there wouldn’t be absolute fulfillment and completeness” ~Akiane


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