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“Entanglement” ~Akiane Kramarik

Entanglement Akiane

“Entanglement” Akiane Kramarik

AngelicView: This amazing painting by Akiane Kramarik was just finished (posted online August 27th) called “Entanglement”. She also posted a video about it. Tears came to my eyes as I watched and listened to her video.

I am a painter, too. No… I’m not ‘a painter’. I paint.  I do it just for fun. I can’t even imagine having her talent. Genius. You all know that she’s only about 20 (or maybe 21?) and she’s had this painting ability that reached saint-hood status around the age of eight.

So anyways, here’s this painting and this video that she made about it. I really want everyone to hear what she says, so I’m going to do a transcript of the video for those people who cannot watch the video, cannot hear, or do not have the seven and a half minutes of time. It’s just that mind-blowing (to me). I hope it is to you, too.

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Drawing Heaven ~ Part 2

"Life Maze" by Akiane Kramarik

“Life Maze” by Akiane Kramarik

By AngelicView

My original “Drawing Heaven” article focused completely on Akiane Kramarik, back in 2012. While her artwork is out-of-this-world stunning, there are other artists out there, too, who make attempts to Draw Heaven based on their near-death experiences. So in this article, I’m going to show some of them, too. I’ll save Akiane’s newer works for the end 🙂

*Disclaimer – I am not trying to steal anyone’s artwork. I am only trying to share it with my readers. Every heading will reflect the name of the artist and will also serve as a link to the website where I found the art and information. If you see your art here and you do not want it here, please contact me and I will promptly remove it from AngelicView. Thank you. And thank you for sharing 🙂

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A Capella Science: Eminemium (Choose Yourself)

AngelicView: This guy is so awesome (in a nerdy, sing-y kind of way!) 😀

So this guy is called Timblais and he is a Physics Masters Graduate. He also loves making all kind of sounds with his mouth – and this song (in my opinion) is pretty awesome. I think I’m going to have to listen to it once again to take in all it has to offer. Oh, and yes! All those guys singing is all him – one guy.

Also see Bohemian Gravity by A Capella Science

What Goes on in the Garden When You’re Not Looking


AngelicView: If you’re not one of the 25 million people who have seen this, then you’re probably going to want to watch it! And if you are one of those 25 million, then you might just want to take it in again. 😉

In my view, this video exemplifies Science and Spirituality without saying a word.

P.S. Did you see the Baby Bat under the Bat’s wing?

Philosophy and The Matrix: Return to Source

(Re-posted from June, 2012)

There is something for everyone here on AngelicView!


Many people (including myself) believe that there is a lot of philosophical principals to be gained from watching the movie, “The Matrix”. Here are some quotes from the movie:

Morpheus: “What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.

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Akiane Kramarik – Drawing Heaven

Today I felt the calling to do a post on Akiane Kramarik. She is now a young

woman, but she has been popular in Spirituality circles since she was a young girl.

She is an artist. A painter. A poet. A musician.

Getting out my Thesaurus, there are no words to describe how beautiful her paintings are. “Alluring”. “Radiant”. “Ravishing”. “Dazzling”. No, there are no human words that come close to describing her and her works. Maybe the closest ones would be “Angelic” and “Divine”.

Coming from a non-religious family, she says she got her inspiration from “God”. And there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that this girl has seen (and remembered) heaven.

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Temple 100ft Underground!

***I highly recommend the Virtual Tour – linked at the bottom of this article***

This is by far the most amazing thing I have seen in a long long time! This is a temple built under a house. It has the most beautiful artwork! I am posting here so you can get a look at it.

It was built in secret, but now is exposed to the public. It is often used for group meditations.

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