How Can I Break Through the Veil?

By AngelicView



I am writing this because several people have asked me this question lately, and so I wanted to address it. This is an opinion piece based on my studies of NDE’s, OBE’s, and STE’s, and so should not be taken as fact but as an educated guess kind of thing.

People want to know how they, too, can have the experiences such as are described in NDE’s/OBE’s/STE’s. Here is my answer:

In many cases OBE’s and STE’s are completely spontaneous. There is no cause for it that can be established. I think it’s possible that these types of experiences are ones that we have planned into our life blueprint – we actually planned to have the experience, in many cases, before we incarnated on Earth. So many people are having these experiences that I also have to think that it’s possible that each one of us might (or at least a lot of us might)  have this type of experience sometime in this lifetime.

In the case of NDE’s, there was a life-threatening event. Now, don’t go thinking that you’re going to try to cause this kind of experience by threatening your own life, because it won’t work and in the end, the Universe is going to make sure that you’re kicked in your butt for trying it.

Some people have these types of experiences through meditation. That never worked for me, personally, but that doesn’t mean it won’t for you.

Other people use drugs/plants/mushrooms to get the experience. I don’t recommend that. But some people have had wonderful experiences and have pierced the veil that way.

For most people, this is our last lifetime on 3D Earth. It is experiences such as these that gives us the wake-up call… or the “upgrade”, as some might see it… to expand beyond the 3D reality into new adventures.

So I don’t know what you can do in order to have an experience like this. I suppose you can call for it to happen in your life to your God/Angels/Aliens/Spirit Guides/Creator/Universe (whatever works for you). Express that you are open to having such an experience.

But remember that in the end, it’s not really up to you. It’s up to your higher self. He/She/It is what makes all these kinds of decisions for your little 3D mini-me self because he/she/it can see from a much higher perspective and can decide what is for your highest good.


33 thoughts on “How Can I Break Through the Veil?

  1. Hi.. I don’t agree with this, from my own experiences with OOBE’s, & Lucid Dreaming. I had my first OOBE as a child, & didn’t understand it at the time.. It felt like a scary dream.. Later in my late 20’s I was taking a 2 weekend seminar with Silva Mind Control in the early 70’s, and we were in the 3rd day, we were going to remember all our dreams that night, & share them with the class the next day (60 people in this class) We were given a guided meditation directing us to be aware of each dream cycle, & to write each one down as we would awaken after each one.(we have dream cycles about every 40 mins, we enter alpha, then theta, and the deepest, which is delta. These states are cycles we go thru with REM’s (rapid eye movement) and we can have 6 or more dreams a night. We usually only remember the last dream on awakening, & many people don’t remember any. We were told to keep a flashlight, a pencil, & a notepad next to our bed on that night. I remember having 4 dreams & writing them down, then I had my first real OOBE. I remember this was not like my other dreams that night. This one was me looking down on myself lying in my bed. I was calm, & just knew I was separated from my body. I felt so free… I decided to go into the kitchen, & before I finished thinking this, I was in the kitchen. No time delay with my thought, it was instantaneous (not like we know in our earth/physical state. I Decided to go outside the house, & was outside immediately. I played with this for awhile.. no sense of time in this state either. I went out in space & looked back at the world, & had no fear, nor did I try to analyze what was happening… it just was, & I accepted it, & I had fun with it. I also decided I wanted to see what I looked like, & focused (thought) to be in front of my vanity mirror in my bedroom, & I was instantly there. It started to feel natural, whatever I focused on manifested instantly. I remember then, looking for my shoes,& I instantly saw them, glowing with a white light (energy) around them, and thats all that stood out in the room, until I focused on something else. I only saw what I focused or desired to “see” . Then, I looked into the mirror, & saw myself like a cloud-like vapor of illumious glowing, & pulsating, bright white transparent, ever-changing form, between 2-3ft by 3-4ft roundish/oblongish type shape. I thought interesting… then I thought, how will I ever get back into my body..and as I had that thought, I felt some fear, & instantly I felt myself back in my body, & sat up. (I remembered I entered thru my third eye chakra (forehead) or aka pineal gland area. Since this experience I eventually with practice learned how to direct my consciouness to allow myself to create this OOBE to happen at will.. This is also a conscious choice for me between my physical body & my spiritual body to agree to feel okey with having this type of experience.. Fear will block it from happening usually. Most people give themselves too many reasons they can’t achieve this experience.. and others are just afraid, or are waiting for someone to give them permission, or show, or teach them, or explain how to do it.. etc.. This is true for most of us, with everything, we look for role models, whether parents, friends, celebreties, newsmedia, movies, books, whatever to lead the way…
    And to me OOBE’s are a very normal experience to have now.. And Lucid Dreaming is being aware when we are in our dream state, that we are dreaming, & we can then control our dream, while in it.. I did this from a child, I would have my on-going dream, & pick it up everynight, from where I left off, like a soap-opera.. I did this for years, & thought it was normal for everyone to do..
    There are lot of good videos on youtube explaining OOBE’s & meditative guidence to achieving this state of being. It definitely will prove, to each individual, we are more than our bodies. I’ve done this for yrs, & now see other spirits in the astral world, & communicate on higher levels of dimension with the 4th, 5th, & beyond.. There is nothing to fear, but our own fears of the not-known, and when we’re focused on peace, love , & joy, we will only attract that energy back. Have fun with all this… 🙂 Namaste

    • Wow! Those do sound like some awesome experiences! I’m not too sure which part you don’t agree with, though, because I did say that some people use meditation in order to leave their bodies, and that it hasn’t worked for me. Good tip for people to go to You Tube – a wonderful place to learn almost anything! I still think that it was probably part of your own soul contract that you are able to do this, because not everyone can. Good for you! 🙂

  2. I have had OBE spontaneously many times, visions also spontaneously, but all these have happened when I’ve been in alpha or theta – brought on by either intense focus and with breath, meditation, or verge of sleep. I was present for a guided meditation once, given by Peggy Dubro to meet our future self (which I was extremely doubtful of…..untill just as I’d said to myself, “knew it wouldn’t happen”…it did – wow! I came to the conclusion future self is higher self because that’s who I met). So I would have to say, that it helps greatly to seek information and to have it at the fore (pardon the pun) of our mind which is asking for an experience in itself, ie. continue to express desire for the experience. We won’t experience what is beyond our acceptance, and fear sure gets in the way of that. Education/knowledge dispels fear and opens the door to acceptance and experience.

    A good symbol to place in your mind just before you go to sleep might be a doorwary…..with eyes wide open on it! (to tell the brain to remember the images of where you go…because you always go, but don’t remember).
    PS. To AV – you’re so gorgeous!

    • OMG – you are too kind!

      I am loving the sharing that is going on here! I think people who have had NDE’s/OBE’s/STE’s tend to be drawn to a blog like this to read other’s experiences. Thanks for leaving the tips, too! 🙂

    • Hi Angel.. I didn’t mean to come on harshly if I came across that way.. 🙂 the part I don’t agree with is just this at the end you stated: “But remember that in the end, IT’S NOT REALLY UP TO YOU. It’s up to your higher self. He/She/It is what makes all these kinds of decisions for your little 3D mini-me self because he/she/it can see from a much higher perspective and can decide what is for your highest good.”

      I feel & know, from experience, there is no separation between the physical & spiritual when aligned with our whole beingness.. Our ego is in agreement with our HS. We are ONE when we acknowledge we are one.. That is being tuned in. & turned on, & receiving, & being what is. Its being connected. It only takes acknowledgement & practice. And like anything else, it becomes automatic with practice.. etc.. And when I am in my physical body (not out of body, I am still connected always with my spiritual/higher/god-self, etc. & its only from my personal experience, I know this. Its not something I read or made happen. It was revealed to me. I do channel many spirit guides, etc..And I realize everyone is unique & different, & we each have our experiences with whatever reality we are able to perceive as possible individually. We are unlimited with anything we can imagine & believe we can be do & have. Its not convincing anyone but ourself. Its an inner journey of discovering for ourself.. No one can tell us what is the correct way or what rituals are necessary.. I don’t believe in that type of mind thinking anymore. There is nothing more than getting into the desired state of being.. Feel the desired state ! And if a ritual is the way to do it.. perfect.. but for me just focusing (tuning in) is all that’s necessary at this point in time.. I am not the average guy, nor are any of us average, we are all unique..
      I’ve been doing weird stuff since the age of 3. & I am 74 yrs young now, & can pass easily for 40. With no surgery, fillers , nothing.. Age is a state of mind, & thats a whole different subject.. I’m writing a book on my beliefs & what brought me to believe the way I do, Our face reflects outwardly as I face the world inwardly.. Our face represents our image to the world of how we represent the way we face emotionally what we are inside projected outwardly. Most people die inwardly (growth wise with awareness, not intellectual awareness, then they get sick, and then they die. Most people look to the world for cure’s, answers, decisions, etc.. like robots (I don’t mean this harshly, but look around you) advertizing, the news-media, the schools, the government, everywhere, mass-hypnosis, & major programming everywhere. There is such a lack of inner awareness.. nothing is taught in grade schools.. Children learn fast, & are open to new ideas & awareness.. No-one questions the reality of the pharmeceudical companys.. Dr’s (treating effects, not causes) & the more people rely on outside aid (temporary fixes) they will remain unconscious to self-healing, & taking responsibility for they own bodies.
      We are all in our bodies 24 hrs a day, & yet how many are really in touch with their-selves (their-cells) Every cell in our body is a mini individual part of our whole being, our physical home. We are always connected to ourselves (our-cells) And they do respond to what we agree to. Everything responds to vibration. And we are vibrating energy that reponds to thought (energy) whether from our own direction, or from someone outside of us, that we give our power to, by agreement.
      OOBE’s work this same way… Its not the Higher Self giving an okey to have this experience, its just us aligning up with our own complete beingness and knowing we have a working connection.. thats it. Very simple.. no one has to give us permission, including our Higher Self, because we are always connected. We all may not know this, but we are,..its like a tv plugged in, it has to be turned on to receive the picture, & we have to be present to “see” it. I see so many making this so difficult, & it is so easy to see.. It’s like the newer cell phones took a few days or less to figure out, & now its easy to use them, & automatic.. so it is with higher awareness, & living from that expanded place of being… And once we know, we keep on expanding & creating further.. And it is really an inner conviction to trust our own inner guidance.. Everything is within each one of us.. no-one is any better, or different, outwardly some may appear different.. & that too can be altered as we gain more awareness, & faith in our ability to manifest whatever we choose. I love Abraham Hicks teachings, & many others also.. Abe says we are conscious unlimited deliberate creators. Its so good to see the computer age has arrived to push through alot of the old beliefs & being able to communicate with such a vast amount of people today all over the world, like this site here…. I’m just sharing my beliefs, from my experiences, with peace & love.. Tommy

      • Thanks Tommy! I really don’t disagree with anything you’ve said here – a really great comment 🙂

        I think for a lot of people, that the HS helps to facilitate busting through the veil (or piercing it) for the 1st time. Then once that person has the higher perspective, it may be easier from then on to not only accept the knowingness that you’ve stated above, but also “feel” how to use it. In other words, we can read that we are creator beings all the live-long day, but until we understand HOW to create, it’s just something we’ve read.

        Remember that I am coming from the perspective of studying thousands of NDE’s and OBE’s. Most of the ones who have OBE’s for the first time just found themselves spontaneously out of body. I agree that some people are what we call “frequent flyers” and can go out of body pretty much at will. There is a whole section on OBERF (Out of Body Experience Research Foundation) just specifically for those types of stories.

        Anyway, if you wrote a book, I’d read it!
        ❤ ❤ <3!

        • The great thing is that it’s all in the making; we’re all in the making. We have forever, but I’m impatient. We did come here with a heck of a small percentage of brain in use, but climbing, and when we do evolve to include, say, another 5% – wow, won’t we be amazing then! I would say, that by virtue that we exist we are of course all-ways connected with God/Source. Yet it’s one thing to hear other dimensional voices (including our own), have OBEs, and develop our innate psychic abilities, but it’s another to truly know enough to learn to bio-locate/disappear for example and do it at Will. And we all have this level of Mastery to grow into. It’s great to learn from each other’s experiences, and get everyone’s different ‘take’ on things, helping propel us all together.

          I like your comment Tommy, (not that that matters :)), because I’m with you all the way that we need to ‘own/realize’ our power to the best of our ability. I also believe though that we are allowed certain experiences which are called into action by our resonance with them, which really means, we’re ready to experience them, as so deemed by the God, the power within us, ie. we are in alignment -one with the manifestation of the experience – atonement. We do get tested, we have to be sincere, and we have to surrender our ego to varying degrees in order to be granted with certain levels of experience, is my experience 🙂

          It’s cool these discussions! Thanks AV, you do a grand job ❤

  3. Love the braids! My NDE started with an illness when I was under the age of two. I believe my pineal gland was left open during a very high fever, this is what I was told by my parents later in life when I could understand what was happening to me.

    I had the ability to leave my body and travel during sleep, I went to places I’d never been to and could describe them to a T. Through my life I visited some of these places and immediately knew I had been there before. I would have a real strong sense of déjà vu, it’s fleeting but would be my indicator of familiarity.

    I think there are many ways to reach this state of mind, thanks for enlightening us with your thought provoking blog.

    • You are so lucky that you had parents that understood and believed you! And that they could give some kind of explanation of what was going on.

      I have had two OBE’s (that I remember). While they were VERY memorable, I didn’t receive any special or universal knowledge while out of body nor did I meet an “Angel” or any kind of being that could fill me up with the kind of Love and Healing that so many people talk about after an NDE, and I think when people ask me how they can have this type of experience, I believe that those are the kinds of things they want to experience. Not just leaving their bodies but also feeling that great Love that we miss while in body and getting that special insight that people who have had NDE’s get.

      Karma, since you’ve been able to leave your body, did you have any of these types of experiences? Did you meet a special being or receive knowledge? I’m curious if it’s common for “frequent flyers” to have those types of experiences.

      Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

      • I think my ability to leave my body came at a time I was very ill and that’s how I dealt with the pain and suffering. At various times in my life, that ability was suppressed by others in my life that were not comfortable with what I knew. I went to Catholic school my whole life and I couldn’t agree with a lot of what they said at a very early age. Too many conundrums.

        I leave during sleep, it’s very subtle leaving, however returning is traumatic. My boyfriend observes that my breathing is very shallow, almost non existent, and coming back into my body I’m usually speaking and having a conversation with someone when he is aware of what’s going on. During one particular conversation he said I was speaking in a different language he didn’t understand. On another occasion I was speaking in a male voice and a female voice having a conversation with essentially myself.

        I have prophetic dreams where events and situations have happened exactly as I saw them. My most profound was viewing my grandfather dying in a fire, he couldn’t get out of the basement. I woke up screaming and told my parents what happened, they acknowledged me and said they would check on it in the morning and sent me back to bed, I was 6 1/2 at the time. I went to school the next day and my parents came to get me before lunchtime, on the way home my dad just stared at me in the rear view mirror, he didn’t tell me what was going on or my sister. When I got home, my mom and dad sat us down and explained what happened, I went hysterical, I thought I caused it by dreaming or having a vision of it. I shut off whatever ability I had then, and didn’t use it again until my 20’s.

        • That must have been very upsetting! Although now, years later, it seems pretty amazing, right? That you were able to foresee this thing happening or perhaps you saw it as it happened. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. While I never had an OBE or NDE, I had another experience that might be the closest I will ever get to it.

    I am Schizoaffective Bipolar. I thought more in one day of mania then in four years of college. So much of it was forgotten, but I went from a non-believer in God to someone absolutely positive that there is more then the physical. I think I even saw angels and other people’s higher selves hanging out with them. I didn’t realize they were angels (no wings), but each worker had the hospital had a person standing behind them looking at what they were doing. My mania was very scary and the cost of a long depression afterwards makes it clear that IBE (in body experiences) are expensive to the brain and budget.

    OBE’s, no the other hand, do not result in depression. Maybe the individual is taken out of the body because the brain would be damaged if they were still inside the body. I wonder if there are any similarities between OBE and IBE. A lot of people would be upset to have their OBE compared to psychosis. A lot of negativity is put on psychosis, and so many people label intuitive people as mentally ill that it is understandable. I learned a lot through psychosis, and mania remains the most memorable time of my life. Please don’t be insulted.

    • I don’t think anyone here is insulted. I am very intrigued by your description of the manic phase! I have never heard of people seeing other-dimensionals during their manic phase. Is it almost like your vibration increased to the point where you were perceiving a wider view of the spectrum? I would love to hear more about that. How long did it last?

      In your case, especially (and I might do some more research into other’s experiences with this), it seems to me that although your body was ill in our terms, something really amazing was actually going on there! Since I am a nurse in-hospital it is especially interesting to me that you saw hospital workers with people standing behind them! Do you think they were guides to that person or observers?

      I think your experience is outstanding! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

      • Okay, I have done a little research and have found that it is fairly common that people seem to “see beyond” our limited view with this “disorder”. While the illness is very destructive to a person’s life, I have found comments where people have seen it as a gift! Here is one:

        “I love that I can see EVERYTHING in the universe, every atom, every reaction, what it’s like to live on Mars, I’ve seen what happens when you die. I see all the other universes and realities. Not just the ones that human brains are tuned to see. I feel God has given me the gift of sight. For this reason i have a hard time taking meds because I think they are evil. Taking away my gift. :(“

      • Seeing angels behind the workers only lasted a short time, less then an half an hour. I heard something say there was trouble in the children department, and one angel said, “Not in the children’s department.” They all went to help, and I never saw them again. I think they were there to help the workers.

        For a longer time it seemed like every patient had two other people with them. I couldn’t figure out who these people were. I wondered if one person represented the past and the other the future. I am now guessing one was the higher self, but still unsure about the other person. Guardian Angel?

        I was spiritual while ill. It is not uncommon for the mentally ill to become spiritual. A lot of my mania was scary so I turned to God. There were phones at the hospital for patients to call family. I actually picked up a phone and dialed G. O. D. Sadly it didn’t work.

        At times, I also thought I was died, and needed to transcend. I would try to transcend, but fail.

        It would be easy to argue that all this was hallucinations, and a lot of my mania was. What I have mentioned makes it sound wonderful, but most was so so scary. I was put in a small white room for hours while the hospital tried to contact my family. It was bright in sunny when I went to the hospital and pitch dark when I was let out of the room and transferred to another hospital.

        I thought I would be trapped in that room for all eternity. That there was a mix up and I had been sent to hell. I prayed and prayed to God to help. I yelled out all my life sins and said I was sorry. I could remember the tiniest sins from elementary. I cannot remember them now, but know I said sorry.

        The first night my thoughts were going so fast at one point I just couldn’t stop thinking, and this made me realize that there is a bad side to thought. It was possible to think too much. I tried to quiet my mind and stop thinking. The shot I was given kicked in and next thing I knew it was morning.

        I could continue writing for days. So much in such a short time. So I will stop.

  5. You know what Peacenowflower, you sound very balanced, and not bitter from your experiences, a mature soul. I believe we can travel back in time, and I’m giving you a hug now, then…like I bet you had a group doing for you in unseen/not-so-unseen realms. I read on an excellent blog recently, a quote of Plato’s that I think is fitting to remember all the time – ‘Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle’.
    There are some brave souls on this planet that’s for sure, I think you’re one for choosing the condition, and learning from it really well, by the sounds of it.

    • Linda, thanks for the hug. I believe in time travel too. I’ve asked God before to send hope back to when I was most depressed.

      AngelicView, I sense medication it cuts off my abilities too. I am trying to work around the dulling effects of the medication because the cost is extremely high not to take it. There must be a way to bypass the brain because, like money, we don’t take the brain with us when we die.

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