Out of Body – Back in 5! (Part 2)

AngelicView: I decided to make a Part 2 because there are so many interesting OBE’s out there, and they are generally short stories. So I’ll put each person’s story in a different color. This group of OBE’s are NDE-like. In other words, there was no death of the physical body, and yet the experience had some NDE qualities associated with it. (Link to Part 1)

TheCosmos1Sometime during the night I found myself wide awake and floating just an inch or so above my body facing the ceiling. I found this very frightening as I was beginning to float up and towards my right. I grabbed onto my wife’s shoulder to try and stay where I was. Although her shoulder felt solid to me, it did not help me to hold on. I even tried to shake her shoulder to wake her up. Again it felt solid but I could not keep a grip. At this point, I floated out of my bedroom, into the living room. At this point I thought, “oh my God I’m dying.” I’ll never see another sunset or drive my car again. I’ll never see another morning. It was at this point I Found myself standing in outer space. A disembodied voice that came from somewhere to my right said “Only people matter” That’s it, nothing else. At that moment I realized that I had a type of body that was hovering upright. I had human form but without features. I guess I was a type of shadow. I was also at that point filled with a level of joy/happiness that is truly indescribable. I also was aware that I could ask any question imaginable and instantaneously know the answer.

The knowledge was unfathomable, yet I asked no question. I absolutely believe if I even thought a question I would immediately have the answer. It was at this point that I started to look around. Mostly it was dark, but when I looked to my right, I could see the planet earth as if in H D. It looked like the pictures taken from space by N A S A. It was very clear and about the size of a dime. At this point I again turned my attention toward my new form. I looked at my arm and hand. they seemed like dark shadows. I felt no sense of touch or any physical sensations. As I looked off into space, I stared off into the distance at about a two o’clock angle. At this point I leaned forward and for whatever reason, started to literally fly toward that point.

As this happened, I came back to my bed without knowing how.


I all of a sudden in a split second came out of my body and found myself floating about a meter above my bed facing a bright white light and before I knew it I was in this realm of light … I realized then where I was and it all made sense to me …  I felt safe because I realized it was him … He felt like my father (Not my biological father  but my real father) … And I felt pure love the whole time … It was bliss … He was talking to me at light speed , Giving me all this information … It felt like I knew everything at once … He taught me the meaning of life … One of the things he said was … Tell people about your experience … I felt so safe with him … At the end I asked him , Are we going now ?( I really wanted to go with him Peace9because it felt so good in the light … It was so pure and loving ) … no bad or bad feelings … After I asked him that question he said to me … Your not ready yet … Soon as he said that I looked back and saw my body in the sitting position , then all of a sudden I felt myself going back into my body.

At that point I realized what had happened and I felt so good … I just looked up and smiled and said to him … Thank you God for letting me know you exist … I know now that pure love does not exist in the biological world … It only exists in that realm … There is no hell … I believe even bad people go to Heaven … Because its not their fault they were born … They are also here to learn what they need to … And yes we will be reborn but that could be anytime because in the other realm time doesn’t exist … What we do in this realm is like a job … All we have to do is learn and learn from our mistakes, live and die … Evolve into perfection ( Love ) as it is in Heaven … After the experience I felt so different … Like I had been cleansed and been given a shot of pure love which has not left me in all these years.


I saw something not of this world…I was in the “Tunnel” looking down at an Illuminated White City…the buildings made of Marble, the streets Mother of Pearl…window sills lined in silver. I saw an ocean…smooth, clear as glass with a Ferris Wheel spinning slowly at the edge…four seats moving slowly.  I saw two different cities  connected by a bridge…and at one point I felt myself lowering down to see this place up close…I looked to my left and saw a reddish/brown brick wall, that sent me back into my sleeping body… I was given a gift that I never forgot…that city remained in my head for ten years…I tried to paint what I saw but no amount of paint could reproduce the beauty I saw…no matter how good the artist.


The next thing that I knew was that I seemed to be travelling in some sort of a tunnel.  I could see a small light at the end that was very bright and I was getting closer to it.  I don’t know how I was moving; Akiane_TheDetectiveI seemed to be gliding effortlessly.  At the same time, I could hear the most amazing music, nothing like the music on earth at all.  I have no way of describing it, other than to say that it was heavenly music. 

When I got closer to the bright white light, I remember seeing rows and rows of hands, all held open as if to greet me and welcome me.  There were no bodies attached, no faces and no-one spoke.  All communication was done with thought transmission.  These were beings of light.  I felt tremendous love all around me, it was so intense, I was completely engulfed by it and I felt such enormous relief – all my sadness had completely vanished.  I felt so relaxed and peaceful and totally loved. 

Whatever was happening and wherever I was, I wanted to stay, but suddenly words entered my head. I don’t know who was speaking to me; the words just came into my head.  I was told:   “you’re not ready”, you’re not ready yet”.  Suddenly, I found myself travelling back down through the tunnel at tremendous speed.  I was being sent back.  I heard a very loud whoosh sound and I woke up very startled.

I hadn’t a clue what had just happened. It felt as if I had been thrown out of something.  I remember thinking “what on earth was that?”  I’ve just had the most amazing dream of my life!  But, of course this was not just a dream at all.  This was an out of body experience or a near death experience.  I believe without doubt that I had a glimpse of the ‘other side’.


At 8 years old, I was sitting next to a small creek.  It was a sunny day, mid afternoon in Spring.  I was alone…my sister was somewhere close by with friends, as she was “babysitting” me, but we were not with each other.  I remember throwing small stones into the water, and liking the way the sunshine moved with the ripples from the stones.  I was really concentrating on this and the next thing I knew, I was not me any more. 

I was outside of myself, and all of a sudden I had a huge sense of sadness and disappointment…I realized that I was born again on earth, and it made me so sad to be back here.  I was really upset that I had to doBabyAngel THIS over again.  I’m not sure of the sequence here, but I also remember wanting to be back in the universe.  I understood that before coming back to earth, I was this tiny, tiny speck of light…one of trillions of specks of light, and my “being” was perfection….all knowing and all loving.  And I also realized that if I was not there, even though I was one of trillions of specks of light, that the entire universe would be out of balance-it wouldn’t be perfection, and it would never happen, I would always be that speck of light.  It may sound hokey, but I was “One with the Universe”. 

I was given a very quick review of the life I was to live this time on earth, and I got a lot of information…I didn’t remember a lot of the details once I came out of this trance, but I know that at the time, I was given all information.  I was “told” that I would struggle, and somewhere in my 30’s or 40’s I would have a very tough time (true) but that in my 50’s my husband would be very successful and I would live the rest of my life very comfortably…almost as if what I had to learn would be learned through my struggle, and that the rest of my life would be much easier. 

I really have kept that idea close to my heart (the feeling of being this perfect, necessary speck of light)…granted closer to my heart at some times than at others.  I believe that that light lives in each of us, and its the universe’s reflection of God within each of us.  I woke up when my sister came up to me and asked me if I was ok.


2 thoughts on “Out of Body – Back in 5! (Part 2)

  1. All mystics know that ” All that we see, touch, feel is but from the field of being’ . Often we may be struggling to find God. Without realising that we are already immersed in that we call god. Each of us explores that condensed experience of being that is us, that is we, that which is I. We do this from the point of pure innocence because our true nature has been hidden by our own design. This suits our purposes until the time comes when that experience of being we call life is fulfilled . Then we are roused from this particular dream state and enter the greater realities. I use the plural for the realities as we can understand them are multitude in manifestation. We are all explorers all pilgrims. In his age the veil becomes thin as these experiences demonstrate. The sages say we live within an illusion. It is true, but nevertheless such a wonderful one. If the world is but a dream we are all sharing and creating that dream as one.

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