Out of Body – Be Back in 5!

BelieveAngelicView: Here is a short collection of some SOBE’s (Spontaneous Out of Body Experiences). Each story is short. I am just sharing them for those who are interested in the subject.

Where are they, really? In what plane or dimension? Or density? What is the Astral Plane? And where is it? Very interesting subject! Many stories state that it looks somewhat the same as it looks while in the body – but different. Here’s a few examples:

“I was five years old and sitting on my grandmother’s living room floor playing with toys.  I have always been aware of myself as something separate from, though inside of my body. This particular day, and I do not know why, however I got up and walked into my grandmother’s bedroom which she kept very dark.  She had many layers of curtains covering her window.  I closed the door and it was pitch black. I held my palms out in front of me as though I could see them as I looked at them and said, “ok, who am I?  I mean I know that I am human and I have a body and organs and a heart and blood and stuff, but, who am I, inside”? At that moment, it was as though “I” left my body and was outside of the planet Earth.  It was HUGE and beautiful.  I just looked at it amazed at the colors and brightness. I just remember staring at it as though I would a fire, captivated until it became the size of a quarter, and I was so far away in the pitch black ALONE that I became frightened and said, “I WANNA GO BACK”! and I entered back into my body and ran like hell out of my grandmother’s bedroom. I am now 46.”

(He was asking God to take away his pain)  The next thing I knew, I was over my body at the ceiling looking down on myself with my head in my hands.  At about the time I was thinking “what in the world”, I started floating uncontrollably into the sky.  I went through the roof of the house and could see the traffic on the highway nearby moving and could see cars at the nearby shopping strip driving in the parking lot.   I continued to float higher in the sky seeing all of the details one would see being in the air high above everything.  I continued into space seeing the stars pass by me, and at this point I noticed that I felt no pain.  I noticed then that I felt as if there were no negative emotions/sensations in my spirit (I didn’t see a body nor feel as if I had one, but just felt there if that makes any sense).  The feeling I felt was amazing.  It was the best feeling I had ever felt in my life leading up to this point and ever since.  I felt no pain, no suffering, no anger, no sadness, It was almost as if losing all of emotional senses except for a feeling of pure joy.  After traveling past the stars, it just got pitch-black for a moment. 

Then all of a sudden, it was pure white…it was so white that I couldn’t see anything.  The wonderful sensation remained the same, and I heard a voice say, “now you know your way home”.  Immediately, I started back down the way I had come.  Immediately I felt panicky, not wanting to leave.  Then it was like my life was being handed back to me, and I didn’t want it.  Over and over it was being handed to me and I tried to reject it.  I had a sense that I was being told that my life would be happy and okay.  I saw images of my family and just felt as if I was being told it was going to be just fine in the future;  that I would be happy later in life.  I still tried to refuse the whole way back.  I still felt the same during this though;  I was not frustrated or angry as I refused…its hard to explain.  I just didn’t want my life back, I wanted to stay where I had gone.  I stopped just above my body still sitting in the same position with my head in my hands, and I heard the voice again “never forget this”. 

I was back.  I lifted my head and felt confused.  Had this just really happened?!?”

“I found myself floating in the room; I had no body but I felt I did. I remember looking down at my legs but they weren’t there. I remember feeling so much joy as I floated up, down and spinned around having a wonderful time, it was an incredible sensation. Also, I had panoramic vision. It’s difficult to explain but somehow I was able to see from all around my head as if my eyes were behind my head too. There was no sense of time either. I don’t know how long I was out of my body.

I felt so happy that I went out the window and started to fly over the town. It wasn’t night, it was daytime and the things in the town didn’t seem exactly the same. I remember thinking that things looked a bit different, as if there were different trees in our garden. I flew over the houses, the buildings, and saw familiar people outside their houses. Then I thought “why not go to the beach?” as soon as the thought came to my mind I was instantly there.

Then I thought, well now I want to go out into space and I went up like a rocket but all of a sudden I felt very cold, it frightened me and I awoke in bed.”

“I was at a family dinner, just eating, and talking with my family. I was then starting to feel like I was shifting, somehow to an alternative “state”, where I was still at the dinner table, eating with my family at the same time as I was feeling not there at all.  I remember looking around to see if other members of my family noticed anything going on with themselves, or myself. Nothing was ever said from anyone else of the moment I had this experience, and I have never spoken to anyone about it. It was very frightening and fascinating all at the same time.  

It was as if I was in two different realities at once, like I could see myself at the same time as I was myself. I had the indescribable experience of not having any sense of the passage of time, such as if I was completely removed from the “norms” of this reality. I was in a place where everything was happening at once, and at the same time, nothing at all. Time, as we experience it and know it, did not exist.  This state continued for about a minute, and I have never experienced it again, nor spoken of it.”


(Continued in Part 2)



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