“Oh, That’s the Other Me”

AngelicView: The proof is all over the place around here that there are actually not one but two separate beings that inhabit our bodies. There is the being that controls the human vessel, and there is our Spirit that does the thinking and the philosophizing. And this is just another example.

He was driving his car when he had a SOBE (Spontaneous Out of Body Experience). It then went into an NDE-like experience. The thing is is that his body kept driving the car. Time had passed while he was gone and when he got back to his body, it was laying on his bed. The experience was life-changing for him. Thank you, Michael, for sharing your experience. 🙂


I was driving home from work. Wasn’t really tired but I was on “auto-pilot”.

Next thing I know I am totally disoriented because I am looking down from above at the top someone’s head. He was sitting down. I remember after a while thinking,  “Oh, that’s the other me,” and not thinking anything of it.

As soon as I realized that I moved higher and through the roof and started accelerating through this complete blackness. I remember I wasn’t scared but very excited. The thrill of moving that fast was amazing.

I don’t remember having a “body”. I was weightless and felt I was being pulled. I traveled for a while through this blackness then there was a beautiful glow of blue. The blue kept getting brighter and brighter until it was bright white intense light.

I stopped moving and stood, well with no body, in front of this light. I felt the rays of this light go through me. This was exciting and I just bathed in it for a while. It was the most amazing intense feeling I have ever experienced. Unconditional love, peace, contentment and happiness. I knew this was God. Not what I had learned as a child… the old man with the beard.

I wanted to stay there forever. I felt like a baby in his mothers arms. No worries.

I think I remember “dimmer lights” between me and the loving light. I feel like one came towards me. This is when things started getting fuzzy for me. I have a feeling it was my grandmother, but don’t remember her saying anything to me. Actually, I don’t remember any auditory experience.

I have always had the feeling the I was given information. But don’t remember it! I think I will when I need the information. Or I’m already using it subconsciously.


Next thing I know I was SLAMMED back into my body. I was laying on my bed. Strange thing was is that I hadn’t slept in my bedroom in months. Hadn’t even gone in my room. Don’t remember the drive home or going into my room.

For months after that all I could think about… all day, every day… was that experience. I started reading about anything I could get my hands on. Astral projecting, near death experiences… trying to figure out what it was that happened to me.

It drastically changed my life overnight. It definitely put me on a spiritual journey. I am not the same person at all. I like who I am now. A loving being.




3 thoughts on ““Oh, That’s the Other Me”

  1. It’s a strange feeling when you first realise that you can be a multifaceted consciousness , best analogy is thinking about it in terms of a cut diamond each side seeing a different view yet still being centred .

  2. The end, especially the last three sentences, speak volumes:
    “It drastically changed my life overnight. It definitely put me on a spiritual journey. I am not the same person at all. I like who I am now. A loving being.”

  3. A cliched narrative,run of the mill.you don’t need a prompt thru nde to behave as a human should. A very sad state of affairs where compassion is evoked because of extra ordinary event,otherwise the virtues that should be routine lay dormant.

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