Edgar Cayce on Human Origins (Part 2)

(Continued from Part 1)

The Invisible Planetary Afterlife Dimensions of Our Solar System

Planets and solar systems became a temptation to souls. Each solar system had its own course and its own plan. Souls moved toward them through the activity of a constant stream of mind. When a soul leaped into the stream (by immersing itself in the system through which the stream was flowing) it had the force of the current to contend with, and its free will was hampered. It was very easy, under these circumstances, to drift with the current.

Each solar system also represents an opportunity for development, advancement, and growth toward the ideal of complete companionship with God – the position of co-creator in the vast system of universal mind.

Our solar system also attracted souls. Since each solar system is a single expression of the divine, with its planets as integral parts, the Earth came into the path of souls.

Each solar system in the universe is like an atom in a universe of worlds. Atoms have quantum levels for electrons to travel around. The sun has “quantum levels” for planets to travel around. The planets of our solar system are physical representations of heavenly dimensions. These levels as a whole are the consciousness of our solar system. There are nine planetary-afterlife dimensions to the consciousness of our solar system. The planet Earth represents the third dimension where three-dimensional life is experienced in our solar system.


God’s Three-Dimensional School of Hard Knocks on the Third Rock from the Sun

The Earth is an expression of Divine Mind with its own laws, its own plan, and its own evolution. Souls, longing to feel the beauty of the seas, the winds, the forest, and the flowers, mixed with them and expressed themselves through them. They also mingled with the animals, and made thought forms in imitation of them. Souls played at creating and imitated God. But this interfered with the evolutionary plan of the Earth. Thus, the stream of mind carrying out this plan for the Earth gradually drew souls into its current. Souls had to evolve into the bodies they had themselves created.

This entanglement of souls into physical form was a probability from the beginning. But God did not know when it would happen until the souls, of their own free will, had caused it to happen.

All souls were created by God in the very beginning – before the universe was created. No other souls have been created since then. This means all souls on this planet, pre-existed before birth. Of the souls which God created, only a comparative few have entered into the experience of our solar system. Many other souls have gone through or are going through a similar entanglement in other solar systems in the universe.


The Sons of God Unite with the Daughters of Men


A way to liberate the souls entangled in matter was created. A physical form became available as a vehicle for the soul on Earth. A way became available for souls to enter the Earth and experience it as part of their evolutionary/reincarnation cycle. Of the physical forms already existing on Earth, a species of anthropoid ape most nearly approached the necessary pattern. Souls descended on these apes – hovering above and about them rather than inhabiting them – and influenced them to move toward a different goal from the simple one they had been pursuing. They came down out of the trees, built fires, made tools, lived in communities, and began to communicate with each other. Eventually they lost their animal look, shed bodily hair, and took on refinements of manner and habit.

The evolution of the human body occurred partly through the soul’s influence on the endocrine glands until the ape-man was a three-dimensional objectification of the soul hovering above it. Then the soul fully descended into the body and Earth had a new inhabitant: the homo sapien.

Homo sapiens appeared in five different places on Earth at the same time, as the five races. This evolved human is what the Bible refers to as “Adam”. When souls incarnated into physical form, it would bring the divine consciousness (i.e., the spirit) in with it. Cayce referred to this divine consciousness as the “Christ Consciousness” or “Buddhahood” or the “superconsciousness”. Christ consciousness has little to do with the personality known as Jesus. It means a person has attained a complete human-divine unity. This human-divine unity has been attained by many people thus far – one such person was Jesus.

The problem for the soul entangled in flesh was to overcome the attractions of the Earth to the extent the soul would be as free in the body as out of it. Only when the body was no longer a hindrance to the free express of the soul would the cycle of Earth be finished. This is the condition of having a perfect unity of the human with the divine.

In a smaller field, this was the evolutionary drama of free will and creation. In a still smaller field, each atom of the physical body is a world in itself where a drama of free will and creation is occurring. The soul brings life into each atom, and each atom is a physical reflection of the soul’s pattern.

With the advent of consciousness, humans became aware of sex meaning something more to them than to the animals. Sex is the “door” which new souls enter the Earth, a door unnecessary in other heavenly planetary/realms. Sex is the only means which trapped souls have of being liberated from their predicament – through the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.


The Evolution of the Soul Through Reincarnation

The plan for the Earth cycle of souls was a limited series of incarnations with periods in between of dwelling in other heavenly dimensions of consciousness. Reincarnation would continue until a soul’s every thought and action of the physical body was in accord with the plan originally laid out for the soul (i.e., a human-divine unity, Christ consciousness). When the body was no longer a hindrance to the free expression of the soul – when the conscious mind had merged with the subconscious, the Earth cycle was finished and the soul liberated to move on to new adventures. This conquest of the physical body could not be attained until there was perfection in the other dimensions of consciousness which are physically represented by our solar system. Astrologically, the goal for the soul is to attain a level of consciousness representing the total divine expression of the sun and its planets. Whichever level of consciousness the soul assumes, it becomes the focal point of activity. The other states of consciousness receded to the position of urges and influences.


 The Evolution of the Christ Soul from Adam to Jesus to Christhood

The human race was fostered by a soul who had completed his experience of creation, attained Christhood, returned to God, and became a companion to God and a co-creator. This is the soul known as Jesus. The first evolutionary transformation of ape-men to homo sapiens is who the Bible refers to as “Adam”. This was the beginning of the divine consciousness into flesh on the Earth. The soul known as Jesus, was one of the first souls to enter into one of the Adamic races.

The soul of Jesus was interested in the plight of its fellow souls trapped in Earth. After supervising the influx of souls into flesh, the Christ soul took form itself, from time to time, to act as a leader for the people.

At first, these souls just slightly inhabited the bodies of ape-men while remembering their true identities as spirit beings. But gradually, after many incarnations, these souls descended even further into physical consciousness and the result was a decrease in their spiritual mentality. They remembered their true selves only in dreams and in fables which were handed down from one generation to another. Religion came into being as a ritual of longing for lost spirit memories. The arts were born which included music and geometry. This knowledge was brought into the world from incoming souls who gradually forgot their heavenly source. This knowledge had to be written down, learned, and taught to each new generation.

Finally, humans were left with a conscious mind separated from their own individuality as souls. This individual identity as a soul became the subconscious mind. The individual identity or awareness of the physical world became the conscious mind. The subconscious mind (i.e., the soul) influenced the conscious mind and gave it its stature and quality. The subconscious mind dwelt in the “suit of clothes” which is the physical body and only in sleep is it disrobed.

WeRallOneConscious minds, left to its own influence, will work out the plans and desires of God. Humans eventually developed theories for what they felt was true, but no longer knew to be true. The result was the creation of philosophy and theology. Humans searched and discovered higher knowledge which they carried within themselves but could no longer reach with the conscious mind. This resulted in the creation of science.

Humans evolved from having an awareness of higher spirit knowledge to having only mystical dreams, revealed religions, philosophy and theology. This evolution of consciousness ultimately reached a plateau and humans generally only believed what they could see and feel and prove in terms of their conscious minds. Then humanity began the struggle of regaining this higher knowledge.

Meanwhile, the Christ soul continued to teach and lead humanity by incarnating as the Biblical characters named Adam, Enoch, and Melchizedek. Enoch and Melchizedek experienced neither birth nor death. Then Christ soul realized after these incarnations it was necessary to give humanity a pattern by which they could follow in order to return to God. The Christ soul achieved this goal by incarnating as the personality known as Jesus, who became victorious over the death of the physical body by laying aside the ego, accepting the crucifixion of the body in order to return to God. Jesus created a pattern for humans to follow. Through the acts of leading a perfect life and becoming unjustly killed, this reversed the negative karma (i.e., the law of God, an eye for an eye) which came from Jesus’ first incarnation as Adam.

(Continued in Part 3)

7 thoughts on “Edgar Cayce on Human Origins (Part 2)


    “SPIRIT SPEAKS’ ——————-

    Understanding Spiritual Reality,
    Requires a new mentality,
    A cosmic shift,
    Fresh thinking, to stop the drift,

    Humanity is poised upon Karma’s cliff.
    Now proven Prophecy in Revelation,
    Applies to every Nation;
    Scripture’s Revelation Two verse Seventeen,
    Released revealing Light, Truth now can be seen,
    All awake wondering from a Dream.

    Revelation speaks of a day of Reawakening,
    None can deny the ground’s a shaking.

    Spirit says unto man’s Kirk,
    A place where devils, demons and red capped Deceivers lurk,
    Be released be gone, free to leave the Earth,
    In Education’s Truth is mankind’s Rebirth.

    Spiritual Reality is!

    Reality is, Duality is, be no loss of Self in process Death,
    Life is before and beyond Mortal breath,
    All of Humanity does awake,
    Past death, as from sleep in another State.

    No matter Ego’s Denial, No matter life’s Trial,
    Regardless of Creed,
    Consequences await Self, responsible Creator of every Deed,
    All actions are answerable before
    Impartial, Perfect Universal Nature’s Law!

    Fact is fact! There is not an issue,
    Individual consciousness does for a time continue,
    Beyond the shedding of human tissue.

    Religion and State,
    Provide choices which swell Greed’s oily plate,
    Nonsense great Grandparent was an Ape,
    Ancestor forefather Man, from ape Physically did not ascend.
    Nor man from Angel did descend,
    Nor is life’s purpose simply to end.

    Mankind’s hidden Ancient Past, revealed at last!
    Far before the recent Martian’s Mast,
    Forgotten Spirit Races into Form did Pass,
    Prior Earth Man’s stolen, buried History,
    Truth does not suit the Kirk you see!

    A Basic Existence Truth lost to Earth’s Races deliberately!
    By those who would control Destiny and Liberty,
    Truth a Saviour can set you Free.

    Science hides in Mystery?
    Funded by the System’s sophistry,
    So fearful to retain the Status Quo,
    Government denies Light in Knowledge for all to Grow.

    Government and Religion promote, glorify War,
    The Debt ridden Economy’s bleeding Sore.

    Religions created gods and messiahs,
    Deliberate errors created the Terrors,
    Spirit Truth disrobes emperors and liars,
    Aware authority used the Real Fact of past Death survival,
    To empower Error’s teachings in Scroll and Bible.

    Common Sense does separate,
    Fact from medieval fiction proved second rate,
    Full of negative bias, burning hate.
    Time to relocate religion and separate the State,
    Until then, be no Freedom for the Race of Men.

    Be no anthropomorphic god to ask a Favour,
    Be no Devil, hence need no Saviour,
    No Saviour to forgive behaviour,
    Sole Soul Saviour is Right Behaviour!

    In every beating human heart,
    Spirit Spore seed planted knowledge from the start,
    Blood remembers every part,
    Of Right from Wrong, of what is Taboo,
    All is known is not the Issue.
    Fact insurmountable,
    Inner Nature holds all and each accountable.

    Love is not all you Need,
    Love plus intelligence and will to plant the seed,
    In Spiritual Reality, Spirit You does know,

    Each tested in the flesh, harvest as do sow.

    Freedom from religion,
    Assign it to oblivion.

    File away religion’s bible,
    Spirit proclaims your survival,
    Understand Duality,
    Live Life aware in Spiritual Reality.

    Evolving Soul experiences all races, all faces,
    Spirit returns, forgotten gender and traces.
    Awake to Sanity,
    Go forward to help humanity.

    Learn of multi layers of Spiritual Dimension,
    Felt, known, yet to the Dense physical, an unseen extension.
    For when your time to go,
    This Truth you will surely know.
    A Spiritual Being, incarnate evolving,
    In form, on a speck, a pixel revolving,
    In motion dissolving.
    Delete money as the goal,
    Focus on Duality, not passing Physicality, Lasting Spirituality,
    Remember what you are,
    A Spiritual Being from Afar!

    Answerable to your Soul,
    A particle of the Whole.

    Curiosity may have killed the Cat,
    However knowledge brought it back.

    Spiritual Truth, available and Self evident,
    Together we make Life a Living Testament.

    Spiritual Reality is the Logical Alternative,
    Nature’s multifaceted Ultimate superlative.
    Factual wonder,
    Past human blunder.

    Sri Sunkara

    “Superlative” is the highest degree, ultimate expression.
    “Kirk” is a Church or Temple where a god is worshipped.
    “Anthropomorphic” is the history of man who creates a god in his own image gives the god of all, human characteristics.
    Manmade gods belittle the enormity of the unknown, Desecrate Spiritual Truth. Spiritual Reality is Duality of Spiritual Existence or Beingness.
    Sri is a Spiritual Teacher, Sankacharya is a family linage of Spiritual Philosophers, Sunkara is a Spirit’s name.

    email: sunkara@hispirit.org.au

    Visit “Sri Sunkara Sankacharya” on UTUBE & FACE BOOK
    © Sri Sunkara Higher Spiritualism Incorporated All Rights Reserved

  2. Friends, I would share a Spiritual Healing I recieved from Edgar Casey in colorado in the 80’s during a Seance, Dr Casey from the Spirit Plane impressed the Medium to advise me the Intestinal problem was best treated with Selenium and it was a low grade anarobic infection of the lower gut – no American Doctor or Pharmacist at that time could advise how to obtain Selenium – we discovered the Health food store! If you get pains in your lowwer intestines remember Dr Casey -we love you – I also purchased Apricot Kernels and was arrested by the Govern nem

  3. Paraphrase: A soul is liberated from this planet when the conscious mind merges with the subconscious mind, attaining Christ Consciousness — divine/human unity. The body is no longer a hindrance and the soul is just as free with body as without.
    AngelicView, can you tell me who actually put this material together from the Cayce Readings??

    • Yes, it was Kevin Williams (NDE researcher and long-time fan of Edgar Cayce). Here is what he says about it:

      Edgar Cayce, http://www.edgarcayce.org, revealed volumes of psychic material, much of which was verified to be true to the amazement of doctors and scientists. Cayce discovered at a young age he could go into a self-induced trance and travel to other dimensions – afterlife realms – to obtain psychic information on any subject. Cayce claimed anyone could do what he did with the proper training and attunement. The hypnotic trance Cayce induced produced an out-of-body experience and spirit journey indistinguishable from a near-death experience. During these near-death experiences, Cayce was able to tap into a virtually unlimited amount of information which he referred to as the “Universal Mind”. He was able to reveal previously unknown information on a wide range of subjects such as: astrology, the afterlife, religion, the future, consciousness, and human origins, just to name a few. The following information on human origins was revealed to Cayce during his excursions while out of the body and as told in Thomas Sugrue’s book, There is a River. Because of the archaic language used in Cayce’s description, I have paraphrased it slightly, without losing any of original meaning, to make it easier to read. This may be the most important document you will ever read because it answers the “what, where, how, when and why” of human origins. (http://www.near-death.com/experiences/cayce03.html)

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