Dolores Cannon: “Back-Drop” People and More…


AngelicView: Dolores Cannon gets her information from her clients under hypnosis. What she talks about the most here is “back-drop” people (see also “Spiritless Humans“). So when she says, “they say…”, the “they” she is talking about are her clients who are under hypnosis. If you want to learn more about the teachings of Dolores Cannon, then go down to the Category Cloud in the lower right of this site and click on Dolores Cannon.

This is an excerpt from the Ozark Mountain Publishing Transformation Conference (TC) held in Springdale Arkansas July 2013. The other woman who sits on Dolores’ right is Julia Cannon, her daughter. The man’s name is Guy Steven Needler, and I had never heard of him before, but I liked what he had to say.

So the first video is a shorter one of Dolores talking about these “back-drop” people, and the second video is a little longer one with the audience questions.

Post edited to add: From a scientific perspective, the information is coming from the mouths of the person who is under hypnosis. Now, the fascinating thing about it all (which I know many of you already know) is that these hypnotized subjects give the same or similar information!

Dolores says that “they”… those who are really speaking… is/are higher selves and sometimes ET’s or, we’ll just call them “other-dimensionals” (that’s my term). But other than completely trusting in what Dolores says, we have no proof of where this information is coming from. I’m not trying to say that I don’t believe what Dolores says. I just want to look at it closer.

It’s all very fascinating and the goal of AngelicView is to make attempts to bridge the gap between the Spiritual and the Scientific

16 thoughts on “Dolores Cannon: “Back-Drop” People and More…

  1. I hope you don’t mind but, as a QHHT practitioner, I’d like to just clarify that the ‘they’ that Dolores talks about is what she calls the Sub Conscious, or the SC. This is the client’s higher consciousness or higher self, or over soul, which seems to be more of a group consciousness, hence the ‘they’. I have spoken to ‘them’ many times and they seem to be the same group energy, although slightly different depending on the person they are coming through. I hope that makes a bit more sense. Blessings.

  2. I don’t intend to sound rude in this comment, or that I am mocking Dolores.

    If I can create anything, why don’t I create a five star meal simply by putting dishes on the table. It is a superpower inspired by watching Japanese shows where good food was the prize. All that good food, so hard to get one’s hands on.

    In my life I sometimes test reality. I will put my hand against the wall, and visualize my hand going through. It is my reality that the hand doesn’t go through. Right now, I am going to visualize a yummy taco in my hand… nope no yummy taco.

  3. Reblogged this on Intuitive Voyage and commented:
    I keep thinking about this video. I have two reactions to what Dolores says about “Back-Drop” People.
    One is how horrible it is to label people walking around you as inferior.
    The second is that, at times, I have wondered if there are “Back-Drop” people too. Actually hearing someone speak about it, has pulled it out of my unconscious. (Like when in a creative writing class someone starts talking about something so obvious you didn’t even stop to think about it. I am always grateful for this because now I can focus on it.)
    Belief in “Back-Drop” people is dangerous. It is only logical to take the next step into believing you are the only real thing. That would be a depressing world indeed.
    At times in my life I have wondered, “Am I just making this all up?” Once I told my brother, “Isn’t everything just in my head.” I meant that my senses were all processed in the brain.
    I am amazed, sometimes, that I have put faith in there being anything outside my brain. I wonder about how I came to accept what I see as real. I have built beliefs on so many abstract concepts. Things I believe just because someone told me they exist. Why do I even accept Dolores Cannon as real? I have only seen her through the computer after all.

    • My reply is a couple of years late! My own recent theory is the back drop people are “beginner” souls who are new to incarnating on earth or other dimensional visitors getting their feet wet by playing small roles in a larger play for someone. Their presence would be predetermined. It does not make them less important because they are only popping in. For the newly incarnating ones it helps them to practice the dense lower vibrations. Who knows, maybe all of us can play these small parts in our between lives lifetimes?

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