Reality Shifts

AngelicView: Now this is something I can totally relate to! This woman is a physicist, and she talks about auras and reality shifts and different people’s experiences which are paranormal and then ties in the current scientific understandings that back up those experiences. This is a complete near line-up between science and spirituality – which is exciting for me.Β 

I have been following forums in which people are describing more and more lately (over the last couple of years) exactly these types of experiences, and I have had a few of them myself. Very interesting and informative information.

And by the way, just as a side-note, I was looking at this site on someone else’s computer today and I noticed that some of the pictures were so big that they came off the right side of the article and obscured part of the list on the right side. It doesn’t look like that on my screen and I had no idea that that was happening. So from now on, I’m going to try to downsize my pictures a little bit. πŸ˜‰

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Author and intuitive coach Cynthia Sue Larson talked about the ways consciousness changes the physical world in a kind of “reality shift,” as well as her work with auras. Aura colors are often associated with tendencies that people have. For example, red is energetic and physical, violet is very spiritual, and blue is clear thinking, she outlined. Aura reading or energy sensing can improve people’s lives, increasing their intuition about people and situations, and maybe even keep you out of danger, Larson remarked (check out her video on how to see auras).

She cited a case Edgar Cayce publicized about a woman shopping at a department store who avoided getting on an elevator because the group of people on it seemed to have no aura. The elevator dropped straight down and some of the passengers were killed.

Larson described anomalous events that she refers to as “reality shifts,” which include dead people being seen alive again, “glitch in the Matrix” time loops, and most commonly, objects disappearing and then re-appearing in odd places. She posited that we could be accessing or seeing the effects of the multiverse, and “through intention we can actually visualize a better possibility and find ourselves there.”

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8 thoughts on “Reality Shifts

  1. If you’re on this site regularly, then you’re up to your eyeballs in some of what’s very cosmic crazy stuff to most people. The first time I said, joking but seriously, to some of my fellow ad sales people, “In a parallel universe…” they all laughed. On the other hand, they weren’t surprised something like that came out of my mouth either.

    It’s logical though, isn’t it? Even back when I was practically sleep walking, I used to contemplate big moments of decisions – what would have happened if I’d gone to Tulane instead of SMU? Or what if that morning I moved to Kennesau, GA, and sat in my new, empty apartment crying all morning, knowing I’d made a mistake, I’d just picked up and driven off to Nashville like I’d originally planned, rather than unpacking and staying in GA (since I dumped the guy four weeks later anyway)?

    You wonder about stuff like that. Get some of your head into time travel, both fiction and elementary physics or even Tim Allen’s I’m Not Really Here, and you begin to wonder if there isn’t another you over there that DID go to Tulane, and another one that went from Santa Fe to straight to Nashville, and a third that went from Santa Fe to GA for about 3 hours and THEN went to Nashville.

    I smoked for 30 years. Age 15 to 45. What finally got me to stop? All of a sudden I began having momentary paralysis and a fear spike in my stomach whenever I saw someone with a portable oxygen tank. After three or four times, I realized I was glimpsing a parallel universe and if I didn’t quit smoking, I’d be wearing one of those. Definitely NOT the kind of accessory I was interested in. This August is 10 years cigarette free!

    BTW there’s a remote viewing site where the group has done experiments that (I’d say) proves the existence of parallel universes – never mind the physics. I’ll find it tomorrow and come back and post the link. It’s way cool.

  2. Found it – they mess around with dates and targets and multiple people and end up with different results. It was so fascinating that when I originally landed on this site, I listened to this guy’s 22 minute posted video talk.

    Shannon – love the pics you put with your blog entries. Where do you find some of that wild stuff that’s so perfect? And your site is already so completely awesome and fascinating!

    • Thanks so much, Judi – I’m glad you like it so much. πŸ™‚ I find the pics on the internet – here and there! Thanks for the link, too. I do occasionally visit the Farsight site, but haven’t seen that particular page yet. I have watched most of their videos, too. Very fascinating stuff.

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  4. Spontaneous wish fulfilment,things sorting out by themselves,optimization of situations,dead people circumventing death i see them all regularly about twice a month.

  5. On 17 september 2002 i was informed that my brother had died in an accident,when i asked how is he the same informer told me that he is hurt and admitted in hospital.8 years later on 17 september 2010 the same brother was admitted in a hospital located exactly opposite to the previous one for kidney failure.he died 6 months later, and this time there has been no reversal.

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