“Oneness” Explained

Explained by who, you ask? Well, me! Yes, I am going to try to make this very complex subject very simple.

First off, I’ll explain why I am feeling a need to explain the idea of Oneness (or Unity Consciousness). I am seeing a fear arise in the collective of humanity around it. There is no need to fear it.

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, we were all swimming within the consciousness of the Source (God/Creator/All That Is). If you think of the Creator as a human for this example, think of us as being the cells that make up His Body. And then continuing with the thought of Him as being human, imagine that he cut off his own arm and threw it into Space. That arm was then pulled apart in the Fabric of Space into it’s individual cells. All those cells (us) were set free to explore.

Now, those spirits (us/cells of God) created and learned. They (with the help of God) created the universe(s). They became creator gods. They then created more spirits by using the God light within themselves. Then those spirits created and learned. And they created more spirits. And on down the line. I don’t know how far up it goes, or how many creator gods there are. Probably an un-count-able number. But this has been the natural evolution of Life.

Unity Consciousness is also a natural part of life. It is actually less natural to live like we do – stuck in our own thoughts and our own bodies, and not able to be also in other’s thoughts and bodies.

See, in order to learn within Unity Consciousness, all the beings can get together and experience other being’s experiences. They can benefit from other’s lifetimes all they want. They can experience what it is like to be something or someone else. They can learn from other’s mistakes – because they lived it, too, right with them.

They can share knowledge easily through experiencing or through knowledge transfer (like telepathy) if that’s what they want.

So, getting closer to where we’re at right now here on Earth, at some point the beings decided to try something new. They decided to try to live as if they are not all one. They lived in a body all by themselves with thoughts all their own. And they also disconnected from God, and their past life experiences. They wanted to see what would happen.

In addition, all life up until that point had been positive experiences. And so for the sake of learning, the beings decided to introduce duality. Duality is the experience of “good” and “bad”. The beings found that knowledge about “bad” was lacking. They didn’t even really know what it was or how they would handle it if they were placed in a bad situation. And so Duality experience came into being.

The challenge was that they had to find someone to play the role of the “bad guy”. There were none. And so, as a favor, other beings became the bad guys for us. Some of us (you and me) have been bad guys in the past. Now it’s our turn to play the role of the Lightworker.

Your spirit decided to come here and so you took a portion – a percentage – of yourself and incarnated it here on Earth. (Our physical bodies are not able to hold an entire soul). Your spirit may have even placed more than one portion of his/her/it Self on Earth in bodies. (So, yes, there may really be more than one YOU here). The rest of your spirit is still wherever it was. Home, where the you that you know right now came from. This is what many of us refer to as our “Higher Self”.

Lately, in the last ten years or so (longer for some and shorter for others) people have been feeling a change in the (spiritual) air. Many people are feeling that the Duality experiment on Earth is ending soon and that Unity Consciousness is coming back.

Some people are worried about this because they might feel that they will lose their individual personalities – that they will cease to be who they are. But that’s not how it works. You are still you and I am still me. However, if you (or I) choose to, we will have the option of taking in a much grander experience. We will be able to experience other people’s experiences and thoughts. We will be able to benefit from the knowledge of others. In addition, we will be able to much more easily benefit from the knowledge of our creator gods (the ones who created us).

In order to do this, we all have to get past our differences. Instead of seeing a person as black or white, straight or gay, Christian or Muslim, skinny or fat, or any other label we tend to put on people, we need to (and are beginning to) see all people as Human Beings. We are a collective called “Humanity”.

Once we have done this we will have an opportunity once again to experience Oneness and Unity Consciousness – the way life is actually meant to be.

Just think about it for a minute (or an hour)… what would the world be like if everyone thought of everyone else as another aspect of Self? I can tell you what it would be like: there would be Peace on Earth.

8 thoughts on ““Oneness” Explained

  1. Excellent, it is something that is mentioned quite a bit but few people understand and can be a bit scary. After all we all value our individuality. If we are all one who is the thinker? I would remind people that there is an odd aspect to life that has a peculiar dichotomy. That is, uniqueness. Isn’t it strange that many species are the same shapes and have the same attributes and yet when looked at carefully they are totally unique? It is a rule of the universal mind that this should be so, yet at the same time what is unity or oneness? sometimes I prefer to think of it as resonance, that things vibrate at a level that appears to indicate oneness yet are individual and separate. When a being enters the original consciousness there is no thought as we imagine it to be, no separation at all, just beingness. A glow of beauty and fulfillment once removed from that light, individuality quickly returns. People will not disappear into oneness it will be just an ability to understand the other completely no matter what its structure.

  2. I wonder how many higher selves there are between the one above us and the source…. perhaps it varies person(higher self) to person(higher self).

    • I don’t know. It could be just a few or it could be an astronomically high number. šŸ™‚

      (Sorry I can’t help with that one! lol)

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