I Realized That It Was Love

AngelicView: Here is a story of a man who has had an NDE, OBE’s, experienced Native American Shamanic Healing, and experiences with ET’s – with some great Spiritual insights. He just continues to live on and on – unexplain-ably – and like many of us, is just ready to go Home.

It was Holy Thursday, 2006, at about 2:00 in the afternoon. I was at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, second floor Patient Area with my wife at my side. I was covered with four preheated blankets, because I had no blood to keep warm, and still freezing. All of my cells and organs were screaming for blood, but my bone marrow had been destroyed by the cancer, so I couldn’t give it. 

I wasn’t on any medications, except for some pain Meds for humanitarian reasons, as they knew that I was in great pain and that I only had hours left. 

I had been diagnosed on 3/22/2002 with advanced Mylogenous Leukemia and given 3-6 months to live, so I’d had four years of very painful Bone-Marrow Cancer before my death. I fought! I couldn’t understand why I was dying as I had been “told” to come to Taos ten years earlier. I wanted to do something special for others. It was my life’s Journey to come here to Taos. To do God’s Will in my life. 

As I was lying there, too weak to be in a wheelchair, the bed started to rock back and forth like a porch swing. I told my wife at the time, who was next to me. Then I opened my eyes and everything alive was on fire with color. all the plants, of which there were many we’re so beautiful. The pain and discomfort had ceased and I was in perfect peace. 

Then I started to rise, above my body and my wife, flowing upwards. No tunnel, just rising very high. I looked back and I could see my body and my wife far below. However, I was in no fear of falling, just peace, being lifted very gently higher and higher. 

(Please note: Out of Body experiences and death are two different things. I had had many Out of Body experiences and death was much different, much more freeing – ecstatic!) 

Then I seemed to jump, in some way, above all Creation in the Presence of God. The Light was so bright and infusing that I thought that it was power. Then I realized that it was Love. There was no judgment of any kind, only unbelievable Love. I looked at my body for imperfections, but I was perfect. I had 360° vision and could see forever… All of Creation. All of the Universes, all of Life. Then I realized that all Creation is full of life and that Love is behind it all. I never wanted to leave there, ever. 

My wife and I had an agreement that we would “go” together. I had been I’ll for years and she was always by my side. But I was leaving. 

I don’t know how long I was there, because there is no time at that level. I wasn’t spoken to but I had knowings. 

My wife had been reading thinking I was asleep. Finally, she got up to get a bottle of water. As she passed by my body she tapped my knee and said, “Now don’t you leave me!” at that point it felt like I was hit by a large truck or train. An extremely loud crash happened. I was back to my body but I wasn’t entirely in it. I could still see all the beautiful lights and beams of color coming out of everything alive. The colors were not of this earth. I also was filled with unconditional Love. 

The Miracle wasn’t that I came back, but that I had no viable body to return to. I had no blood. My body  was dead. 

Later, as I was being wheeled out of the building to a waiting van, I saw two people pass in front of me. They neither looked at one another or acknowledged one another. It broke my heart!  We are all connected Spiritual Beings. Love binds us all together. We are never alone. We should all love one another. 

I went into some kind of a coma over that Easter weekend and started “coming to” on Monday morning. My wife said the I was lying in a normal position with covers on, but to me I seemed to be upside down at the bottom of the bed. Her face seemed right up against mine. She asked me, “Do you want to go on?” I said, “No I want to stay and fight and go with the Light!”  She told me that she then looked up into the Heavens and said, “You can’t have him!” 

I could still see the lights around every living thing. I couldn’t stand, or walk, or even crawl. My body was fully depleted, but I was there evidently hovering around my body in Spirit form. 

My oldest son, who is a Native American Healer, had driven all the way from Denver Colorado to Houston to see me. He was shocked at how bad I looked. When he took my hand he was shocked at how much power I had. As he performed his healing ritual I could see my cancer fighting him. They were these black things that looked a lot like Squids with single sharp black fangs on the end of each tentacle. He was pulling them out of my tissue. (Later on, he told me that they were this black greasy substance.) 

As he was working I saw large beams of light coming out the top of his, and my wife’s heads. They were, at least 6″ wide and went straight up into Eternity. At about 15″ above my wife’s head hers exploded into a beautiful crown. Behind them I saw my Higher Self standing behind the two of them with my son’s higher self standing in front of me. We were both dressed in monk-type robes, mine being darker than his. 

Then, as days went by, I started noticing a dark shadowy thing down a lone alley or tunnel. I didn’t know what it was at first. Then, as it came closer, the more selfish I felt. It was my Ego! When it joined with me all of the lights went out and I was fully human again. 

MD Anderson said that I am the only one in the world to have survived the terminal stage of the cancer.  

Two months later I was allowed to fly home to Taos, but I had to have four transfusions of “Red Packs” of concentrated blood cells before I was allowed to get on the plane. Doctors met me in Santa Fe and supplied me oxygen so I could breathe at the higher New Mexico elevations. 

From a previous terminal disease, I only have one partial lung with 40% breathing capacity. Yet, after I got home to Taos, I had 20 severe cases of Pneumonia, of which 12 were considered terminal. Yet I survived. 

I have also had many other cases of illness that should have taken me, but I seem to always survive, when others around me don’t. Eg. Acute Pancreatitis, two Strokes, one causing 50% loss of vision, of which I recovered when the damage was considered permanent. I could go on and on. 

At one time, since the NDE, I was on 27 drugs per day.  I am now only on sleeping type tablets to help me get some rest. 

I was on 200-300mg doses of Morphine per day for over 8 years. I was told that I could never get off of it. Well I spent a year, 6 months of which was sheer terror to get off of it. It was horrible! 

Now, I live at home alone, on the end of an oxygen tube, with pain throughout my entire body all day and night. I rarely eat solid food, and never eat sugars, starches, processed foods, dairy products, etc. Yet I remain in pain all day, every day. It’s up to God now, as my doctors are as stumped, as am I. If death is coming again, I welcome it. It is the most beautiful event of our life! We go home. 

I am more Psychic than ever now. I’ve Healed others. I see Angels. I see people’s futures and troubles.  I have visits from my Alien friends, who are tall and humanoid shaped, although I’ve been with the “Greys.” They “Stop by and see me!” I hear great voices telling me things that I would rather not mention here. (AngelicView: Come on and tell us! Inquiring minds want to know! 😉 )

I have learned that some of the most beautiful and most Spiritual acts are simple things. Like opening a door for someone. Smiling at those who need it. Helping someone in need. Sharing your Love. Easy things that everybody can easily do.

  • I was in the terminal spiral of advanced AML Leukemia. A 60% Blast Crises. 15% is considered terminal.
  • One can never express in our limited 3-dimensional world the power of Pure Love.
  • I am now a physical being. During my NDE I was Pure Spirit/Mind. In total Love.
  • I was above all Creation. I could feel that I was part of it all. (AngelicView: he saw scenes from the world’s future). I was given a total knowledge that all of Creation is Perfect.
  • All is One. Our illusion is that we are separate.
  •  I’ve also had past life experiences over my past 67 years.
  •  Life is purposeful. The Universe is perfect.
  • I love seeing Angels. I also love giving certain people “higher” information about the things that they are having trouble with.


2 thoughts on “I Realized That It Was Love

  1. This is an amazing story!!! I love to hear stories of unconditional love and angels, and God’s unlimited love for us!!! I would love it if You could “see” my future! I have decided I want to become an energy healer , but also a ordained minister!

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