Past Lives & Life Between Lives Regression


AngelicView: Here’s something for people who would like to learn more about this subject. This is Nancy Canning, Hypnotherapist, interviewed by Bob Olson.

Personally, I think I can get a feeling about two of my past lives. Those two may be the only ones I’ve ever had – or I may have had many many more.

  1. This one is a more detailed memory: I was an American Indian girl a very long time ago. I didn’t know about the white men, so it was before they came to America. I think I lived somewhere which looked like the Appalachian Mountains. It was not near the ocean. It was a great and peaceful life. I was about 14 years old when one night my family’s home caught fire. I was able to get out, but after I did I realized that my family (namely, my parents) were still inside. I was too scared to go back in so I stood outside and screamed and screamed for them in horror. They never made it out.
  2. This one is less detailed: I was a woman a very very long time ago. Someplace like Atlantis or Egypt. I was from a very wealthy family. I was beautiful and rich and, well… “stuck up”, I guess you would say. I treated other people badly. I treated the men who loved me badly and I treated the poorer people badly.

So those are my two memories. Do you have any you’d like to share?

In this interview, Nancy describes that a Past Life Regression is done in the “Alpha” level of trance, which is very close to full consciousness. She states that this is a pivotal lifetime for many many people to clear up past life karma. She doesn’t say why, however, from my viewpoint, I believe this is very true for me. I feel that I have lived countless lives in this one lifetime – with every chapter in my life teaching me something very important. I have been the highest of the high and the lowest of the low, all rolled up in one.

In the second half of the interview (at about 29 minutes) they talk about Life Between Lives. She says that this uses a much deeper level of trance. They discuss soul groups, soul families, life blueprints (planning of your life), healing on the other side, and the Council of Elders, and more.

From the standpoint of my own studies I agree with all of what she says. I hope you enjoy it.

Video Description: NANCY CANNING: “Ever wonder who you were in a past life? A past-life regression can tell you. Ever thought that having a near-death experience might be cool–without the nearly dying part? A life-between-lives regression is the next best thing to having an NDE. And Nancy Canning is the expert I personally chose to lead me through my first (and many) past-life regressions and life-between-lives regressions. In this interview, Nancy tells us what these experiences are like, how they benefit our spiritual growth, how our past lives might be affecting our current life, even how birthmarks and phobias might be related to past lives. And if you’ve never heard of a life-between-lives regression (aka spiritual regression), this video will blow your mind to a new awareness of what is possible. These regressions can even be done via Skype.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV

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One thought on “Past Lives & Life Between Lives Regression

  1. I have a story. about this person’s experience, it’s from just before entering this life. there was a command given to go down to earth and become this new person. no choice was offered.
    while being in between lives it was peaceful compared to life this person had before.

    I can not be more specific, but it’s a real story.

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