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Keepers of the Garden IV

(Continued from Part III)


The Dinosaurs

AV: Who doesn’t want to know more about the dinosaurs? This chapter starts out by telling us that the first “animal” living creature on Earth was the amoeba. A single-celled organism. It evolved into a two-celled critter, and so forth. The goal was to eventually have the human being living here, and so any creatures that evolved that would not eventually lead to human beings was not nurtured and therefore died out. The animals that would eventually lead to human beings was nurtured and fed and cared for to make sure that they were the ones that survived.

Dolores asked about the evolution process more closely to humans. She says that the “missing link” in the evolutionary chain between the animal and man has not ever been found. Phil says that it won’t ever be found because there wasn’t one. Here is the text on that:

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Keepers of the Garden III

(Continued from Part II)

Remember: “D“= Dolores “DC” is Dolores Cannon (the same person, just quoting text from the book) “P” = Phil and “AV” is me – AngelicView

Weeds in the Garden

AV: In this part Dolores begins by asking about the trees and plants and other vegetation that is already on Earth when the beings first came to take the samples. Phil says that they are simply products of evolution – after the primary planting of “the garden”. Here is the conversation that follows (excerpts from text):

garden1D: Wouldn’t animal and human life have eventually evolved also? The
evolutionary theory aims that everything began and descended from these
first cells.

P: That is mere speculation. The planet was ready for seeding and
was so seeded. There was an intent and purpose for this planet
and so it was utilized as a vehicle for these intentions. You would
look at a garden in the same manner by saying that you have the
ground tilled, the fertilizer in place, and the rains are coming.

We ask you, would you then sit back and wait for your crops to
grow? Do you expect that your tomatoes would come up in this
row and your potatoes in that merely by sitting back and allowing
them or hoping that they would do so? Could you grow your
garden in this manner? Of course not, for there has to be the
direction. There has to be the manipulation, if you will, to
achieve the desired results. For certainly your crops will not spontaneously
grow in the way you wish them to. So it is the same
here. This planet was as a garden which had become ready for
planting, in order to sustain and grow that crop which was
desired of it. That is the purpose that this seeding accomplished
and that was to plant the garden.

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Keepers of the Garden II

(Continued from Part I)

The Explorers

AngelicView: The next time Dolores and Phil have a session together, he is on Earth. He is standing amongst trees and next to a spaceship. A “scout craft”. It is round in shape (oval shaped in cross-section). He says that the scout ship reports back to a “mother ship”, which is like the cigar-shaped craft many people have seen in today’s world.



There are three crew members who are in the forest and they are collecting soil and vegetation samples. Then they will take these samples to “the central and super universe, and there they will be considered and analyzed. An adaptability study will be made at that time and a determination as to the appropriateness of the planet, as to supporting life in an animal form.”

So the time frame that we are talking about here is before Earth has animal or human life on it. They are trying to decide if the planet is ready to support animal life. Phil says that “the Hosanna”, or God, is the one that makes the decision.

Phil says that the ships come from “a constellation which is visible to the naked eye, Andromeda.” He goes on to say, “some visitations which are being made on this planet at this time are from this same star point reference.”

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Keepers of the Garden

AngelicView: I wanted to post a short excerpt from Dolores Cannon’s “Keepers of the Garden”, but before I do… something personal from me.Contemplation

Dolores Cannon is way high up on my list of people who speak the truth. And I’m sure there are some out there who would call me gullible and naive. To tell you the truth, I really wasn’t sure about her at first. Her stories seemed so far “out there”. But my gut was telling me to read her stories anyway.

Since then, I have met new friends who have had experience with her – going to her classes and demonstrations, and they have learned her technique which produced similar results. In addition, some old friends that I knew personally attended her events and have learned her technique which also produced similar results.

So that was the clincher for me. Personal experiences from people who I know are telling me that Dolores is the real deal. It pays to listen to your gut. 😉

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Dolores Cannon: Aliens and Atlantis


One mystery that has puzzled the minds of men for ages is the existence of the ancient civilization of Atlantis, and any connections it may have had to aliens from other worlds.

Through my decades of work as a hypnotherapist and past life regressionist, I have been told that many people living today were also alive at the time of Atlantis.

Aliens visiting our world in ancient times helped to develop Atlantis and other ancient civilizations with the hope that Earth would become advanced enough to join the galactic community.

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Life After Death: The Return to Earth

By Dolores Cannon

Baby1When a spirit or soul experiences life after death and studies lessons in Paradise on the astral planes, it also learns about the family it is considering being born to back on Earth.

One woman I talked to about this thought the mere idea was eerie: “Do you mean my baby was watching me the whole time I was pregnant?” she asked in wide-eyed astonishment. Apparently, it is all part of the plan of life after death, and shows that the spirit is in total control of its birth circumstances.

Most souls do not enter the body until the baby takes its first breath, although there are unusual circumstances when the soul may enter the body just before or after birth. What is true of all life after death experiences is the soul determines which family to join, usually because of past karmic ties, as well as the possibilities of learning life lessons.

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Life After Death: The Other Side

By Dolores Cannon

After dying, there may be a period of confusion for some souls, but not all. It depends on the manner of death, whether it was natural, sudden or unexpected, peaceful or violent. Throughout all my past life regressions, the main thing I have found is the assurance that one is never alone after dying. We all are helped through the life after death experience.GuardianAngel4

While deep in trance, one of my subjects related the following about life after death, specifically the first experiences of the spirit on the other side: “There is a period of orientation, or re-orientation which could be confusing to some as they figure out where they should go. But they need not worry because help is sent immediately. Usually a handful of souls will come that you have had close karmic connections with in former lifetimes. They are in between incarnations themselves and will be there to greet you.”

The subject went on to explain that you will recognize the souls who come to greet you. You will remember the last life that you experienced with them, and then begin to remember other lives you had with them before that as your “soul memory” reawakens.

Due to karma, not only is there life after death; there are many lives after many deaths.

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Life After Death: The Transition

By Dolores Cannon

OBENDEWhen I lecture or write about the death experience that can occur during hypnotherapy and past life regression, the big questions that most people have are what is it like to die and is there truly life after death? The answer to the second question is yes.

As for the first question, perhaps it might be best to let my subjects speak about the death experience in their own words. But to begin, let me say that with death comes wisdom. Something happens with the shedding of the physical body; an entirely new dimension of knowledge, previously unknown to the subject during their conscious life, opens up. Life after death reveals answers to questions that have haunted us since the beginning.

A human being’s true nature, the soul is hampered and hidden within the physical body. The personality or spirit that existed before the body was born continues after it dies. Once freed form the physical body, the spirit can perceive much more than we can ever imagine during our lives on Earth. Thus, when I talk to people who have experienced life after death, I am able to obtain the answers to many puzzling and perplexing questions.

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They Walked with Jesus IV

(Continued from Part III)

Jesus4AngelicView: Dolores Cannon had told us previously that she has not encountered very many people who had met Jesus in a past life. But she has had two who, in hypnosis, recalled Jesus. 

The second one is Anna, who’s name in that life was Naomi (pronounced “Nî-õme”). She was Jesus’ niece. She was the daughter of Joseph, Jesus’ half-brother and first-born son of his father (with another woman). Naomi was not too sure about all the family dynamics, as girls in that day were not told all the specifics on these things. In fact, she admitted that she could have been mistaken about the above part because that just came from overheard hushed conversation.

Anyway, Naomi is just a young teenager, and she’s decided that she wants to “walk with the Nazarene” (that’s what she affectionately calls Jesus). The book goes on about her for awhile. She has to cut her hair short to look like a boy – because girls were not allowed to do anything other than marry and care for children in those days. And Jesus goes along with her little white lie. She says, “he introduced me as Nathaniel. Nathan.”

The first place they are going is the Village of the Lepers, where Jesus visits often. For those of you who are healers, you’ll definitely want to read this one. 😉

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They Walked with Jesus III

(Continued from Part II)

The Temple and Old Jerusalem

After that session with Mary, Dolores wanted to do some research into that Temple that Mary had talked about. She went to a University Library, and what she found was a bit frustrating for her. She found that places such as the land where Jesus walked no longer Jesus9exist, and even the very terrain and topography has changed. In Jesus’ time there were cliffs and valleys, and now the cliffs have washed down and the valleys are filled in. So what you would find now is more like hills. She expected to be able to find evidence of ruins from Jesus’ time, but she found that they were buried under approximately 100 feet of dirt, and that archaeologists don’t even know for sure exactly where to dig.

And so she found her information on the Temple in the writings of the scholars on the Bible and ancient historians. Now, the very interesting part of that is the Temple as described by the Bible scholars and the Temple as described by Mary/Abigail sound exactly like the same place.

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They Walked with Jesus II

(Continued from Part I)

AngelicView: Just a couple things I want to add/adjust from the last post, upon further inspection and with the additional reading I have seen that the teachers Mary/Abigail was receiving spiritual teachings from did not include Jesus. This was before he came AkianeChildinto her life. Secondly, when I said she was an “older woman”, well… it doesn’t really say how old she is. I know it’s at least 14 years later because that’s how long she said the teachings lasted with those spiritual teachers, and she was a teenager when that started. So she could have been around 30. Anyway, it must not be important to the story because they never said exactly how old she was. (If she was 30 – that seems pretty young to me!) Also, it may be important to note that she had chronic headaches. Because the next part is called:

The Healing

AV: Abigail was able to see people’s auras. I don’t know whether she was taught how to do this or if it was something that came naturally to her. But she could see them. She said that the men who were the priests had a “coal” aura and Jesus had a “diamond” aura. The children with whom she worked had “jewel” auras. Here is her first meeting with Jesus as he walks to her around the side of the Temple (note: “M” stands for Mary, which is Abigail, and “D” stands for Dolores):

M: (Softly) That man!
D: What man?
M: That man of light.

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They Walked with Jesus

AngelicView: I recently began reading the book, “They Walked with Jesus”, by Dolores Cannon, and I would love to share some of it with you. 

FootprintStoneSome people feel greatly attracted to certain spiritual leaders. Arch Angel Michael is a big one lately. I had never even heard of AA Michael before a couple of years ago, perhaps. My guy is Jesus. He is my great friend! I believe we hang out together often on the other side of the veil. And so I was very excited when I saw that Dolores Cannon had written this book (it was published in 1994). I even believe that Jesus has helped me out, personally, in this current incarnation. 

I am going to share some insights from this book with you as I read it. So I won’t have to type “AngelicView” all the time, I’ll just type “AV” when I type something that is from me, as opposed to from the book. And if it’s text by Dolores Cannon, I’ll just type “DC”. Okay? Okay. Let’s get started.

A brief introduction to Dolores’ work:

DC: My work as a hypnotherapist specializing in reincarnation and past-life therapy has led me into strange situations and down mystifying pathways. It has allowed me to peek ’round corners hidden in the subconscious mind where the unknown lies shrouded in the mists of time. I have found that the entire history of humanity is recorded in the minds of people living today, and if these memories were undisturbed they would continue to lie dormant and undiscovered.

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QHHT Session with Susan (Part II)

(Continued from Part 1)

A Visit And Interview With An Alien Named Theo ~ A QHHT Session, Part 2

Let me set this scene; Susan Thomas is hypnotized, I am facilitating this QHHT session and Candace Craw-Goldman was observing and (thankfully) submitting questions. We were ready to wrap up this session, I was pretty tired after a long day and thinking how I was going to count Susan out, what else I needed to do that evening. I heard Susan’s SC say something about seeing ‘the lights’ and this is where we pick up…. :)  


 (S) Are people waking up faster now? (SC) Oh yes! It is magnificent to see. We can see all of the lights… It is magnificent. And this is being picked up right now. We are being watched RIGHT NOW, from a star ship! It has a lens on us right now. (S) On.. (SC) In this room. (S) In this room??? (SC) Yes. (S) Well, what is the purpose of that? (SC) They seem to just, to zero in on us right now. On the bottom of the ship, it has circles around it. It has blue and green circles around it that are lit up. When it opened up, that is where the lens came out. It is um, at times they seem to be just a few feet above us. They are very close. (S) Oh my gosh, so ok. Let me offer this opportunity… (SC) They are on you now (looking on you)! (S) OH! OK! (SC) They are giving you the speaker now. (S) Well…..I am going to hand the speaker phone back over to you..and if they would like to speak through you, this would be most welcome. (I felt like I was playing hot potato here!!)


Conversation with a Star Ship

(Star Ship) Hello. We are so delighted, we are so honored that you are speaking with us right now. We have been observing you, both of you. And we are so happy that you saw us, that you felt us. We thought that the green & blue lights would get your attention. And we are so grateful that they did. We are here to help you. We share your love for the planet. We share your love for each being that is here and we are so excited of the doors that may open, that we may show ourselves. Are there any questions you would like to ask?

(At this point I am just dumbfounded! I turn my laptop to look at Candace to see if she has heard all this. We exchange faces with our mouths & eyes wide open. She starts typing in questions to me..)

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QHHT Session with Susan (Part I)

AngelicView: Thanks so much to my friend Suzanne and her friend Susan for sharing this awesome hypnosis session with us! 

QHHT Session With Susan Thomas, Her Subconscious On The Power Grid, 12/12/2, 12/21/12, And So Much More! ~ November 29, 2012


My friend and business partner, Susan Thomas had another QHHT Session last night. Susan is the friend whom I have transcribed sessions of where she was living the life of the Ancient Egyptian boy Hirsim.  We invited our friend Candace Craw-Goldman, Managing Director of Dolores Cannon’s QHHT Professional Support Forum, to join us via Skype to observe and to submit questions to Susan’s subconscious (SC). I am still trying to wrap my head around the information that came through this session and am so grateful that Candace was there to ask great questions and to witness the very interesting turn this session took halfway through!! Here is the first half. The first half was amazing in its self. We received specific information about December 12th 2012, December 21st 2012,and information on a possible solar flare and loss of the power grid. And quite unexpectedly a very interesting understanding of what exactly the “Shift of Consciousness” is. I hope you enjoy this session, that it opens your eyes and more importantly your heart. We live in such amazing and wonderful times! 

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QHHT Session Reveals After Death Communication

AngelicView: Thanks again, to my friend and fellow Lightworker Suzanne Spooner. In this Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy session, the client’s son came through in an ADC (After Death Communication). Check it out!

Suzanne Spooner ↓

~ With great gratitude, this sweet client has allowed me to share this amazing Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Session with you. 
Yesterday I had such a unique, (is there any session that is normal?) QHHT session! Let me give you some background. This was the clients 2nd visit to me. First was a few weeks ago.  In her interview she rattled off tragedy after tragedy with very little emotion, almost like reading a recipe. Death of her son, death of her mother and brother, being shipped across the country as a young girl to family she didn’t know.  She won’t label her physical issue, MS, but uses a walking stick and had severe back pain and all over body pain for as long as she can remember.
We didn’t seem to get her very deep, couldn’t get her to a past life, just in the colors, explored this awhile, tried to get her subconscious (SC) to come through, no go. Finally asked for a key word to use next time to get her relaxed deeper and counted her out.
We both felt sad that she didn’t have the ‘full’ QHHT experience. We decided to try again after I returned from Arkansas. She did note as she was walking out to her car, that her back felt better and she had a small rash on her chest that wasn’t there prior to her session.