My Truth: October 2012 (Part I)

Well, here it is, October of 2012! My blog started back in May of 2012. The article that kicked off my reasoning for having this blog, titled, “The Truth and Nothing But The Truth – So Help Me God”, (which is a very long name for a pretty uninteresting article) was written on May 28th. It basically says that I am writing and posting things here on this blog in order to find out what My Truth is. I thought that might be a good way to sort of ‘work out’ in my own mind what this life and this world was all about.

Back then I only had one visitor, my friend, Mike. (Thanks Mike!) Now, well over 200 posts later, check this out:

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That’s not the whole list – just the first few  to give you an idea of the number of wonderful Beings that have decided to join me on this quest! I have to tell you that I am utterly amazed and in awe of this. There are people out there who think just like me!

I am a single woman, a mother, and I have few family in my area of the world. I did feel all alone. Now I feel as if there is an army of other people standing right beside me.

Now I’m ready to write another article explaining My Truth, as it stands now. It is slightly different – but not that much different – from what it was back in May. Some things that I had wondered about before have now solidified in my mind as being an absolute Truth. And other things have changed completely – or added new things to my beliefs.

And just as an aside, I am completely puzzled as to why all people on the planet are not seeking the meaning of life. But as we all well know – not all people are.

And my usual little disclaimer: This is only My Truth. It doesn’t mean it’s true for everyone. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

Who are we?

When I say “we”, I mean everyone. Every single Human Being.

We are a tiny little piece of God. I am trying to come up with other descriptive terms – but that seems to be pretty all-encompassing.

We actually live in another dimension. Which dimension exactly? Well, I think it depends upon the person. We all come from different dimensions. Then I think there may be frequency levels within each dimension that different people might come from.

I believe that many Beings are evolved enough to be a Creator-Being. We can create little things like a flower or big things like a solar system.

Also, under this category, I believe that we can experience being anything we want to. A rock, a tree, a flower, a bee (hey! I’m a poet!).

I like to think of us as Love Energy. Love=Light=Energy. We are conscious energy/light/love. Think of it this way: when you leave your physical body at the time of the death of the body, what can you take with you? Nothing material, obviously. You take with you your energy/love/light. And so that’s, in essence, what you are.

What are our bodies?

Our bodies are biological suits, like avatars, that we come in and animate.

I believe it’s possible that our bodies would function fairly normally even if ‘we’ weren’t in them. That must mean that the body suit has some kind of rudimentary soul of it’s own. I’m not sure how that works. But I believe that it’s a possibility.

I believe that our bodies, like every other living entity, were created by Creator-Beings (some people might call them “Gods”, and others might call them “Extra-Terrestrials”. I just like to call them “Creator Beings”). I think that life was seeded here at some point by these evolved Beings and that they also created our bodies, possibly by manipulating the DNA of existing animals that were here, or else by bringing Human Beings from another planet.

What is Earth?

The Earth is a Live Being – just like us – with a body and a soul. Often described as a female, she learns and evolves like we do. You and I may have been a planet before in a lifetime or we may be in the future.

The Earth is multi-dimensional and she exists in more than one density.

Under this heading, I’d like to also add that there is a lot here right on our own Earth that would blow our minds if we could see it! As a human being, we can only perceive a very small amount in the entire spectrum of possibilities.

For example, maybe the Earth is solid in 3rd density but if you move up to 4th or 5th, then the Earth is hallow. Another example, maybe the area underneath the right paw of the Sphinx is just empty tunnels or rooms in the 3D Earth but if you were to vibrate at a higher frequency of 4D or 5D there are great rooms down there or a great library, or a hidden UFO! And so just because we can’t sense everything there is to sense – doesn’t mean it isn’t there. There are also many many other Beings here that we cannot sense.

Why are we here?

This answer may be different for different people. I think that everyone is here for their own reasons.

In general, though, I think that most people come here to learn lessons. I have described this in “‘Oneness’ Explained”. But basically, when we are in the higher densities (or dimensions, as I use the words interchangeably even though I realize they do have different meanings), which is where we all come from, we can only experience things to a certain extent. We experience mostly “good” and not “bad”. We cannot experience certain things that we can experience in a physical 3D human body. For example, sex is different in the higher dimensions.

I think we come here to experience duality (which is the “good” and the “bad”).

Many people call this planet “the Earth School”, because it is kind of like a school. Other people I know call it, “The Planet of the Gods”, because in their view, only the bravest and most eager-to-evolve of souls dare to come to a 3D world. I think that’s probably true. In order to evolve, you don’t have to incarnate into 3rd Density. You can just evolve faster if you do.

Many people are here to balance their karma. Karma can be described as “bad” (as in mistakes you made that hurt other people – physically or emotionally) and “good” (things you have done to help others or to make others feel good). If you picture an old kind of scale where you have to balance weights on one side and whatever you are weighing on the other – many people believe that you could visualize all your “bad deeds” on one side and your “good deeds” on the other side. Now, if your good deeds outweigh the bad, then you have balanced your karma. Once you have done this you can “graduate” to a higher evolution.

Are there “special” people here at this time?

What I’m referring to here is people who are more connected. People who are interested in searching for answers to these questions. (Because if you search, you shall find). Perhaps included would be people who remember who they are, where they have incarnated before, what their specific mission is here on Earth. Maybe they can channel or they can tell you the future.

They may be called “Starseeds”, “Indigos”, “Chrystal Children”, or “Rainbow Tribe”.

This is what I think. I think there are special people on Earth all the time. Perhaps it is a certain percentage. And so right now, when we have over 7 billion souls on the Earth, and so there are a lot more special people.

But the short-er answer is, yes, I do believe there are a lot of special people here right now. And I believe they have a mission to help the Earth and her Humans through a transitional phase.

(There are so many more “My Truths” I want to discuss! But it is 4am here and I better get to bed! I don’t want to rush through this. So I’ll continue in Part II as soon as possible).



8 thoughts on “My Truth: October 2012 (Part I)

  1. That is marvellous Angelic , and as a truth is shared by many although many do not express it or are even shy about talking about it. To be awakened to the mysteries of life is a blessed thing often as in the case studies of Near death experience we can get glimpses of a greater aspect of being although many might have smaller events in their lives that Nicaea ‘things’ are not quite as straight forward as we generally understand. Great work.

  2. Great Stuff Angelic! I’m one of the ‘family’ and I really love what you are writing. Always thoughtful & insightful. Great job! Julia

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