C2C: Star-Gazing and Edgar Cayce


AngelicView: Ooh! They’re talkin’ about one of my very favorite peeps on Coast to Coast today. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Astronomy writer and lecturer James Mullaney discussed the metaphysical aspects of stargazing, discoveries in the universe, and the work of the “Sleeping Prophet” Edgar Cayce. He studied thousands of Cayce’s readings, with a particular emphasis on what he wrote about the universe and the cosmos.”There is no doubt in my mind…that he was tapping into the great intellect behind the universe,” which he referred to as the Akashic records, Mullaney commented.

Cayce had access to information that no one at that time even knew about, and was far beyond his limited education, such as his assertion that the Asteroid Belt was caused by a kind of planetary collision or disruption, Mullaney noted.

Mullaney’s new book “Celebrating the Universe!” ties in the spiritual with the scientific in looking at the celestial wonders of the night sky, and includes quotations from various visionaries, like Buckminster Fuller who said “love is metaphysical gravity.” Mullaney related some staggering statistics about the cosmos, such as within the observable universe, a million new solar systems are being born every hour, and “there are more stars within reach of our largest telescopes today than all the grains of sand on all the beaches and deserts on the entire planet Earth.”

He also shared an intriguing anecdote about the time he set up a telescope outside after a public lecture he gave in Lower Manhattan. A woman happened by, and asked to take a look, saying she’d never peered through a telescope before. Mullaney had it focused on the Pleiades star cluster, and when the woman saw it, she burst into tears, and said ‘that is my home.’

(AV) Sorry to say this channel has been taken down. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ No more video.



3 thoughts on “C2C: Star-Gazing and Edgar Cayce

  1. Edgar Cayce is a wonder, his readings use to be Free to read and access on line but alas no more. Like everything else it has gone the way of finance . I live on what the universe gives me these days which is fine with me. His knowledge should have been widespread. If it where then the people of the world would be much better off knowing the true state of being. It’s going to be a shock when it eventually comes out.

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