As Infinite Beings We Only Exist in the Breath of God, There is Nothing Else


AngelicView: Here is a very interesting case that has come across at NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation). The man’s name is William Bray, and he is a Princeton University Physicist, Chemist, and Neurophsychopharmacologist. He has had multiple NDE’s. When I say “multiple”, I mean a whole lot! He began dying and coming back to life spontaneously, probably at home. He was taken to a hospital at the University of Pennsylvania (U.S.) to be examined and studied. The cause for the deaths were never discovered, but it happened 30 times while he was at U of P. He has now passed away, for his final time (on 1/25/2014).

He was in the process of trying to write about his experiences to share with us when he passed over and didn’t come back, and Dina Grutzendler composed this summary of his thoughts and sent these writings in to NDERF to share. Here is what was said by Dina:

He wanted his message to arrive to as many people as possible. He wanted to share his experiences with the world.  He didn’t want to leave before finishing his books. He didn’t fear death and he wanted to leave as soon as he could, once he finished his work. And he did.

Some of it is very scientific in nature, and I will link some words to explanations – or at least what I think might be explanations – of what he is talking about. (I never assume that I know what someone means by what they are saying. But in this case, we can’t ask him.)

William Bray

You have to get really small to exit this ‘game,’ not big.  The patterns are what quantized space appears as.  I can direct the energy around me to those who are close, such as yourself, but to more distant people, it ‘feels like’ I can’t reach them. The ‘field’ is the entrance and the exit, the barrier between the finite and the infinite; what most NDErs refer to as ‘the tunnel,’ which they describe as having an array of colors, but they are not focused enough to see that it is quantized (AV: “small” or on the Quantum Level of Scale), dynamic, and very geometric on our edge; they are pre-occupied with where ‘the tunnel’ goes, not with what it consists of on our ‘edge’. It is quantized, very dynamic, and energy is pouring out of it from an infinite source, namely ourselves, not any other source -so that is your ‘self’ doing that, and feels like electricity pumping into you.

Gravitation defines that as time slows, space curves inward, like around a black hole, for instance. Less frequent observation actually speeds the flow of time (the Quantum Anti-Zeno Effect) (AV: a situation in which an unstable particle will never decay as long as it is being observed), increases certainty; we know where the arrow will strike because it is progressing toward its target, space-time curves outward.

This inward curving and outward curving of space-time is necessary to produce an Alcubierre space-time manifold, i.e., warp space. The energy comes from the QED vacuum, ten trillion, trillion universes worth of energy per cubic centimeter. A single individual can manipulate 2.5 x 1039 grams of mass-energy in one second, per person, under normal circumstances, that is, unaware that he or she is doing so, roughly the equivalent  to a sizeable chunk of a small galaxy.

But the only source of this energy comes from the QED vacuum, which, being defined as absolute and pure nothingness, and the only true definition for absolute pure nothingness being – no observer, the energy source and propulsion system are one and the same thing and requires a conscious being, whom we will call –‘the pilot’, there is an infinite soul, in order for us to have an experience that involves the infinite soul, and retain and understand that experience on this plane of existence, there must be some equivalent process in the physiology of the brain which translates that experience to the finite, and visa-versa.

If not, we could never be aware of the presence of God, comprehend spiritual teachings, recall an NDE, and so on – possibly not even be conscious. The mechanism would be primitive and extremely limited by human physiological intellect and human physical experience. It would therefore only be able to interpret in the most vague sense anything of a spiritual nature, and never, ever be capable of comprehending anything that is perceived in a non-physical realm such as a heaven or Heaven – or any other thing, which is not finite.

There is an intimate relationship between the observer and the physical world, of which the physical brain is obviously a part. The communication, therefore, is not just with the infinite consciousness and its physical brain – but a three way communication between infinite consciousness, the physical brain, and the physical world – out to the edge of the universe and not located specifically in any particular point or location in Common Time. Our perception in Common Time is not distinct or local because we can perceive events (light) from billions of years in the past,

which in turn requires that we exist somewhere billions of years in that event’s future, generally ‘smeared out’ over Common Time, past, present, and future – with the mathematical present being indefinable – all down to a Quantum Scale.

It is correct to say good and evil are purely temporal concepts, finite, keeping in mind that our definitions for ‘good’ are extremely limited and invariably involve a set of conditions and rules subject to our own experience and preferences, such is also true for evil. Ultimately, each is finite.

As infinite beings we only exist in the breath of God, there is nothing else. Your concept of ‘here’ and ‘there’ is finite.

We are not ‘here’ to begin with, this is only a construct, a perception. Your consciousness does not exist in this universe, sleep, anesthesia, etc., they’re just perceptions.

‘You’ are by human standards all knowing, the ‘you’ that is our present personality is just a construct, only a perception, you’re not trapped in it.

We cannot think our way upward and out of the game, which is our life in this planet, because we are constructed to be limited inside this game, as we can see the amoeba under the microscope, but the amoeba cannot look upward and perceive your thoughts.

If you’ve ever spent hours in a lab buried inside that little world inside of a microscope, you’d understand, when someone walks in the Room you literally have to refocus back on the room.

James Joyce called this perception ‘the willful suspension of disbelief,’ to let go and think it’s real. You cannot fit an infinite thing (you) inside of a finite box (this universe.) That is a mathematical axiom -. You are not ‘going’ to heaven, you reside in that infinite domain at this instant.


Near Field Effects (virtual photon production out of the quantum electrodynamics vacuum transferring ‘real’ energy and information) necessary to microsecond (the Quantum Zeno Scale) while simultaneously measuring the subatomic interactions mediating these virtual particle events so as to establish a baseline of certainty.

My Near Death experiences were not minute episodes, they were prolonged. The fact that recovery was spontaneous is precedented in informal medical literature.

Exactly what caused the ‘death’ to occur in the first place is unknown and was studied, medically documented (we measured nearly 30 episodes in a 1 week period) but there is no explanation nor speculation, just observation that it occurred.

It was not related to any known condition of the heart or brain. It, however, spontaneously remitted (stopped happening) as swiftly as it came into my life; it just stopped happening, I have no idea why it started, no idea why it stopped, no idea what it was; neither does anyone else, and I am not a totally unique case, with the exception that in my case, the number of times it occurred exceeds anything reported either in the literature or anecdotally.

It is not possible to describe ‘eternity’ in human terms, because by definition, ‘paradise’ is a mythical concept beyond human comprehension or experience. But ‘paradise ’ is where you are from, and it is where you are returning to, more correctly, it is where you are at this very moment. When I say that you are an ‘all knowing being by human standards’ I mean exactly that.

The only difference between me and the others is having repeated the near-death experience over a hundred times, and having studied it, rather than be ‘awestruck’ by something I already know.

In the eternal dimension, communication is both verbal and non-verbal. There are groups, families, friends, colleagues, and such, who separate and come together throughout ages. There are no emotions in the human sense. There is  joy, love, faith, and such.

There is no desperation or urgency, there is no consideration whatsoever that anything is other than infinite.

There is no distance whatsoever between yourself and God, it is as though you are looking at Him straight in the eye from zero distance, all the time, for infinity.

We are not a great melting pot, a collective. We are individuals, and always have been and always will be, for infinity.


There is no ‘energy’ from things outside of ourselves, such as crystals, moon rocks, or goofy ideological attachments to mundane objects.

No one is an idiot, imagine everyone knowing everything, there is no debate, discussion, disagreement, because no one is uncertain of anything.

If one person on the other side of infinity knows the answer, then so do you, but we are not ‘all one.’

Each of us is unique. Without this uniqueness , there would not be any reason whatsoever for there being more than one being. Thus, each and every unique being, from our sentient race, to the slightest bug, is important. There is no regard, there, for what we consider physical reality.

It is merely accepted that it is a thing some people do, like taking a nap.

No one ‘disappears’ from Heaven to be on Earth. You are always there. This human existence is so brief it is an instant.

What seems like a ‘revelation ‘ to a physical handicapped (limited) mind, here on earth, is as common there as breathing to an all knowing being, yourself, and all life in heaven.

There is no ‘here’ and ‘there’, because we don´t really exist in this domain: we observe it.

In infinity, there is no judgment, not even of yourself, there is only continued growth and expansion, toDreaming infinity, for all infinity.  To try and describe the appearance of infinity, would be like trying to describe Earth. You will get a very different description from a person on the south pole than a person in Maui.

There is a Cosmos, of expanse beyond human comprehension of size, age, and scope, with many generations of beings before us, and many that will come after us; a huge diversity, species, places, realms, worlds, lands, rooms…

There is no way to describe an infinite variety of things.

There is nothing to fear in dying. Only the most amazing things beyond all your hopes, dreams, and wildest concepts of paradise to look forward to. It will not be an adventure; when you ‘leave’ aka, die, there will be no amazement, you will have known all along that this life was a ‘dream’ that you agreed on.

All I can say in human terms (use this as a visual meditation) is that if you can imagine going through a long and gentle swirling tunnel of light that is both infinitely large yet infinitely small at the same time, and emerging into the most breath taking scene beyond the human ability to imagine, absolutely inundated by joy and the ‘blasting’ Light and Love of God; as though you were the only being in all existence, and He is inundating you, personally, with what cannot possibly be described –then maybe you can just begin to imagine a brief moment in that place; but it goes on for infinity, and increases without bound. It isn’t as though His attention is divided among the living things throughout all of creation; it is truly as though you and God are the only two beings in all of existence, and yet, you can sense them all, trillions of beings, a completely innumerable quantity of life that is experiencing the same breath taking paradise as yourself for all of infinity, and increasing without bound; all knowing; all seeing.

We are the eyes, ears, and hands of God in His exploration of all possibilities, which is what we are, that is what I call ‘sentience, ‘beings whose purpose is to explore infinite possibilities for infinity.

And ‘angels’ as we have come to call them, are all those beings who support our role as such (exploring the only possible remaining infinite question; what is God not?, in every necessary way).

So, when you scan your environment, and feel how ‘solid’ everything is, and how ‘real’ it looks and seems, it is a true statement that is in line with the formal definitions of Quantum Theory that you are perceiving the effect created by your observation, this eyes-on-eyes-off effect, determining the actual flow of real palpable time, manipulating the Quantum Electrodynamics Vacuum, pure and absolute nothingness with infinite potential Super positioned throughout all of space and time, to make it seem ‘real.’

That thing you are most certain of in all of existence is your self.

The tree makes its own bark, and creates its own sound, because it is alive. You can go to Hell, but first you will have to create it.

Reincarnation is not a speculation or possibility –it is the very scaffold of our existence, the backbone, the most imperative facet of our structure and purpose.

Reincarnation does not necessarily involve reincarnating in the future, it can involve reincarnating in any point in time, in some remote cases other worlds altogether, there is no pattern.

However, I have noticed that in some cases people tend to be born close to where they have died and within a decade or so.

I think this is to provide continuity of work.

In Quantum Temporal Dynamics I resolved the issue by suggesting that conscious observation affects the rate of the flow of time because information is ‘falling into’ an infinite domain, namely, us, asymptotically slowing time by the same principle as Susskind’s model. Discontinuing conscious observation ‘releases’ the event back into the global flow of time of the environment, finite linear time.

In the cases of my own NDEs, I often recovered to find my entire body cyanotic (black and blue, indicating total anoxia (AV: no oxygen) for several hours) and unable to move –pins and needles, very painful, for perhaps two hours, before I could move, and still see my skin as cyanotic. 

We measured in the University of Pennsylvania medical dept. complete cessation of respiration, heart, and flat lined EEG, all of which occurred spontaneously with an onset of less than 10 seconds, and the duration which was not allowed to pass 2 minutes in a medical setting, without resuscitation. It was estimated to be on the order of 6 to 8 hours outside of the medical setting based on cyanosis.

So, in ‘real’ time, they were not 1 minute or 4-minute episodes, they were prolonged. The fact that recovery was spontaneous is precedential in informal medical literature.

Exactly what caused the ‘death’ to occur in the first place is unknown and was studied at U of Pennsylvania and medically documented (we measured nearly 30 episodes in a 1 week period) but there is no explanation nor speculation, just observation that it occurred. It was not related to any known condition of the heart or brain. So I have no answer. It, however, spontaneously remitted (stopped happening) as swiftly as it came into my life; it just stopped happening, I have no idea why it started, no idea why it stopped, no idea what it was; neither does anyone else, and I am not a totally unique case, with the exception that in my case, the number of times it occurred exceeds anything reported either in the literature or anecdotally.

The ‘wave function’ is not actually a thing we have ever seen, our attempts to see it (double slit experiments) showed us nothing was there. In simple terms, ‘nothing’ is everywhere. the ‘wave function’ Is absolutely pure nothingness that becomes ‘a thing’ because of the focus of our awareness.

The most correct answer is that neither the wave function or space-time exist at all. We manifest both space-time and the wave function. So until we decide (not cognitively) that space-time exists (focused attention, control of flow of time, quantum Zeno effect, time slows, space shrinks, general relativity – This is achieved simply by taking measurements at an extremely high rate of speed). No one has ever found a wave function, or seen one. In fact, the notable problem (double slit experiment) is that when you look for it, there is nothing there; nothing.

A wave function is (by the mainstream definition) ‘inside’ space-time, but by the lack of forethought in mainstream physics that I corrected in Quantum Temporal Dynamics, cannot possibly exist in space-time, which itself is merely a construct of infinitesimal ‘size,’ Hence, the wave function is ‘everywhere,’ super positioned ‘over’ the entirety of space-time.

But then of course, we, having done a good job, will have to come back and do it all over again…and again. planned. We work them out prior to birth, which has no meaning in a timeless domain; we are thus working them out at this very instant. Your ‘feelings,’ perceptions, and observations of things appearing to repeat or already having happened is the result of this careful planning.

You see them in your dreams because we exist in a timeless domain, and such planning and rehearsing, as we perceive them in linear time is occurring at this very instant, but oddly, prior to ever being born.

People describe such careful planning, in exacting detail regarding every event and decision and outcome.

My own experience during NDE states is that this is correct, and to a degree that is extensive.  It was as though not a single particle or molecule of air is out of place. Everything is planned and rehearsed and re-planned and re-performed until perfection of the desired outcome is achieved.  There are no ‘accidents.’  More macroscopic events, such as illness and death, are carefully planned. My observation during the NDE´s,  is that the method of death is invariably intended to instruct the ‘living.’ It is only by observing death that we come to question our seemingly finite nature. Ultimately, death has no meaning in an eternal system, where every living thing exists beyond the scope of time.

AngelThe physical brain has no possible means to unwrap the timeless, infinitely time dilated information in the virtual photons that make up its own electromagnetic processes. It is also not capable of transforming forward asymmetric temporal (time) information about its environment into infinitely time dilated zero symmetry information and/or back again. The physical brain, then, cannot be the ultimate recipient or initiator of information, but can only serve as some conduit through which information can flow in either direction. It can mediate the passage of virtual photons, which are infinitely dilated in time, to some place, provided that place is not in this universe or in our common time domain. It can, in my speculation, do this by providing the necessary structure, on a chemical, electromagnetic, and hence, a Quantum Scale, perhaps to pass information through a Quantum Scale Traversable Wormhole, (highly speculative, but conceptually a reasonable starting point) which is shown to occur spontaneously in nature under certain circumstances –and this is the only possible way information can exist and be understood by any possible observer.

Whether the cause be the result of Quantum Scale Traversable Wormholes or some other phenomenon is not entirely important and not the actual point. My point is there is no possible way that the virtual photons, which make up the electromagnetic activity of the physical brain, can observe or create information. We simply need to hypothesize or at least begin by brainstorming out the possible mechanisms, which allow this to happen.

Modern people do not know nor has anyone agreed upon the definitions for Spirit and Soul. So, since I am busy defining a textbook of things, I offer the following: Spirit is what you are made of (God), Soul is what defines you as unique for infinity.  When I say that I exist in some infinite domain, I am referring to the infinite domain of a heaven or Heaven, the rest of you, and God, and will always remain myself unique, for infinity.

On your last day of life , upon your last breath, you can say to yourself, ‘I am an infinite being, I have done this countless times before, died, and today is a good day to die.’

And you will find yourself speeding through that tunnel, as you leave linear time into a timeless domain all of the events of your life will seem to occur simultaneously, it’s not a ‘review,’ that’s simply the way it appears, and suddenly find yourself in the most vibrant colored beautiful field beyond your imagination, or just outside of a city of light, like vibrant colored glass, or in your garden, returning to where you are at this very moment, like lifting your eyes from a microscope and refocusing on the room, and find yourself surrounded by beings whom you love…

You’ll just have to accept that in most cases, humans had experiences in that infinite domain in which we reside, and just as those who experience Near Death Experiences today describe in no uncertain terms that the experience is ineffable, beyond the ability in words to describe.

9 thoughts on “As Infinite Beings We Only Exist in the Breath of God, There is Nothing Else

  1. Excellent NDE , I can testify to the ‘Observer ‘ aspect of spirit. In my travels it is all observation without emotional participation . It will be a good read for those with some appreciation of the Quantum construct view.

  2. My dear Friend
    I would be thankful if you placed my name as the author of the summary you copied here of William Joseph Bray. I composed this summary from many of the emails he wrote me and took the essentials parts of many of his near-death experiences from the book on the theme, which I helped shape with all my questions to him.

    Many thanks, Dina Grutzendler

    • I certainly will Dina! I see that I wrote “someone in his family”, and I’ll happily change that to your name. Thank you so much for sharing via NDERF – one of my very favorite websites! 🙂

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