Implications: Courtney Brown’s February “Announcement”


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AngelicView: This is a follow-up to my last post “An Announcement from Courtney Brown“, which contained a Poll, on the Courtney Brown announcement that is supposed to happen sometime this month. This summary below was written by Laron, at

Back on the 22nd of January 2014, the remote viewing Farsight Institutes Courtney Brown announced that something important is going to occur in the month of February, 2014. He said nothing can stop it and there will be an announcement made. He did not say who will be making that announcement. He did say that part of that announcement would be made on his facebook account.

His statement also mentioned that life on Earth would change significantly on that day, in February 2014.

“A mystery that has confused our civilization for thousands of years will find an answer. And from that answer, a new direction for the future growth of our species will arise.” – Courtney Brown

He also said,

-It does not relate at all to earth changes or the end times.
-That the ET’s will not land.
-That the Earth will not shake.
-That US President Obama will not reveal… whatever.

He said the announcement would be much bigger than all of those things.

“…in time, people will eventually understand that the entire development of our species was fundamentally altered on that day in February 2014” – Courtney Brown

Today he posted his first ‘Implication Posting’. Which is what he is labeling a series of posts that relate to the implications of that actual announcement. He mentioned that none of these Implication Posting’s would be directly addressing the actual announcement, but that we are encouraged to connect the dots so that the effective scope of the announcement can be widened.

What is the point of these Implication Posts? He said that people behind the scenes, most likely those that are aware of the announcement already, are concerned about the noise that will come, after the February announcement is made. He said that this may inadvertently stifle the breadth and depth of public discussion relating to the announcement.

In other words, it sounds like people are going to argue and moan and groan about the announcement after it has been made, and miss the point entirely, as the whole point will get lost in the inevitable discussions afterwards.

AV: I am getting that impression that he is not going to be the one to make the announcement – whatever it is. The impression I got was that someone else was going to either make an announcement or put out an article, and that if people didn’t pay close attention, they would miss the implications of that announcement and it could fly over their heads all-together. And so he wants to make sure that we don’t miss it, and that we don’t let it pass by without heavy consideration about what it might mean to us (Earth, or Humanity as a whole) and spread the word of this announcement (or article).

I will post all of his various “Implications” postings here, so you may want to bookmark this article because I’ll be adding to it as he posts more information.

This next one is a bit of humor – shared by Laron at Transients 😀

2/11/14 2nd Update:

“Update: More on the timing of the announcement…. There is still a lot of activity behind the scenes, including disagreement, angry emails, wonder, amazement, international phone calls,…, you name it, it is there. The announcement will happen this month, but I still do not have an exact date.

Again, we are not talking about any kind of Earth changes, presidential revelation, pole shift, ET landing, second coming, end of the world, or anything like that. This is much bigger in its own way. It is just an announcement and the release of information, but information changes worlds more profoundly than anything else. Some will disagree and laugh at it. Some will marvel. But in time, history will show that our civilization changed its direction on the date of the announcement. You will read about it here, and elsewhere.”

~Courtney Brown

2-13-14 2nd Update:

For those of you who are wondering if I am simply “leading you on” with endless Implications Postings, that is not the case. This is not a tease. A lot is going on behind the scenes, and everything is being timed correctly. This cannot happen faster. Each one of the Implications Postings will make sense once the announcement is made, and most will be glad that they sat through all of them. People will need these postings to fully understand the implications of the announcement. Once the announcement happens, there will be a lot of “noise,” and it will be too late to calmly reflect on the implications.

~Courtney Brown

February 15, 2014 – 2nd Update


What I need now is some sleep. I have been on the phone all night with people in the U.K., India, South Africa, and elsewhere, all involved with the upcoming announcement. From the very beginning, the anticipated date of the announcement was 28 February 2014. But there were some uncertainties due to the international nature of the issues involved, so we held off releasing the date. It was wise we did that. Nothing can stop the announcement, but the date involved a lot of coordination with various parties. The problem has been further exacerbated due to the fact that the announcement involves a location which at the present time is not entirely stable politically. Also, shipping of critical materials was involved, and one shipment turned out to have been corrupted, apparently while in transit. This is now being addressed.

After lots of discussion with people all over the world who are involved one way or another, we are now expecting the announcement to happen in mid-March, about two weeks later than originally anticipated. Again, nothing can stop the announcement. But this announcement can happen only once, and it has to be done correctly. Given the amount of coordination involved, mid-March 2014 seems to be optimal.

For those of you worried about people being cynical due to a short delay in the announcement, just don’t worry about it. All of that will go away once the announcement happens, and nothing can stop that from occurring. This short delay is not significant relative to the importance of the announcement. Getting it right is more important than anything else. The world really will change on that date. The change will happen slowly, but it will begin on that date, and nothing will be the same afterward.

~Courtney Brown

AV: Last night Courtney posted that the announcement may actually come SOONER than mid-march, although he is not saying that it WILL – just that it MIGHT. “You have no idea how much is going on behind the scenes…” blah blah blah (Yeah, heard all that before…). Hey! I’m just the messenger 😉

“There are not many more of these. Things are moving quickly now.” ~Courtney Brown

February 26, 2014

It it important to let everyone know that immediately after the major announcement, it may not be possible to use Facebook to coordinate communication of what is going on…just too much “noise” is likely. Also, Facebook accounts can be disabled easily. For these reasons, we will be using the Farsight Newsletter to disseminate information and to coordinate activities after the announcement. Thus, if you are not already getting the newsletter, now is a good time to subscribe. It is free, and it only requires your email address, which is not shared with anyone for any reason. Here is the link:

~Courtney Brown

(Same Day)

Looking at all the comments for my post below about our newsletter, I should clarify that I am not talking about any active attempt to disrupt the Facebook page from the so-called “Powers that Be.” Nothing like that. It is just that there will be lots of people will be posting and saying all sorts of things on Facebook, and there will be so much being said that it will be hard to post clear elements on Facebook and keep the discussion focused. So the newsletter will be the only real way to organize the post-announcement period. So if people sign up for the newsletter now, it will help then.

~Courtney Brown


Courtney Brown indicated that for the last seven says (so, starting today) there will be a new “Implication Posting” every day.

*Please note: This announcement is supposed to be made Saturday, March 15th. I have no idea what time of day the announcement will be made. His “Implications Postings” have been coming out around midnight. Mr. Brown has indicated that this will be the last one. (AV)

17 thoughts on “Implications: Courtney Brown’s February “Announcement”

  1. Remote viewing, web bot and other predictions have all more or less failed from the period after 2012 . Certain ‘possibilities’ however still remain.
    1: pole Shift
    2: impact from asteroids
    3: World radiation poisoning (Fukushima)
    4: World War ( least likely due to mental changes within populations)
    5: financial meltdown

    Other scenarios within the New Developing Paradigm :

    1 : Cosmic Shock ( Severe influx of energy )
    2: sudden political change
    3: invasion by Alien races
    4: gradual development as recognition of past errors come to light.
    5: world recognition of how people are manipulated and history has been falsified.
    Whatever the announcement is it must be understood by the majority of people. In some ways this method being used seems like gamesmanship . We will see.

    • Okay, an announcement so profound it will change our life forever and that day will be known in infamy as THE day everything changed, But it will be announced in an article that some of us may miss ,skim over and deem not so important as to dismiss it or mis interpret the importance? I really don’t mean to sound disrespectful but I don’t understand that at all, and I do want to understand fully. Thank you. Sjm

    • When I dowse your list, these three come up positive. : 2.Sudden political change.
      4. Gradual development as….5. World Recognition of how people are manipulated…..

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  4. The following is one possibility we may here related to the Feb announcement. ” Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy You are, in fact, extraterrestrials. Your original ancestors were colonists from places throughout this galaxy, and their DNA has been thoroughly intermixed in all of you. By: PAO”

  5. I think I know whats going to happen. We will find out the answer to that age old question. How do you keep an idiot in suspense?

  6. If the announcement is a mere article on a website on the internet, then most people will still be in the dark because they do not read the myriad of revealing articles already out there. It must be announced in MSM where the ignorant masses look for their information. I hope this has been taken into consideration.

    • Yes! I completely agree with you. Just like you said, if the “announcement” is not done MSM, then only people like you and I who read in the alternative realm are the ones that are going to see/hear it. I hope he has thought of that. I think he means MSM – but who can be sure?

    • Why doesn’t remote viewing do something useful? A lot of hype and little to show for it. I’m
      done with waiting for something useful from Courtney Brown. He cries ‘wolf’ once too often.

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