An “Other-Earthly” Experience

Below I have pasted for you a few excerpts out of one man’s experience:

  • …a land appears behind The Guide a beautiful land like no other I have ever seen in my life. I have traveled to many places here on earth but have yet to find a place where the plants and trees glowed like they did in this place. It was like a beautiful tropical jungle I could see birds flying with three distinctly separated tails not like the birds I had seen here on earth. I could see plants and trees that made no sense to me. It was so beautiful so peaceful and very bright, everything was bright and alive. By now I was beginning to understand what is going on here. I know now it isn’t anything earthly that I am looking at or for that, matter experiencing. I began to make observations once again.  

  • I notice that the second this land appears it was separated by a deep canyon The Guide and I were on one side and this tropical paradise was on the other side. To the degree I could get worried, I was concerned that I could feel this place calling my cells to cross the canyon. Actually it felt more like my atoms were being pulled or attracted to this place. Instinct told me if I cross the crevasse I could not come back. Yet this place called my every being.
  • I saw transparent entities and solid ones. My eyes were subjected to beautiful colors that seem to glow or irradiate (radiate?) from trees and plants, the ground, the rocks, the birds all seem to glow bright with intense color and clarity. Depth perception seemed enhanced as well.
  • The lack of all the emotions one would think they feel when you die. I felt no paid, no worry, no harm, no fear it is IMPOSSIBLE!!! To feel any bad emotions in this world. At least that is how it felt to me. You could feel great emotions of peace, belonging, eternity the feeling you have lived and would live forever. You felt, I felt one with the universe – corny but TRUE.
  • …after my NDE I was in two car accidents that should and would have been fatal. Yet when they occurred – this is going to sound really out there – so here goes -… When these accidents happened to me I of course became very scared I knew I was going to die in them, just because of what was happening to me in the car I was in. Both times I was alone and spinning all over the freeway. But the fear yielded to the feeling of total happiness like in my NDE. So when that hit me in the middle of the accident (both times) I recognized the emotion and feeling from my NDE. Immediately I became totally unafraid. I also felt the sensation of a big glass cover being put over my car. Like a force field to protect me. During the second car accident I actually let go of the wheel right after the glass force field was put over my car. I could see cars crashing into me and then being repelled with no damage to my car or the ones I was suppose to be hitting or the ones that were hitting me. Sorry if this sounds crazy but is is the TRUTH. 
  • …the knowledge given to me by Jesus that I would live long and he would use me in some sort of work he needed done. But if it counts I knew that when I saw the beautiful land that I had been there before that I came from that place. I knew that place was truly my home. I also knew instinctively if I cross the canyon I would cease to exist on earth.
  •  I find it hard to believe that we can worship some many God’s as a function of some many religion’s. Some of which do and do not believe in Jesus. It is a joke that we have so many interpretations. The whole thing is out of focus. Yes my beliefs have changed – I believe now that soul of life energy has existed and will exist until eternity. It has always been this way and it will always be this way. we cannot die just live our lives in different ways than the way we experience life here on earth.

2 thoughts on “An “Other-Earthly” Experience

  1. What comes to mind is ‘ Many mansions in my fathers house’ have you noticed how landscapes are described differently in many experiences? Each experience is unique yet consistent.

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