Why Do Some People Die Young?

by AngelicView

When I was putting together my post, “Angelic Intervention“, I could hear some of my readers shouting, “If Angels or Guides save some people’s lives, why did no one save my (insert beloved person here’s) life”?

Even though this can be a very touchy subject, I want to discuss it with you today. As always, take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

Let’s chat a moment about death

If you’ve read the NDE stories on this site or elsewhere, you know that the death of the body is not the end of a person. That person still exists, but in another dimension which we cannot see.

They are incredibly happy there. They have a life and friends and lovers and they are filled with peace and wholeness at all times.

The only people that the death of the physical body hurts is the people who are still in physical bodies. We know that we won’t see that person again (probably) for the rest of our physical lives. We know we will miss them.

But once our physical body dies, then we will pass into the other dimension, too, and we will be together again.

What I want to impart to you here, is that death is not a bad thing, like we think it to be. It’s the most wonderful thing that could happen for the person it is happening to!

Let’s start at the beginning

The beginning that I’m talking about starts before we come to this life on Earth. We decide to come here. We make out a plan for our life. We decide who our Spirit Guides will be. We decide who our parents will be. We decide what our challenges and goals will be throughout our life. And we also decide when (and how) our death will be.

Once we, as individuals, come up with a plan for our life, we go to a sort of “review board” where there are several beings who are more advanced than we are and we talk it all over. They help us to see more clearly and work out more details. We may even be directed to a counselor to help us make these important decisions before incarnating.

So why would we choose to die young?

Remember what we said earlier about how death is not a bad thing? Well, when we’re “upstairs” planning out our lives and our deaths, we don’t see that death as such a huge loss as we do here.

We may have accomplished all of our goals by that age that we had set out to accomplish. We may have experienced all the experiences we wanted to have in this incarnation.

It may be that by passing over, it was a life-lesson – a goal – for you (the one who was left behind), to experience the death of a loved one. In other words, perhaps they made that sacrifice just so that you could have that experience.

Another reason why someone might choose to die young is because they are to do a special job on the other side of the veil. Take Matthew Ward, for example. He lived here in the physical until he was a teenager and then died in an accident. After crossing over he began communicating with his mother messages for humanity. And so he was here for a time to develop this relationship with his mother so that she would recognize him as the messenger and be open to receiving his messages and spreading them far and wide.

What about a newborn baby dying?

That is one that can be difficult to understand for a lot of people. But the answers are just about the same as above.

The baby may have passed away so that the parent could have that experience (which was their ((the parent’s)) choice). Or it may have died because that’s all the soul wanted to experience – being a baby and then dying. As strange as it may sound, this may really be all he or she wanted to experience.

Another reason why a baby dies is because they have, well, “chickened out”. They came here and they just couldn’t accept being in 3D Earth. Their spirit was so broken by being in this experience that they just couldn’t make it. This has nothing to do with the parents! It has to do with the experience itself or the life-plan chosen. Being in 3D is not an easy thing to do considering where you are coming from.

What about abortion or still-birth?

Great question! (Thanks!)

Often, there is not a soul attached to the aborted baby or the still-born baby. In other words, a soul never inhabited that body. Sometimes a soul has planned to come to that body but then decided not to – for whatever reason.

A soul comes into the baby’s body usually around the time of birth. If they come in too early they find the boredom of being in a womb to be mind-numbingly unbearable. And so, at that point, they usually exit. They can exit and reenter the body until the body is born. Then they pretty much stay in the body (but not always). And so many times an aborted fetus was never inhabited by a soul.

So why do some people get “saved” by Angels then?

There are two reasons that I know of that someone’s life would be saved by someone from another dimension.

The first one is that something happened that wasn’t in that person’s life-plan and so the person’s life was saved to be able to complete their plan. You see, there are people working tirelessly in other dimensions that are ensuring that the plan we set out to accomplish in this life gets done! Always, every day. We just don’t know it – we are not aware of it.

And so let’s say that the other-dimensional person (angel or spirit guide) saw an accident coming that was not meant to happen, and I was going to die in that accident. My life might be spared in that case because it was not in my life-plan. It wasn’t my time to die.

The other reason Angels or Other-Dimensionals may seem to “save” us is because we were meant to have that experience. Perhaps it was a wake-up call for us. Maybe it was the first time we ever thought of beings in another realm and so it spurred us to look into it further and it might change our lives (just as planned).

Be assured that nothing happens by coincidence and everything happens for a reason.

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19 thoughts on “Why Do Some People Die Young?

  1. than what is the point of praying to god to protect our loved ones if we as individuals have already planned out everything even before we were born in this world?

    • That is a very good question, Tanmayee. The truth is that prayer may affect the situation in some ways. For one thing, even though we have made a plan for our lives, that plan can be tweaked or changed if needed. Secondly, calling of God or Angels can help you and the one who is dying. Even though death is a difficult thing for the people who are left here, our Angels and Guides and God can help us get through it in less time and to learn the lessons we need to learn, if we ask for guidance. The lessons come harder when we resist the process and when we don’t listen to or follow our guidance.

      Life is just like a play, and we are all actors and actresses in it. Once the curtain closes on your part of the play, you will be able to go home and be with those people you loved when you and they were here.

  2. Having experienced a great deal of bereavement in order to lead me to my soul purpose, I would say that this aligns with my understanding. Thank you :)

  3. HI, Most everything stated here confirms what I currently hold to be truth. One possible
    difference is that I thought the soul entered right at conception. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What about multiverse and reality shifts? I think in timeless realm of afterworld it hardly matters if we live upto 40 yrs or 80yrs.jack london and elvis presley live upto around 40 yrs but what terrific and quantity of life,more than 200yrs of an ordinary person’s life.

  5. Thank you for sharing this! Just Saturday, my best friend (we’re 16) lost her 18 year old brother in a tragic accident, which left us both heartbroken. After reading this, it’s lifted up my spirits about where he is! I don’t feel as sad anymore. In fact, I feel comforted.

    • Thanks for the comment Sydney. Wow – so hard. Death is such a hard thing for people. I don’t know if you’ve read a lot of Near-Death Experience stories, but this might be a good time to delve into them. They are so SO uplifting about where our loved ones go.

  6. Hi.
    My boyfriend passed away by suicide. I have always been a believer that when it’s your time to go, it’s your time. I could accept that.
    But when he has taken his own life it’s hard to accept because it wasn’t meant to be his time to go home.
    Where does suicide fit into life plans?

    • I’m so sorry to hear about that Danni. :(

      According to NDE research, when someone commits suicide then that changes the life plans of all the people around them. Some of the people who were in their lives will just have to have their life plans “tweaked” in order to get the same advantages out of their life and others’ will not be able to accomplish their life missions because of that suicide. I think it’s probably more rare that a life mission cannot be accomplished at all, though, and much more common that the life plan just has to be changed.

  7. Dear Angelic View. I have a question for You and hope You can help me here, please…

    4 years ago I was 34 years old and met a girl who was 18 years old, yes 16 years younger ! We never went out on a date, it just happened in a weird way – we both clicked and off we went, started living together.
    I proposed in summer 2013 ( she was the one who asked me to do that and I wanted it anyway :). We were supposed to get married last August 2014, but in November 2013 her health started to get shaky – vomiting for no reason, she became easily irritated, her vision became weak etc, visited about 5 different doctors. To make the story short – last May she got diagnosed with GlioBlastoma stage 4 or 5. The tumor was right on Brain Stem and doctor said it was the size of a fist and must have been growing for 3 to 4 years there – which is very unusual for GlioBlastoma. They tend to grow really fast. so surgery did not really help and she never made it out of the ICU. Surgery was performed on May 27th and she died on June 20th at 6:05am. I laid her to rest on June 26th. She will always be 22 years old.
    The day before for God knows what reason I managed to organize a wedding right at her bedside in the ICU. Her parents said the YES word on her behalf and a priest did his things right there while she was in deep coma. Literally after the priest was done with all his church stuff and she had a ring on her finger – her pulse went up from 155 beats per minute to 166.
    My question is as follows: why did she live for so long with sooooo little symptoms ? And why would she ever choose a guy who is 16 years older ? We both liked the same things – from music to culture to spicy foods, movies etc etc. Had she chosen me before she was born ? Did she choose me knowing I would be the one with her till the very end ?
    Also crazy thing is she was never interested in material things, no makeup ever, no shopping, money did not mean anything to her, she liked animals more than people :) Some of my friends have said they thought she was not from this world or did not really belong here…….
    Appreciate Your answer when You have the time to do so ! Thank You.
    Best regards

    • First of all, I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your wife. I know it leaves a hole in your life, which over time a person learns to fill back up. But it does take time and it’s not fun.

      I think you’re right on about the reason you and she came into each other’s lives. When we incarnate here – even though we can’t SEE the soul or spirit of people, we do sense it. You two knew each other before incarnation, you planned to be in each other’s lives here, and you recognized each other when you got to the point in your lives when you were meant to meet up. Kudos to you, for recognizing that :)

      • Hey, Angelic View !
        First things first – thank You very much for a quick response ! I do appreciate it :)
        I want to be with her again in next life, hope it happens :) Is that even possible ? What do I have to do to make it happen ? Or is it soul that takes care of it ? Have heard all people in this life that I know are the same ones I had known in my previous life and very likely to be around me in the next one.
        P.S. Very important question that has been bothering me – population is increasing every year – where do the “NEW” souls come from ? Say, 1000 years ago there were 300 million people and thus the same number of souls. Now it is 7 billion – how and where the new souls come from ?
        Thank You once again.
        Best regards

        • Hi Kaspars! Well, we are talking on my favorite subject here :)

          Yes, you absolutely can reincarnate with her again, if you want. You will also see her once again and be together on the other side of the veil once your 3D body dies. Don’t worry about beginning a new relationship with a new woman here on Earth, though! There is no jealousy in the unconditional love environment we all come from. You have probably had many wives (and husbands, too!) in various incarnations and we are all happy and together in the afterlife. We all know and love millions upon millions of souls on the other side – and we can keep them all straight! ;)

          A lot of people do ask the question about where “new” souls come from. This is based on NDE research: There are never any “new” souls. We were all made or generated at the same time. One thing you have to remember is that some of these souls are un-incarnated. Some souls never want to incarnate into 3D or physical life. Some souls incarnate elsewhere in the universe(s). Yes, there are people walking many planets, in many different densities. So, for example, you might decide next to incarnate in 5th density on a planet that is in another galaxy! And one soul from that galaxy might decide to incarnate here on Earth in their next life.

          • Angelic View – that is some mind bending and twisting stuff…….. :)
            What you are saying is there may be 100 billion souls who have been here / there / everywhere since the very beginning ? Just that some of them have always remained un-incarnated ? Or are newborn babies an altered copy of a soul that has had many so called 3D lives ?
            I suppose I had a very brief time with my loving girlfriend on this planet ( I need more of her….) so it is very likely I will want to reincarnate to whatever planet and / or density she may choose !! :)
            I suppose if there are answers to the questions I feel bound to ask after her passing – and there are sooooo many these days – the only way could be meditation, practicing a controlled OBE etc. ?! Not sure, have been reading loads of material, from Sadhguru to Michael Newton, from John Roger to Sylvia Brown etc.
            BTW – thank You for having set up this website and giving someone like me an opportunity to ask questions and also have them answered !!!! Awesome !
            Best regards

            • You’re welcome and it’s a pleasure to talk to you :) I think it’s really sweet of you to want to go wherever she goes.

              I think you’re on the right path with all that reading. If you enjoy reading NDE stories, then go to the lower right of AngelicView and click on NDE or OBE/STE to see some fantastic stories and loads of information :)

  8. This is one circumstance that really bothers me, and I can’t seem to pacify my doubts. I think a lot of what you say is plausible and makes sense. However, if we choose our parents, path and death before we incarnate, how does a child who is abused by his parents/caregivers and dies as a result of the abuse, be a path that soul chooses? For example, the little boy, Ethan Stacey, who died from horrific abuse inflicted on him by his mother and her boyfriend.

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