The vast majority of stories on this blog are not mine. Here is one for you that is my story. The story of my OBE (for whatever reason, Out of Body Experience).Β 

Honestly, I don’t know whether it was an NDE or an OBE. I’ll describe it for you.

One thing I think most lightworkers have in common is that we have had an NDE or OBE. I don’t know why this is a commonality. Possibly we have in some way broken through the veil.

When I had mine I was about seven years old. I was very sick (probably just a virus like the flu). I had an extremely high fever and was upset because I couldn’t go on a weekend camping trip. My fever was so high, in fact, that my mother kept me on the living room couch until the late hours of the night, packing my body with ice packs (VERY uncomfortable, I might add).

When she felt that my fever was down enough that she needn’t worry about it so much anymore, she put me to bed. I don’t remember leaving my body. I just remember that suddenly I was floating out in space, gazing at our Earth. The picture (above) is the closest one I could find to how it looked to me. The Earth was a beautiful blue. Then there was a lighter blue layer, and then a thick line of bright white all around it. The picture above was the best one I could find as to the way it looked for me – except for the bright white that was around the Earth, as I can’t find any pictures that look like that.

(At the bottom of this post I posted a picture of the Earth as we are usually shown – it did not look like that to me – just for comparison.)

I wasn’t alone. I was aware that there was another being behind me and it felt to be male. But I never looked back at it. (I wonder why?) I just enjoyed floating and I remember the air temperature was just about perfect, if just a little chilly – but nice. I could feel a bit of a light breeze.

Then suddenly I felt a terrible loneliness! I felt I needed to get back to my family. I looked downward and saw that silver cord everyone talks about. It was connected to me and it looked sort of like tinsel, but a bit thicker than tinsel.

As soon as I spotted that cord I remember I dive-bombed back to my body – very FAST! I remember looking at Michigan as I was flying towards it. And that’s all. After I saw Michigan for a couple of seconds I awoke (in my body) and I had to catch my breath! I felt like I had just run a marathon.

As a fellow Lightworker, have you had an OBE or NDE?

12 thoughts on “My NDE/OBE

  1. No comments? What? I’m leaving comments!

    I had an OBE at work one day while I was taking a nap. Uh, yeah, we can sneak in a nap from time to time.

    It’s interesting to look down upon yourself while you sleep.

    So, how much traffic are we talking about?

    And you know something, people are just chicken when it comes to leaving comments. I wonder why?

  2. I had a very similar OBE , one night during meditation before I went to sleep (about 24 years ago) I left my body and joined a spiritual being, he took me well above the Earth to the point just beyond the moon. He said “Listen,” as I did I could hear a wonderful symphony and harmony from the Cosmos. Then we moved closer to Earth as we did I could hear the sounds coming from the Earth. As we got closer, the sounds became more chaotic until it sound like screeching, so much so it drowned out the harmony of the Cosmos. He said “Come closer.” as we did I could see first Africa, there were armies and people moving and great distress, then we moved to the Middle East and again armies moving and great distress, then we moved over Eastern Europe, the same, As we passed Germany I heard the scream that seemed to be the Earth itself almost as if she was giving birth. As we moved back to England my companion turned to me and said ” Do you understand” I replied ” Yes” He then said ” It is coming, be ready” Then I entered my body with a shock that restarted my heart. My feeling was the Earth populations consciousness had to be changed to become more in harmony with the rest of creation for these things to be lessened in their effects. Many years have passed and although the wars and pain has persisted the worst of it has somewhat reduced. After that night I realised what needed to be done, for my part anyhow. The work to be undertaken was on the collective consciousness to change the mind if you like of humanity from the inside out by simply being harmony under all circumstances and projecting or transmitting to the collective.

  3. I had a NDE (I think) in 1984. I have never really told anyone about it, at least not in the context of a NDE. In order for me to do that I would have to let others in on a lot of my past. Parts of my past that I had never really been ready to talk about…..
    As the story goes I was visited by what seemed to be an almost tribe of women one night as I slept. I believe I was experiencing an overdose. And while I was in the grips of this overdose these women, my grandmother at the head, stood over my bed and…well they let me have it. They encouraged me to get a grip and stop doing what I was doing….they asked me if I wanted to leave with them, but they really didn’t want me to. The story is much more involved then all this….too long to go into here. And it scared me….I remember I kept trying to slip away but they wouldn’t let me. I did not feel threatened but I felt urgency from them; urgency to not let me slip away and urgency to get me to understand I needed to live. They slapped me a few times….interesting because I think it was these actions that kept me alive that night.

    Was this a NDE? I don’t know if it could fall into the exact same category, others feel the love of God and have awakenings…..mine was just life saving. Big deal, yes, but the life changing didn’t come for a long time. But the drugs ended, if not then….. soon after.
    Today my life is at the total other end of the spectrum. And I am grateful!
    Thank you for this blog! I can tell I will come here for inspiration when I need it!

  4. My Mania was the closest I have been to a NDE. I went into it not even fully believing in God anymore. In Mania I told a nurse, “I am dead and need to transcend.” They asked, “Way do you think you are dead?” “Because everything is so different. Colors are brighter, sound bounces off the walls, and I waited for the crosswalk to change and it never did.” The difference was so striking that afterwards I had no doubt in my mind that there was something beyond 3-D reality. If a little chemical change in my brain can open up a new world, then of course there is more.

    I learned a lot from Mania, and then Deep Depression. I still would like a NDE/OBE, but with no negative health problems afterward. It would be nice to visit this new world, without the fear of my Mania… because I had this life-altering Mania, I doubt I will get a NDE too. For some reason my soul chose to learn differently.

  5. Thank you for directing me here AW.. And for your wonderful description.. I think maybe the Earth you saw could have been the Etheric Earth like we have an Aura maybe the white ring aound it could have been something like that .

    • Yes, possibly so! I was waaaayyyyy too far up to see any structures or people. But it made me take NDE’s more seriously later in life when I encountered them on the internet. And then to start up AngelicView… I think it was meant to be – whatever it was!

      • Always there is a higher Plan in place πŸ™‚ even if we often can not see it or are aware of it.. πŸ™‚ And your blog is a wonderful collection of amazing stories πŸ™‚ and when I have more time I am going to explore it in more depth.. πŸ™‚ ❀

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