I Knew Their Hearts

AngelicView: The whole family was in the car on a family vacation when his car was involved in a very bad accident in which his wife and youngest son died. His own wife met him on the other side and said that he needed to come back for his oldest son whoAngel57 had survived the crash.

I left my body at the scene of the accident and visited another realm of light where I was told by my own deceased wife that I must return to my oldest son who also survived the accident. As I returned to my body I had profound experiences with the living people I encountered. All judgment was lost as I saw others for who they really are through God’s eyes. 

I reentered my body, but barely survived the following 5 months and 18 major surgeries with one foot in this realm and one in the next. During that time I was gaining profound insights, had visitations and learned new truth.

I had other visits to the other side during that time and experienced profound dreams and visions during my nearly year long ordeal. I gained deep spiritual insights. I learned to love at a very deep level and experienced the unconditional love of God in a way that revealed not only the divinity in myself, but in all of us as God’s children.

If I have 5 senses here, there I had 50. It was super-real! Ever since, this realm has felt like the strange foggy dream. That was real, this is a dense illusion. During the experience I could truly see in a way indescribable. However it was far deeper than what I saw. It was the depth of what I felt. My hearing was beyond the senses of my ears. I felt every sound and word. I literally experienced the vibration of it all. In fact there were very few words or hearing, only intense knowing.

 Vast, deep and profound emotions. They were very similar to the emotions I feel here in this realm but they were intensified.  I was surrounded by a tangible light so thick I could feel it. It was pure, unconditional love. I encountered what I call God. My creator and Father. I also had experiences with my wife and young son who were killed in the same accident that nearly took my life. I experienced Jesus and witnessed first hand some of the events of his earthly life. (AngelicView: I’d love to hear him expand on that.)

[During the experience] I ‘knew’ my whole life, every event both good and bad, yet standing in the presence of divinity I saw the pure love in all of it. There was NO judgement, only the ‘knowing’ that it was all perfect. That my entire life was created in love FOR me. Even my choices, good or bad, had served my highest good in every way. For I was only here to learn and God, along with me, had provided the perfect path for my souls progression.

I was HOME! I had come from there and had actually ALWAYS been there. Without beginning or end I was as eternal as the universe itself. I was ALL OF IT and yet still simply, perfectly me.

I was a part of ALL OF IT. I was as eternal as the divine Creator I stood with. I had actually taken part in creating my own life experience to learn what I wanted to come to earth to get. Truth, knowledge, light and love flowed through me in a way that I was literally a part of it. I was in God and He was in me. We were ONE. And I was at one with every soul. We were knit together as beautiful parts of the perfect whole. We definitely live on – eternally. There is NO death. Simply a passing or a return to home. We are all ONE and we are in actuality One with God. Everything is in perfect order.

I made the choice to return. My oldest son was still in the wrecked car. I knew he was alive and OK. I chose to come back to him. It was not my time. 

I saw that my darkest times were my greatest teachers. They are not a curse but a blessing. They assisted me to learn what I came here to gain.

I experienced no judgement. Only love. I learned that all my judgments were self imposed. God knew me perfectly. He wasn’t testing me or proving me, He knew me already, it was only I that did not know myself.

 I returned with specific gifts and deeper spirituality and love. I saw symbols much differently in religious ceremonies and embraced new, deeper meaning in everything from sacred ordinances to nature. Now, even a rain storm, or a breeze, or sun on my face is a blessed gift.

I grew up believing that God would judge me and that He was testing me in some way. I experienced that He loves me unconditionally and makes no judgments at all. He simply loves me enough to let me create my own experience and learn what I came here to learn from it. That what I think is bad might actually be a wonderful gift and opportunity. I learned that we are a part of God and even divine ourselves in this whole perfect process. Nothing is out of order in the universe except for us, and even that is for our own progression and growth.

After my experience TRUTH was far more important to me then religion. I no longer judged others. I had deeper compassion and love for my  fellow beings here. I lost any fear of death or God. I felt more connected to home and realized how close angels actually are, How loved we are and how perfect the plan is for each of us no matter what path we walk. I realized what a gift my body actually is. That it is my sacred temple and that deep within my heart is my own holy of holies where I already have all my own answers.

I feel the souls of others, even strangers. I no longer judge, I’m not interested in being ‘right’ – I know that love is all there is and that God loves ALL of his children deeply and equally.

Thanks Jeffery! By the way, Jeffery has written a book about his experience called, “I Knew Their Hearts“.



5 thoughts on “I Knew Their Hearts

  1. This is so beautiful. We keep hearing / reading the same message.
    We are One & Love is everything.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Yes I Saw the Light too! It is what I can say I saw…I saw/new and not confined by space/time…my thoughts and deeds like some many dominos fell into perfect place and order. All while I felt a love like I have no earthly vocabulary to describe. It was….well…heavenly…I did not believe in God..not for sure…I do now! “Our Love Could Save the World, if They Only Knew.” *within you without you….The Beatles.

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