Yippee Kai-Yay!


Is that how you spell “Kai-Yay”? Perhaps a bit like Laron’s recent comment to me which included the words “pluggy thingy”! (Sorry, Laron! Gotta pick on you my friend!) 😀



Well, the reason why I’m saying “Yippee Kai-Yay” is because it’s that time of year again for me – that one week a year in which there is no work (no real work anyway), just play and good times. That’s right! It’s my week’s vacation! “Yippee Kai-Yay!”

I realize I’ve been a bit lax on posting on AngelicView this summer. I have had one heck of a busy summer – and very stressful at times. The reason why I felt it was okay that I didn’t post every day or so is because there are so many posts on AngelicView already – and I’m always looking for something new and exciting, or unique in some way. When you’ve already got (nearly) 700 posts, then it’s not that often you come up with new or unique things that are not already posted here.

Let me tell you, creating AngelicView has been one of my life’s biggest joys. I especially love it when I hear that something I’ve posted has helped someone in some way or inspired them. But it’s less and less often anymore that I run across something that is different or unique that isn’t already posted here. Maybe it’s a kind of “block” that will go away when the time is right.

In the meantime, I hope all of you keep exploring through the site because there is so much information here and many of the very best stories are not right on top – they are buried. Occasionally I try to bring some of the best ones up to the top by re-posting them (or sometimes just “sticking” them to the top), but then I feel guilty about it because there are many people who have already read those stories and I don’t want to frustrate anyone – while at the same time bringing forward the ones that many people have not yet seen. Oh, well. You can’t please everyone, right?

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know that I don’t expect to be posting anything for the next week, as I’ll be gone on vacation!!! (“Yippee Kai-Yay!”) And I’ll be camping so I don’t expect to have ready access to the internet. I can use my phone to check out Facebook or some websites or blogs I visit often.

By the way, if you would like, please feel free to join our Facebook AngelicView Group (←click there and request to join). Laron from Transients.info is also a moderator of that group, and he can approve all requests while I’m away (thanks Laron!).

Here’s wishing y’all a wonderful week!

Love! Love! Love!



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