Keepers of the Garden: The New Earth

AngelicView: Many thanks to Laron at for this incredible write-up on Delores Cannon’s book, The Keepers of the Garden. He has specifically concentrated on information in that book that pertains to the New Earth.

Now, in my humble opinion, this may not be the “New Earth” we are thinking of. To put together some puzzle pieces, Jim self said that 3D Earth is “going away”. He said that the people who with to continue with 3D life would be transported to another planet to have that experience. Tolec has also said (in this interview) that 3D life on Earth will no longer be an option. He said that people would be transported in UFO’s (Biospheres, to be exact) to another planet in another part of our galaxy – which is pristine and is not yet named – if they choose to continue to experience 3D life. He has said that anyone who stays on Earth will be transformed into a 4D or higher Human Being.

So just keep these things in mind while you are reading the article. Any opinions from those who have been following this saga? Comment below!


Laron: Pretty much all of this books information is through the one client, ‘Phil’. This client of hers has been mentioned throughout a lot of her books. In this book Phil finds out that one of his existences was to be in charge of looking after a system of planets and not as a human but as an energy consciousness with a wide awareness and an ability to be in more than one place at once. The information explains that he made a wrong call and he is now coming to the end of hundreds of incarnations of lives to learn an important lesson from a rule he broke while in that higher level position. In a general sense, I have always found his information to be very in depth and very high level compared to the information coming through Dolores’s other clients. I was not surprised to find this new information out about him as I knew there was something special or unusually unique going on.

For those that have not read any of Dolores’s books or seen any of my other entries on her material – The material throughout all of her books comes directly through Dolores’s clients. From using a form of hypnosis, Dolores takes each client into past lives and sometimes in-between lives, then after that, moves them into a trance state from which their Higher Self / Over Soul can then speak through them. The Higher Self then heals any issues right there in that moment, or over a short period of time depending on the circumstances. From time to time, other higher level beings communicate through her clients in addition to the contact made with their higher self. I am a student of Dolores and have performed this technique my self and it’s been confirmed to work for me on multiple occasions.

Note that this book was published in 1993. I also now remember that when the information is coming through, there is a council of 12 entities which take turns in supplying the information through Phil in trance. I am not sure if this is always the case for each chapter of the book.

Dolores – “Are large numbers of Earth’s inhabitants undergoing a form of contact or communication with these beings?” (Previously in the chapter, Dolores is asking questions about a specific group of Alien beings)
Phil – “Yes, there are many who have volunteered for this.”

D – “Why are these beings taking people on board these crafts? What is the purpose behind that?”
P – “We would ask that you understand that your residence on this planet was not, as some feel, accidental. Nor was it, as others feel, accurate according to that which is called your Bible. That is to say, that God created man in his own image; such as is understood from a somewhat fundamentalist viewpoint. We would ask that you understand that the human existence on this planet was given by those who are now returning to examine the fruits of their labour, as you might say.”

D – “I was wondering why the visitations are continuing?”
P – “The planet in residence is to be given to those who would choose to begin in another place, and not participate in the final upheaval of this planet Earth. It is therefore necessary to understand the biological state of those vehicles who would choose to migrate, so there is not given to that other planet the contamination which is indigenous to this planet. Those who would choose to go would be filtered and screened carefully, so there are no genetic or biologic defects introduced to that population. It is desired that only those who are most suitable be transported, so that the race which would evolve would be as free from defect as possible. There are many genetic defects in your own human stock which you need only look around to recognize, such as your mental and physical deformities.  That would be undesirable. This entity, Phil, was chosen to be involved in this project. He, himself, at one time on another planet, was the experimentor as opposed to the experimentee. He has now elected to place himself in this position, so that he can understand that experience from another angle.

D – “Turn about is fair play, in other words.”
P – “That is accurate.”

D – “It has been said that there will be spaceships standing by to take some survivors off our planet if we used our atomic bombs. Is there anything you can tell us about this?”
P – “We would say that if the scenario you have described were to become reality, then there would be those who would be offered the option to relocating to another planet. This will also be offered at the time of the coming earth shift. At this time the new planet is in a somewhat imperfect state of construction. However, it is one which would be able to support life quite readily for those who would choose to go there. There will be those who would choose to remain and take care of what would be left behind, or try to restart or rebuild that which is on this planet. The option would be given and would be entirely voluntary on the part of each individual. Just as your planet was seeded, nurtured and watched over for eons, another has received its life charter and is ready for habitation. Your body styles are compatible and are being prepared as the new race. History is merely repeating it self in its ongoing process. As your planet is entering its death throes and making ready for drastic traumatic changes, another planet, new, fresh and unspoiled, is being readied for those who would make the journey. It is as yours once was – pristine and unsullied. During the coming upheavals many will not survive and others will desire to relocate. Hopefully the same mistakes will not be made on that world.”

D – “If one chose to go to the other planet, would they be transported with the body that they have, or would they be changed?”
P – “That is accurate. It would be a physical, three dimensional transportation en masse.”

D – “Would spaceships be used to for transportation?”
P – “That is accurate.”

Laron – I just want to be clear here that this is making it sound like this is the only option to end up on the New Earth. Note that there are other ways of going there.

D – “This planet you speak of, is it in our solar system?”
P – “Not in the solar system, but in the galaxy.”

D – “Is it similar to Earth?”
P – “In some respects, yes. In many respects, no. There would be a period of acclimation necessary for your human bodies, which have become acclimated to the energy of this planet, to realign to that new energy. There would be a feeling of disorientation and a period of melancholy. However, the sustaining energies on that planet would eventually heal those imbalances left by the energies on this planet. That planet would be much more conducive to your human lifeforms that this planet.”

D – “Is that planet inhabited now?”

[By AneiKhaar on Deviant Art]

P – “Not by those of your race at this time. However, there are those who are of a more custodial or constructive nature still working to prepare it for those of you who would choose to inhabit it. It is not inhabited but populated, yes. It has not been populated en masse, but it could be at any time.”

D – “You said there were some differences. How is that planet different?”
P – “There are those energies present on that planet which are absent on this planet. It has to do with the energy rivers which course through the universe. That planet is in a different river of energy.”

D – “Does the planet have a name?”
P – “The name given to that planet has no equivalent to translate at this time. However, in spiritual realities a vibration is given. You, yourselves, those of you who shall choose to inhabit this planet, will be given the responsibility of choosing a name based on the experiences previous to the migration as well as the experiences of those on the planet at that time. We should not be presumptuous as to give this name ahead of time as those who are the true inheritors of the planet themselves have not so decided.”

D – “Are there physical topography differences between that planet and our planet?”
P – “Yes. The areas most conducive to inhabitation at this time would be similar to your Midwest plains. The planet itself is somewhat unsettled. The planet has not completed its growth and is somewhat immature as a planet. However, it would be most conducive to supporting life as you know it in your life-forms. And, yes, animals could be transported also. It would support animal life.”

D – “If we choose to go to that planet, will we remember our lives from Earth?”
P – “Certainly. There will be no loss of consciousness. However, only those who would be most productive on that planet would be allowed to migrate. Those who would introduce a criminal element would not be allowed. Only those of the highest nature would be allowed to transmigrate.”

D – “Then there would be certain restrictions.”
P – “That is accurate.”

D – “Would those who remain and don’t choose to go to this other planet be, more or less, picking up the pieces, and restructuring it according to what it was? Or would there be the desire to create something different?”
P – “There will be those who choose to remain on this planet, to clean up the mess, so to say, and begin anew. These will be assisted in many ways by the extraterrestrials. Also the beings of light would remain to assist those who stayed behind, in order to build a more perfect union of mind, body and spirit in the environment they find. Many lessons of a strengthening nature could be learned from remaining here. Those who choose to leave will then begin a new civilisation on another planet. Cousins to those who are to remain behind.”

[By foresthymn on DeviantArt]

D – “Will there also be qualifications for those who remain?”
P – “The individual themselves would make that decision as to remain or not. The qualifications are simply being physically able to survive. There would be no forced transmigration. The choice would simply be with the individual. The times at that period will be of a testing nature. Not for those who would be, perhaps, squeamish.”

D – “Is this planet going to be available even if nothing happens to the Earth?”
P – “That is accurate.”

D – “On this planet what kind of environment would people live in?”
P – “There would be given those technologies which would allow for the construction of cities and societies as you know them here. However, there would be also given those additional technologies and concepts which would allow for a more perfect societal structuring free of the prejudices and restrictions found in your societies at present.”

Dolores – There was a reluctance within me to give up totally on this home, this world of ours, even if such a perfected planet were in existence.

D – “Is it possible for us to eventually construct a ship that will take people back and forth between these two planets?” (Great question-Laron)
P – “There is no need for your technology to attempt this for you have not reached the point which would allow it. The ability to do this is already in place. However, it is not your technology that will allow this.”

D – “Would these people that choose to go there be allowed to go back and forth? To return to Earth and travel between these two planets?”

[By Narkath on DeviantArt]

P – “There will be those who will be shuttles. Taking what has been learned from the new planet and integrating it back into this old planet, and sharing of the knowledge.”

D – “Will there be telepathic communication with this new world?”
P – “There will be communication. However, the telepathic nature of the communication would rest entirely with the individuals involved. Those who would choose to allow themselves that ability would be given lessons on how to improve it, and in which manners to use it. Eventually the entire population will be at a telepathic level because this will be universal.”

D – “Can you tell us a little bit about those who would assist earthlings in this transportation?”
P – “They are, as has been said earlier, the Helpers. Those of a high spiritual nature, who are even now assisting in the energy redirection of  your planet, to hopefully prevent self-destruction. They are those who are taking those samples and abductions, as you call them. They themselves have experienced, in their past, the destruction of their planet in a similar fashion, and the subsequent migration to another planet. They are well suited to the task of assistance, because they can draw personally from that knowledge of the events which happened on their planet. They themselves have volunteered for those assignment, as they can well relate to the necessities involved in transplanting a society in masse from one planet to another. There are many different types of helpers involved here. Not all are from one planet, but they all share in some form or another the desire to assist those of you on this planet. To help in raising your consciousness and allowing you to become more aware of, not only yourselves, but of those around you. And to be aware of and to be able to relate to and share in the love of that which you call the universe – that Christ spirit or God energy of which the universe is made and is so routinely denied on this planet.”

D – “Does the Pleiades have any special significance in this relocation process that we’ve been discussing?”
P – “Only in that those who are assisting are of the Pleidian nature. Many come from this area, or are inhabitants of the systems of the Pleiades. However, not that the new home planet itself is in that system. “

D – “That was going to be my next question .It has been said that in the sleep state some of us are being taken aboard spaceships and trading information concerning the events to come. Is this true?”

Laron – I think the above question is so very relevant to this period of time right now in 2012.

P – “That is accurate. For always in any civilisation undertaking as dramatic a change as this, there will be coaching and practice runs. So that during the actual transportation there will not be a feeling of total disorientation, but of accomplishment, of having practised or done this many times before. This is simply to prepare those who would choose to relocate – to allow them the most comfort possible in this transference. So that the concept would not be new, but would be very familiar  This is not done in the physical sense, but is entirely true in a spiritual sense. A practice run so to say. We would ask that you visualise at this time a concept of a refuge. An area to remove those individuals to, who would be most traumatically affected by this change which is now in progress on your planet.”

D – “Has this change been occurring for a long time?”
P – “Not in your chronological years. However, it has been worked on and prepared for many eons from the spiritual plane.”

D – “It seems like our seasons are changing. Does that have anything to do with it?”
P – That is a manifestation of this change, not a cause of it. A simple reflection of the reality that this change is in fact occurring. Just as many other changes are now occurring on many different levels, and are apparent to those who would turn their attention to this change.”

D – “Am I right in assuming that the seasons have changed?”
P – “That is accurate.”

D – “Is this being caused by the shift of the Earth?”
P – “That is accurate. There is a shift in the tectonic plate position which is now occurring on your planet from that which was somewhat more stable to that which is more fluid. It has been observed that there is an increase in movement in your tectonic plates. This is owing to the fact that the electromagnetic field around your planet is in flux. It is therefore causing the iron content of the crust to attempt to realign itself with this new electromagnetic positioning. The plates are following the new flux alignments.”

D – “Then it has something to do with the iron content?”
P – “The crust itself is somewhat reactive to the magnetic properties of the electromagnetic field surrounding your planet. It is as if the plates are somewhat magnetic in reactance to these electromagnetic fields and are trying to realign themselves to these fields. It is similar to iron filings following a magnet placed under a paper. As we perceive it, at this point the tectonic plate theory has been understood to be dynamic in change based on the rotation of  the Earth. This is not completely accurate in that the crust is attempting to align itself to these magnetic fields. This flux in magnetic field is the cause of the shifting plates, and not the polar alignment.”

D – “Over the years there’ve been many cases of mutilation of livestock that have been attributed to the activity of UFOS or possibly extraterrestrials. If this is true, why is this being done? Since there are so many cases of it, it would seem like a farming operation rather than a research operation”
P – “We would say that in many instances, this was simply the work of individuals who, through misuse of their own energies, had developed a need to generate some excitement and were nothing more than simple demonstrations. However this is not to say that all mutilations were of this nature. There is a segment of these instances in which extraterrestrials are involved. In these cases the mutilations are experimental in obtaining a better understanding of the biological immunological physiological make-up of these animals. There is at this time a testing of compatibly of certain animals to be allowed to migrate or transport, to populate the seeding planet now being prepared. There were organs needed for genetic and biologic experimentation.  However these would be in the minority.”

Dolores – (Note that the word biologic has a slightly different meaning from biological. It means a biological product)

D – “Then they’re not only preparing humans, they’re preparing the food sources they will need. Is that what you mean?”
P – “Not so to say, preparing. But rather to gain a better understanding of those species which would be the most appropriate. In other words, to somewhat mutate those sources now available on your planet to a higher level so they would be more compatible with that other planet.”

D – “Surely on the new planet they would not be eating meat, would they?”
P – “There are those who would be most sustained by meat.”

D – “We’re not going to totally change our habits. (Laugh) I’m interested in knowing if the extraterrestrials are doing anything genetically with us. Are there any genetic acceleration techniques being used?”
P – “We feel here you speak of in humanoid terms. That is, as applying to your physical human bodies. We would say that there is the attempt to create a more perfect human body, in terms of immunological response to disease and resistance to disease initially. Such that there will be those, or that stock perhaps, of human bodies eventually that would be most resistance to most forms of disease on your planet now. The intent of this genetic engineering is to, in essence, create a more perfect physical body, such that the spirit, once raised in awareness, can more perfectly translate into these more perfect bodies. A more perfect spirit requires a more perfect body.”

D – “Then in this way they are actually helping more than they are harming, aren’t they?”
P – “Indeed. There is no intent on harm in any of this. In order to perfect your human species, that is, your physical human bodies, it is necessary to study and take samples. The effort being expended here is of making a perfect human vehicle.  Such that the debilitating disease of old age and mental retardation, and all forms of disease would be eliminated. It is necessary to study the human anatomy in this intimate environment, in order to more fully understand the mechanisms at work which cause these debilitating manifestations. The effort is to create a perfect human vehicle. Such that those who would inhabit this other planet then would begin to procreate these genetically superior bodies or vehicles.”

Laron – I just need to step in here. Something just came to me as I wrote this out, that I need to discuss. I remember when reading this originally and I had this disapproval of the way that perfection is trying to be found on this new earth. I felt that it didn’t seem right and I wondered why they would want us to be so ‘perfect’. But what just came to me now is that what it all comes down to is the purpose of any existence on that new earth for those souls with the required vibration. It’s all about lessons and karma. Perhaps we no longer need to learn any specific lessons or pay off any specific karma. It’s said that we can release all our karma this time around, in this life now as it will not be taken with us to the ‘new earth’. What this means is that the conditions there do not need to be like they are here. There is no reason for illness or chaos. There is no reason to have an unbalance in the conditions of life there, as we are not going there for the same purpose that earth has served for most of us here.

Of course, an additional explanation is given here but I think there can be multiple answers and ways to look at a singular question.

D – “What could be the object of having a superior body? I thought our main objective was to raise our spirit.”
P – “That is accurate. But would you wish to inhabit a lessor or inferior vehicle, as opposed to a more superior?”

D – “Does it really matter if the spirit is only temporarily here anyway?”
P – “Certainly. For the ability to do the work that your spirit has prescribed is directly influenced by the ability of your vehicle to do that work.”

Laron – Well that’s it. I hope you enjoyed that information around the New Earth. The new earth is discussed much more in Dolores’s book the Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth.

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