Chris Thomas: Akashic Records

AngelicView: Lisa Harrison interviews Chris Thomas, who claims that he can access the Akashic Records. (Now, my Kitty is napping on my notes, so from memory) I’ll tell you what it’s about.

It starts out with him telling briefly about his own history and how he realized he could read the Akashic Records. He then goes into what the Akashic Records are and where they are located. 

He says that individuals have their own Records, the planet has her own, the solar system it’s own, the galaxy, and the universe, all have their own Records.

He gives a different name for the entities that have been “messing with” Humanity for so long – the “Vee-long” (Phonetically spelled). He says that Nibiru exists in their solar system, not ours’. He says that they “leaked” to us that it was coming in order to scare us.

He talks about the Human Experiment that is ongoing here. He talks about what it was meant to look like (basically, like what we think of Atlantis looking like) and what went wrong. He says that now they have figured out how to “fix” it in order to return the planet to where she and her humans were meant to be. “It is an experiment, after all”, and we… are the guinea pigs! 😉

He talks about our future and what is going to happen. But he says that it is impossible to tell exactly what will happen or when it will happen because there are so many decisions that haven’t been made yet. Remember, the Akashic Records is our history. But once decisions are made and “set in stone”, then it gets recorded into the Akashic. And humans, because of our dense physicality, have to “catch up” with it. 

I’ll tell you, there was a lot in this interview that completely resonated with me and a little bit of it that I said, “whaaaaaaat????”

I hope my Kitty appreciates that I didn’t wake him for my notes! 

Video Description: Chris Thomas, reader of the Akashic records and Author of 11 books. Chris joins me to share what he has learned directly from the Akashic about our history, the Human plan, the Annunaki plan and our potential future.


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