They Walked with Jesus II

(Continued from Part I)

AngelicView: Just a couple things I want to add/adjust from the last post, upon further inspection and with the additional reading I have seen that the teachers Mary/Abigail was receiving spiritual teachings from did not include Jesus. This was before he came AkianeChildinto her life. Secondly, when I said she was an “older woman”, well… it doesn’t really say how old she is. I know it’s at least 14 years later because that’s how long she said the teachings lasted with those spiritual teachers, and she was a teenager when that started. So she could have been around 30. Anyway, it must not be important to the story because they never said exactly how old she was. (If she was 30 – that seems pretty young to me!) Also, it may be important to note that she had chronic headaches. Because the next part is called:

The Healing

AV: Abigail was able to see people’s auras. I don’t know whether she was taught how to do this or if it was something that came naturally to her. But she could see them. She said that the men who were the priests had a “coal” aura and Jesus had a “diamond” aura. The children with whom she worked had “jewel” auras. Here is her first meeting with Jesus as he walks to her around the side of the Temple (note: “M” stands for Mary, which is Abigail, and “D” stands for Dolores):

M: (Softly) That man!
D: What man?
M: That man of light.

M: Yes. That light.

D: What does the light look like?

M: It is white. Completely around him. It emanates from
every part of his body. From his feet… all, all around his
body… to his head (amazed). It’s as if he walks in a
capsule of light.

D: Oh, it sounds beautiful.

M: It’s most remarkable. I’ve never seen anything like that.
He is of the light.

D: What do you think is causing the light?

M: His spirit. It is an outer manifestation of his inner light. It
simply cannot be contained in a physical body, and so it
emanates out. It is really clear, just for me to see.

D: Are you surprised that you can see something like that?

M: Oh, no, no, that’s not uncommon. Just the nature of theJesus4
light itself is most unusual. It is such a white light.

D: Were the other lights you’ve seen different?

M: Yes. This is very different. The children, you see, have
their soft glows about them. Their pinks and their yellows
and their greens. Very soft childlike glowing jewels. This
man is a diamond. This man is a clear white powerful
light. Very, very powerful.

He is talking to people. He’s using his arms as he talks.

He does speak with much authority. He’s not necessarily
pleased with the behavior of some people.
Well, it’s not a reprimand. It’s more of a… an explanation.
A very firm explanation. If they can see the truth, then they
will be able to align themselves more with his light.

Those people that are standing around him seem to be of a very dark and dense energy. It’s almost as if… (an intake of breath, a revelation) it’s almost as if he’s talking to lumps of coal! (laugh). They seem really dark and dense. And he has such a light. He seems to be trying to allow them to come out of their denseness, and receive some of his light. And he’s using firm language to get their attention, and help them understand the importance of what he is saying. It is not unkind. It is, as they say, gentle but firm. Yes. This man is very loving. It’s as if he loves all those lumps of coal (laugh). And he wants so much… (another intake of breath, another revelation). Oooh! He wants to turn them into diamonds. That’s why the analogy is there. Those lumps of coal can become diamonds like himself. (She was very pleased by her discovery). Oh, they are so dense. They are so dark. He has quite an undertaking.

AV: Abigail says that Jesus’ light expands far from his body, so that when he walked near to her and the children, his light encompassed them all. 

M: (In awe) The children are glowing. The children are
glowing. They… (she was making sounds of awe and delight). Alive… yes, the energy is… Oooh! My whole body is tingling. Oooh! The children… oh, the children (chuckle). They are being children. They are tugging at his sleeve and the edge of his gown, and asking him to kneel down — which he is doing. He understands the children.

Yes, and the children respond to him. As if this man is a
grown up result of what they have been being fed a
spoonful at a time. It’s as if  ‘Oooh! This is what we can
become! This is why we’re learning what we’re learning!
Look! This is what it’s like when it’s all grown up!’

footprints-on-my-heartAV: She says she feels as though they are all in a sphere of white light, outside of time and space. Jesus then begins finding out what the children have learned by questioning them about their favorite songs and their favorite game and then having them show him. 

Then, when he looked into her eyes, she felt that he knew everything about her. What her teachings had consisted of, the fact that she wasn’t allowed to share with anyone except the children, the fact that she had chronic headaches. She said that he told her (telepathically) that her sharing her knowledge with the children through the games and dancing and art was enough! She had done enough. And after that, her headaches were gone. She was healed.

Here’s what she says about the telepathic understanding:

D: Did he speak to you, or did he just communicate this to
you mentally?

M: There was an understanding between our minds. He… he
has the same burden. He has so much knowledge and
understanding. And it’s as if he’s not being allowed to
share it either. That may have been the connection
between us that drew him over here (deep sigh). We have a
similar path. We have an understanding.

D: Who was that man? Do you know?

M: He never spoke his name. I never asked. But he was of the
light. He was as a Son of God. He had a higher
understanding than any of us have reached on the earth at
this time. It’s as if he was the
embodiment of all the
mysteries that I have been taught. That he was how it
looked when you did them. He was as a finished product.
What he shared with us was… he elevated us to a different
dimension. And by doing so let us experience what we are
capable of doing also.
(Sigh) And so….

D: You said he was as the Son of God. Aren’t we all considered
to be the sons of God?

M: Yes. He was just so much closer in his abilities. You know
the lumps of coal that I mentioned earlier? They have a
long path before they become that kind of light. The
children and I are not lumps of coal, but nor are we at
that level of light that he is. And all of us are returning to
our light that emanates from God. This man, that he would
walk the earth and be at that level is… I don’t… I can’t
grasp it… he’s a very special person.

D: I don’t think there are many around like that, are there?

M: No. I’ve never met anybody like that. He has a mission.
It’s as if, as he left us he was returning to the path that he
had set for himself to walk.  And that this side-path to us…
was just that. It wasn’t the main path that he was walking.
But it certainly was a gift for all of us that he would take
this detour. It was as if the children and I fed him as well 
as him feeding us. (Suddenly back to reality:) And so, (sigh) the last of the children are leaving. It’s time for me to light the candles. I will have much to reflect upon in my bed this night.

AV: Mary’s life was forever changed after that. She had known the true Love of someone not of this Earth. As Dolores says, Abigail imparted more knowledge than she will ever realize by sending this information forward to our time period. Thank you, Abigail, you truly are a devoted, caring, and wonderful teacher.”

(Continued in Part 3)

7 thoughts on “They Walked with Jesus II

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    • I hope you like it Laron. It has really made me think. I have thought about the nature of Time and wondered if her teachings were not actually meant for the time period that she was in – but possibly meant for the Now-Time? And meant to be brought forth in this manner.

      • She has said many time that she has been told not to publish specific bits of information until a later date. She has also had tapes go missing and then turn up at the time she was meant to release the information so timing is very important with some of the material that comes out of her books and I really believe that.

        Thank’s for writing them up so far. They are giving me a glimpse of someone who is very important to a lot of people who I have ignored for so long because of the religious side of it all.

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  3. Beautiful! I love how he looks to Abigail.

    Also, 30 may be considered ‘old’ if life expectancy is only 40-50.
    Thanks again! I need to read the book!

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