They Walked with Jesus

AngelicView: I recently began reading the book, “They Walked with Jesus”, by Dolores Cannon, and I would love to share some of it with you. 

FootprintStoneSome people feel greatly attracted to certain spiritual leaders. Arch Angel Michael is a big one lately. I had never even heard of AA Michael before a couple of years ago, perhaps. My guy is Jesus. He is my great friend! I believe we hang out together often on the other side of the veil. And so I was very excited when I saw that Dolores Cannon had written this book (it was published in 1994). I even believe that Jesus has helped me out, personally, in this current incarnation. 

I am going to share some insights from this book with you as I read it. So I won’t have to type “AngelicView” all the time, I’ll just type “AV” when I type something that is from me, as opposed to from the book. And if it’s text by Dolores Cannon, I’ll just type “DC”. Okay? Okay. Let’s get started.

A brief introduction to Dolores’ work:

DC: My work as a hypnotherapist specializing in reincarnation and past-life therapy has led me into strange situations and down mystifying pathways. It has allowed me to peek ’round corners hidden in the subconscious mind where the unknown lies shrouded in the mists of time. I have found that the entire history of humanity is recorded in the minds of people living today, and if these memories were undisturbed they would continue to lie dormant and undiscovered.

Jesus and the Essenes

AV: This is a previous book that Dolores had written about the teachers of the time, the “Essenes“. She talks about how she came upon a girl who had been one of them.

DC: It occurred when I had regressed a young girl to that time period, and made the startling discovery. The girl had not even completed high school, and this made the Jewish historical and theological data even more important, because she had no way of compiling this information from her own education. 

I have regressed subjects to the time and the area, but they recounted normal lifetimes as a Roman soldier, a person living in Jerusalem, or someone selling wares in the market. They did not mention Christ, even though they probably were living in close proximity to him. This adds validity to my findings, because it shows that people are not prone to fantasizing the desire to have been associated with Jesus. When given the opportunity, they still hold their own unique story. 

It is probably true that throughout the world there are a great number of people who had a past life with Jesus, and who carry this memory locked in their subconscious. But what were the odds of encountering any more of them in my work with regressive hypnosis?

AV: She then goes on to say that she feels she was lead to regress certain people (and probably, those people were lead to her). I believe they are here to teach us, just as Dolores herself is here to pass along these important messages. There are no coincidences! 😉

A brief intro to this book:

DC: This book is the story of two women’s separate encounters with Jesus in a past lifetime. Their memories add valuable pieces to the forgotten and distorted story that has come down to us through time. It helps us to better understand and appreciate this Jesus, who was foremost a man and a human being with complex and very real feelings and emotions. He was certainly a master teacher who understood the mysteries of the universe and attempted to reveal them to mortals of his time. 

As he said, “These things shall ye do and more”. But he was also a human, and this is the part of his story that has been overlooked. In this book, as with Jesus and the Essenes, we have that rare opportunity to see him as the people of his own day saw him. It paints a picture of him that is deeply personal and real. Maybe at last the true Jesus can be seen and appreciated as the marvelous human that he was.

A Meeting With Jesus

AV: In Dolores’ hypnosis method, she used a technique where she has the subject floating on a beautiful white cloud. She asks the cloud to deposit the person in an important time where there is important information for the person to know about. Here is the woman’s description of the area:

DC: Her first impressions were that she was standing in a grove of green trees. She remarked that they had a smooth, slightly mottled grey bark that was unfamiliar to her. Then she noticed a small group of four people among the trees. She could see them from a distance, and they appeared to be dressed alike, in white linen garments cinched at the waist by something like a cotton rope belt. One woman had a linen kerchief covering her hair. When Mary looked down at herself she discovered she was dressed the sameJesus1 way, in a home-spun white linen garment and sandals on her feet. She knew she was a young girl in her teens with long brown hair. She said her name was Abigail, and she had walked to the spot from a nearby village. 

AV: Next Dolores and Mary are talking and trying to find out where she was and who she was with. At this time, Mary did not identify any of the people as being Jesus. She said that she was there to learn from these spiritual teachers. When asked what was taught, she replied, “Mysteries. That which is not known by most people.”

At this point, Dolores has an inkling that these spiritual teachers might be the Essenes. She asks further questions trying to nail down the time period. Mary/Abigail says she has never heard of “The Messiah”, but Dolores didn’t ask about Jesus, specifically, since it doesn’t even occur to her that Jesus might have been one of the teachers. 

After awhile, with nothing seemingly going on except this teaching, Dolores brings her forward in her life to when she is an older woman. She is now a servant in a temple. She works with children when they come along but she seems sad because her teachings are being repressed by TPTB at that time. She is not allowed to teach women anything, as men were the only ones that were to have any of this knowledge that she now possesses. In fact, she is not allowed to teach to adults at all, only the children because the priests figured she could do no harm there.

When asked why her teachings were being repressed, this is what Mary/Abigail had to say:

DC/M: “The priests… (she hesitated – it was difficult to explain)… it is very distasteful to me. Their behavior, their teachings. They are so closed. They are so dark. They are not of the light. They are not of the truth even. They keep people away from the immediacy of our experience with God. He’s not somewhere far off that is so hard to get to. He’s not angry at us. He doesn’t require us to kill beautiful animals as a sacrifice. He is with us, in every breath we take. He is part of us. He lives within us. we are God in physical form. We are It. It’s not some thing far away that we cannot attain to. We are not unworthy rabble. We are each holy, each given these beliefs, and we have that essence of holiness. It’s just so covered up that it can’t shine forth. It is frustrating. I have a sense of having so much understanding and not being able to teach.”

AV: She does go on, but that was the gist of it.

In the next section of the article, I plan to pick up where she meets Jesus for the first time. Is this subject interesting to you? Would you like to hear more? These articles are a lot of work, so let me know!

(To Be Continued in Part II)


12 thoughts on “They Walked with Jesus

  1. The Jesus books are the only ones I haven’t read or own of Dolores’s. It’s interesting to read some information about them.

    A guy at work was calling me Jesus when I had my hair long a few months ago. I was actually taking it as a compliment as when I thought about it.. I’m kinda doing the same thing he is with healing and also teaching people, just in a different way.

  2. The last section of the book the “Urantia” tells the channeled life story of Jesus with lots of detail. I came upon this as Mo Segal, who started the “Celestial Season” tea company in Boulder CO became very active in this. I plan on reading DC’s books….. all of them….. I downloaded Kindle 5 Lives and am now reading my way thru Convoluted Universes as they are avail from my library . Thanks to those that share info
    in facebook. So many wonderful people !

    • I have the Urantia Book and I have read a small section – but not that much. I find that I have so much reading material and so little time! I’m going to make time for “They Walked with Jesus”, though!

      As of right now this article has 111 views. I’ll take that as a sign (along with “likes” and comments) that people are digging it 🙂

      Love! Love! Love!

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