Andrew Basiago and the Jump Room To Mars

AngelicView: There’s a saying that goes, “Keep an open mind – but not so open that your brain falls out“. Well, some people might think that this story might involve brains on the floor! But read on anyway!

I have known about this man for a couple of years now and many people know about him. On the other hand, there are many people who have never heard of him. So, here’s the thing: If in 2016 or 2020 this guy becomes President of the United States, I want you to think to yourself that you first learned of him on AngelicView 😉

There’s a man who’s name is Andrew Basiago who claims that when he was a child he was part of a CIA program which went to Mars via a “Jump Room”. This was termed “Project Pegasus”. He says he would literally walk into a building in California, then into what looked like an elevator, and walk out on Mars. Interestingly, there are other people out there who claim that they, too, were part of that same program. Now there is a picture of what appears to be a “head” that has surfaced that he says is a Martian head.

That’s not all. Included in his claims are that Barack Obama, the POTUS, was with him on some of these missions to Mars. As of yet, Andrew has not had any financial gain from these claims (no book out, etc.), although he does have a couple of books coming out soon, he says, because he wants this all out in the open when he runs for president in 2016. By then, he says, hopefully more people will publicly come out and collaborate his story – and potentially even Barack Obama himself.

This is a fascinating interview – even if you (like me) are somewhat skeptical of it. He describes the types of people that are living on Mars, mainly underground – about a million of them. He also talks about the Martian landscape in detail and that Mars was much like Earth a long time ago before a cataclysm hit the planet.

This picture (below) is one I found on Google search, and it looks kind of like what Andrew described the Martians to look like. He said they have pointy ears, a skinny body, and a barrel-like chest (from the low-oxygen atmosphere). I wonder if someone who has been to Mars actually sketched this picture, aye?

(Update: I’m sorry, it seems that picture has been taken off the web. It has disappeared and I haven’t been able to relocate it. It was a very good approximation of how Andrew described them, though. I’ll keep my eye out for it to return. Please enjoy this Mars surface picture instead 😉  )

Interview Description: Andrew D. Basiago, president of the Mars Anomaly Research Society, discussed his teleportation to Mars and breaking news about the discovery of a Martian head. Basiago described his experiences as one of 140 school children selected for DARPA’s Project Pegasus, a secret American teleportation and time travel program. The U.S. intelligence community was going forward in time to retrieve and bring back scientifically and culturally significant artifacts, he said.

An analysis of humanoid and animal forms in NASA photograph PIA 10214 that he published in 2008 was one of the items brought back to his present, Basiago recalled, noting that he read the paper aloud to his father in 1971. “Now they’re slightly blurry, but I deny anyone to claim that the images [in PIA 10214] are not of the basic human form,” he added. Basiago disclosed how his participation in Project Pegasus led him into the CIA’s Mars teleportation program. From 1980 to 1984 he said he would regularly visit a building in El Segundo, California, that was owned and operated by Hughes Aircraft.

According to Basiago, an elevator in that building would morph from a box into a cylinder and then passengers could step out onto the surface of Mars. He claimed to have interacted with Martians and been taken to their underground civilization where he was taught about the various Martian typologies. Basiago identified the figure in the Martian head photo as Homo maris maris, a humanoid species indigenous to the planet with an elongated head, a bulbous crown, pointy ears and a spindly body. He credited photo analyst Patricio Barrancos of Argentina with finding the head and suggested it is corroborative data of the CIA’s Mars jump room program and his claim that Mars is inhabited.


If any are interested, NBC News just put out an article (seven hours ago) called, “‘We are All Martians’: Chemist’s Otherworldly Claim Stirs Debate“, which would corroborate parts of Andrew’s story.

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