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To Those Who Sing….

Thanks to Laron at Transients.info for sharing.

Thanks to Clif High at Half Past Human for authoring.

Thanks to my friend, Bill, for creating the artwork.

To Those Who Sing…

By Clif High

with respect….

it may have escaped your notice, during these trying and soul trying times, but it is your voices that describe our world as we create it, so sing us a new song, and a new life for humanity. We need it now, during this terran transition period.

To those who build, remember, the singers sing our collective vision into reality through your minds, your hands. Have they been idle? Or are you seeking THE song for tomorrow’s new earth?

To those who explore…you carry us all on your strong legs and willingness to suffer for knowing. The powers would have you think that discovered knowledge is yours alone, but understand that the point exists because of its NEED to guide the spear. Without sharing with humanity, what is the point of you?

To the warriors, the war worth fighting is within ourselves. Outward expression of our arts, by universal LAW, is reserved for the protection of our species, and collective future. All other uses of your skills are illegal, and deviant. As a warrior, are you true to your nature? Or merely mindless, soul lacking muscle that the powers use to try to oppress real humans?

To those who speak, where are your voices? Aligned with fear? Of what? If you live in fear, the powers own you. Take a lesson from the warrior class and commit your being to your death, learn to own it, embrace it, and nothing on this planet, nothing in the wide expanse of the matterium need ever cause you fear again. Then speak as you really are compelled, when the veil is lifted and the voice inside is not bound by conventions created as shackles by others long before your birth to silence your voice just at this time. All they can do is to kill you, and you are already dead in the future, so what control do they have? You cannot be defeated, only temporarily removed. So what silences your voice? Use it now, or why have it at all?

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