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Will You Be My Mom?

AngelicView: An exceptional story of a pre-birth memory as told by his teacher. Thanks to Nicola for sharing 🙂

My friend and I met as school teachers at the same school, several years ago.  She was pregnant when we met, and she chose me to be present at the birth of her child, because she was a single mother and afraid of being alone.  It was a tremendous honor to be invited into the delivery room because, even though I have children of my own, it was a fascinating opportunity to see a birth without experiencing the pain myself!   

My friend delivered a baby boy named Michael, and it was an incredible experience.  I joked to her that I saw her son before she did! (I saw his head poking out before he was born and she didn’t have a mirror to see for herself!) 

Tragically, my friend passed away suddenly, just months after her son was born.  He has been raised by her parents ever since.  The boy now goes to the school where his mother and I taught, and this year he is in my 4th Grade class.  It is with a heavy heart that I teach him each day.  I have never told him that I was there for his birth because I didn’t want the other students to think that he had special treatment, and I didn’t want to upset him with thoughts of his mother.  Perhaps his grandparents told him that I was there, but I’m not sure.  He does know, however, that his mom and I were friends.  (This makes sense because he knows that she used to teach at our school.) 

Flash forward to last week, 9 and a half years after his birth and his mother’s passing. 

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I Knew It Was Time to Go Back to Earth

AngelicView: A brilliant pre-birth memory. He begins with talking of his death in his previous life, then goes into life and lessons on the other side, and finally coming back to Earth. He says that we are in an important time here in the world, and not to take it lightly.

Peace8Let me first start off by saying that I have remembered the following events my whole life. In some periods of my time here, I have thought that these things that I remember are just fantasies – made up delusions or unconscious substitutes such as dreams explaining my waking life. It is through my heart that I know these are, in fact, true. I guess you could say I have faith, but it moreover that I have finally come to terms with the truth in my existences and previous existences. 

I remember dying in my previous life. It was from a drug overdose. I won’t get into the details, but I do remember it clearly. I remember the instant I left my body; There was a feeling of loss, incompetence, and knowing I could have done better as I floated near the corner of the ceiling looking at my body face down on the desk – motionless. I was faintly amused because I knew it would be quite a few minutes or hours before anybody knew I was dead. Though the feelings of incompetence were still there, I had the instinctual feeling that it was time to move on. 

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