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Grounding Helps Fight Inflammation and Disease

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AngelicView: I have run across this information before and I think it’s time to share it. As a nurse, I cannot vouch for all of the information contained in this video and article. All I know is that the latest research is showing some of these things to be true, and that more research might turn up all of it to be true. Either way, “grounding” or “earthing” is something that won’t hurt anything to try. I have always loved to go barefoot – my entire life. Now that I’m an adult I admit that I don’t do it as often as I’d like. Especially since Michigan winters are non-conducive! 😉

Via mercola.com, 4 August 2013 – By Dr. Mercola – Dr. Stephen Sinatra is a prominent cardiologist and an innovative pioneer. He promotes a number of natural strategies as “add-ons” to the field of cardiology, such as grounding or earthing, which is the topic of this interview.

He’d done five years of post-graduate training in conventional medicine when, in 1977, he met Dr. Jacob Rinse, a 91-year old Dutch chemist who exposed him to alternative medicine.

“After that I studied some nutrition,” he says, “but I became a psychotherapist. I spent 10 years training in psychotherapy. I studied bioenergetic psychotherapy, which looks at energy blocks in the body.

That really helped launch me even more into alternative medicine. Then I decided that nutrition needed more work, so I studied for the American College of Nutrition exam, a test to certify a nutrition specialist.”

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The Healing Power of the Mind with Deepak Chopra

If anyone in the last decades has had a major impact in the holistic medicine it must be Dr Deepak Chopra.

 Born and raised in India, he had his medical education in the Unites States. It was after a personal meeting with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi that he was persuaded to study the 4000-year-old traditional Indian Ayurveda.

 Ayurveda is Sanskrit for the ‘the science of life’. After his meeting with the Maharishi he went to take the train where he met a friend who handed him a book about Ayurveda.

 One and one makes two and Deepak knew there was a message here.

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