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Why Go Wheat-Free?

By AngelicView


Everyone has their own unique take on what is “truth” for them. Some people find truth in the Bible. Some find it in the Evening News. For me, my truth measuring stick is (you guessed it) NDE’s. Check out this excerpt from “An Eyelid Slowly Awakens to Dawn“:

I have lost much of what I saw, but I held onto the main idea of what I was being told while moving over the planet… or rather having a movie OF the planet being shown before me….  There were fields of crops all over, in specific.  As I would zoom in and get close, for instance, to a field of wheat, I would be told, “This has been poisoned.  The food has been altered and poisoned.  It is no longer pure.  The people are consuming impure food.  This is death.”  I felt sad and concerned about this and wondered why… or how it was possible.  How could a field of wheat or corn be “poisoned”… and WHY?!

The above is not a new NDE. It is years and years old, and was submitted to NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) way before any gluten-free “fad” began, and before anyone knew anything about Monsanto.

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