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Caravan to Midnight: Fukushima ELE


AngelicView: John B. Wells has his own radio show now, called “Caravan to Midnight”. According to him, he wasn’t allowed to say what he wanted with freedom or to have the guests on Coast to Coast that he thought would discuss the issues that are most important to the world today. And so he has this radio show now where he can control who the guests are and can have the freedom to say whatever he wants to say.

This guest, Gary Yantis, says that Fukushima disaster could be an ELE (Extinction Level Event). To me, it seems very similar to what might have happened to Atlantis, many years ago.

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Dark Matter: Art Bell Interviews Dr. Michio Kaku

AngelicView: I think you are going to find this interview very interesting. I made a list of subjects that were discussed for your reference:

  • Quantum Entanglement
  • Quantum Consciousness
  • Types of Civilizations in the Cosmos
  • Fukushima
  • Exoplanets and Extra-Terrestrials
  • Higgs Boson Particle
  • Dark Matter
  • Large Hadron Collider
  • Black Holes and Gamma Ray Bursts (WR104)
  • This Solar Cycle
  • Telepathy
  • Dreams
  • MK Ultra
  • “Suitcase” Hydrogen Bombs
  • Uploading Memories
  • Colonizing/Terra-forming Mars
  • A great explanation of String Theory

Then he goes into a few listener questions and open lines.

Just a little tiny rant from me – don’t believe everything you hear/see/read… even if Dr. Michio Kaku says it! All information is just that – information. I happen to think this is very interesting information to add to the information that already exists in my brain 😉