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Ralph Ring, Zero Point Technology, & A Call Out to All Innovators


In this conversation with Ralph & Marsha Ring, we put a call out to all inventors and innovators through Ralph’s global network of pods to come forward. It is time to come out from the shadows to build and create without the fear of being shutdown, taken out, or suppressed by the former controlling systems of the world. Here in Morocco we are creating a safe space to live, work, share, create and distribute. The relationships that we have here with the royal family (a true monarchy) of Morocco, ensure the protection of all who come to participate. Africa will be on the front lines of creating the new world. This will be the world stage and the energy will flow out in all directions. The time to do so is NOW. The land, the contacts, housing, and materials for building and creating are already established. It’s time to DO. Will you join us? Please contact me with questions and interest at briankelly@5dmedianetwork.com