The “Space” Between Thoughts

A Meditation Experience

By “Victor”

Prior to the experience I had on Christmas day 2010, I had been practicing a certain form of meditation whereby my focus was on concentrating on what I call the “space” that is between my thoughts. What I was trying to accomplish was staying in that space with an attempt to reach a state of mindlessness. After many hours of practicing this, one day (prior to the experience), during one of my sessions I felt a very strong wave of energy go through my entire body. The first time that this happened it scared me, and as it was happening I immediately resisted the feeling and bounced back out of the deep state that I had reached during the meditation. After thinking about the experience I did not know what to make of it and I thought that I might have been at the threshold of death it self. Weeks later it happened again and I began to become very curious about what would happen if I did not resist the energy that was overtaking me. I began to work up the courage in preparation for the next time that this happens to surrender to the feeling without any resistance. On Christmas day 2010, I was experiencing some difficulties with my family and we were not speaking to each other.

I was single with no children and feeling very alone at that time. You might say that I was willing to explore where this state would take me because at the time I felt alone in the world and other than my belief in God, I was feeling very lonely (particularly because of the holidays) and unloved. This I guess helped me to have the courage to not resist this should it happen to me again. On the day that my experience happened I was laying down and I began to focus on my meditation when I felt what I would describe as walking through a door that led from being in a conscious state that included various attachments to what I would call a pure state of only awareness. Upon entering this state I remember having the feeling of being awe struck at the shear feeling of what I can only say is far beyond words. Trying to describe it would be pointless and very misleading to anyone who has not experienced this for themselves.

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The World’s Most Mysterious Man

Edgar Cayce

The World’s Most Mysterious Man


Edgar Cayce (pronounced “Kay-see”) was a man who, over the span of his lifetime (1877-1945), had more near-death experiences than anyone ever documented. Cayce learned that when he was hypnotized, he could leave his body and journey into the afterlife realms. Cayce made over 14,000 otherworldly journeys in his life and the information he gained from these journeys has astounded people all over the world. In 1910, the New York Times carried two pages of headlines and pictures in which he was declared the “World’s Most Mysterious Man” (AngelicView: Click that link ← to go to the New York Times article on Cayce from 1910). A national magazine ran an article titled, “Miracle Man of Virginia Beach” (AngelicView: Click link for magazine article), and Cayce was swamped with an avalanche of 25,000 requests for medical help. President Woodrow Wilson sought the services of Edgar Cayce for healing and guidance while he was President and conceiving the idea of the League of Nations. In 1954, the University of Chicago accepted a Ph.D. thesis based on a study of his life and work. Cayce is also considered to be the father of holistic medicine by JAMA, the prestigious medical journal. Cayce was a wonder to the medical community because of his ability to diagnose and specify a treatment for gravely ill people often hundreds of miles away through his out-of-body journeys. Cayce was able to gain a tremendous amount of information through his frequent NDEs. Much of this information solved some of the greatest mysteries of humanity. The following web pages contain Cayce’s answers to some of these mysteries.

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