Keepers of the Garden IV

(Continued from Part III)


The Dinosaurs

AV: Who doesn’t want to know more about the dinosaurs? This chapter starts out by telling us that the first “animal” living creature on Earth was the amoeba. A single-celled organism. It evolved into a two-celled critter, and so forth. The goal was to eventually have the human being living here, and so any creatures that evolved that would not eventually lead to human beings was not nurtured and therefore died out. The animals that would eventually lead to human beings was nurtured and fed and cared for to make sure that they were the ones that survived.

Dolores asked about the evolution process more closely to humans. She says that the “missing link” in the evolutionary chain between the animal and man has not ever been found. Phil says that it won’t ever be found because there wasn’t one. Here is the text on that:

Phil: There will not be found any link, as no link really existed. Many times there were no such gradual evolution but a sudden and radical departure from that which had been. A mutation, so to say. These jumps in evolution were profound and radical but were often instantaneous within one generation.

AV: I’m sure we’ll hear more about that later. But now – to the dino’s.JesusNdino

P: They were evolutionary. Their appropriateness had expired and
so that reality which assured their destruction was manifest. It
always is a matter of what is appropriate and following that, for
in so doing, one follows the true path. So as their appropriateness
had ended, so did their existence. All animal life originated
with the seedlings. The dinosaurs simply had their time and
then were gone. The reason for their extinction was a natural
process in the tilt of the axis which caused the seasons to change
abruptly. Those who could adapt to the rapid change adapted.
Those who could not, did not.

D: People have always wondered what killed them because they have found
the remains of many dinosaurs that had food still in their bodies.

P: The change was that quick, for the Earth tilted on its axis. So that
which was warm and sunny suddenly, within minutes time, was
found to be cold and frigid. Climate changed, for the Earth is
a restless old woman who turns and frets. This was a natural
phenomenon which is occurring again at this present time.

AV: By the way, there was one NDE in particular that described this event – although I didn’t know at the time that it was what killed off the dinosaurs. However, it described how the Earth very suddenly began wobbling on it’s axis.

Dinos2D: After the other shift occurred, were all the dinosaurs destroyed at once
or were there still some left alive in various parts of the world?

P: There were some life forms left, for there was not the complete
annihilation. The largest dinosaurs were killed, that is correct,
for they could not adapt Their bodies were simply suited to one
particular type of climate and could not tolerate any change and
so they died. They were simply too large to adapt quickly.

There was no place to go. The smaller animals could hide and ran under objects, for example, and could collect leaves and grass and etc. around them and so build a warm environment. The
larger animals, however, could not do this, and so were left to the
elements and died.

D: I have read about people finding drawings or carvings in some
ancient countries that show dinosaurs and humans together.

P: That is correct, for there was humans at this time. They were in
a primitive stage but had already been inhabited by spirit.

D: I wondered when the spirits began to come to Earth and inhabit the bodies.

P: It was that early, yes.

D: Scientists have always said that humans came along much later than
the dinosaurs.

P: Scientists are always saying things and will continue to do so.
However, they have no unlimited access to knowledge and so
must make their deductions from the knowledge which is availableDinos3
to them at that point. So the truth at that point is based
merely on what is available.

D: I believe the scientists came to those conclusions because they did not
find human bones whenever they did their excavations.

P: That is correct, for they have now found human remains with the
dinosaur remains, but it has not been widely accepted. For this
is a radical viewpoint which is being introduced to a point of view
which has been around for many years. You see, the scientific
community is slow to change and is resistant to change because then truth must be rewritten. This characteristic is inherent, for it is common throughout humankind. That which is called truths considered sacred and is never to be changed. So there is much resistance, for then one loses the ground on which one bases their beliefs.

AV: I know this is true, that scientific findings are often hidden. Just imagine how much further along in our knowledge we would be if we accepted new concepts more easily! We wouldn’t have to be relying upon hypnosis sessions to find out the history of our planet. 😉

The Human

AV: Now we are getting back to the evolution of the human being – and so I put it under a separate title, “The Human”.

D: Yes, what is truth to one is not truth to another.-There is also a theory
that this jump from the animal to the human was caused by beings from
outer space breeding – physically breeding, with the animals.HumanEvolution

P: That is an accurate assessment as this was one way for the genetic
stock to be uplifted, for this was again an assistance of sort. However,
more of the nature of a nourishment, as the genetic stock
had reached the point where it could not go much further without
new genetic information, and so it was given.

D: Is this what you meant by nurturing?

P: That is accurate. It was an assistance as well. If this had not
occurred, the human form would have stagnated somewhat
towards the Neanderthal.

D: The functioning human we have now with a brain capable of such
intellect would not have come about through natural evolution?

P: That is accurate. Or had it been so, many millions of years would
have been necessary. However, it is doubtful that any such occurrence
would ever have happened naturally, as the evolution had
reached the point at which it could go no further naturally.

DC: According to the two schools of thought, creationism means that
all life was brought into being suddenly by the act of some superior
supernatural power, normally called “God.” Evolutionism means
that all life developed through a natural, evolutionary process from
a single living source. Arguments against evolution are based partly
on the fact that controlled experiments show that a species reached
a point or limit beyond which it will not develop further on its own.
After that point mutations can occur through genetic manipulation.
The council could be correct when they said that the Creation story
and the Darwin theory of evolution each had their share of the truth.

D: In the Bible it is said, “Let us make man in our image.” Is that what
you mean?

P: That is an allegory to the fact of man physically appearing in this
form, similar to other human forms throughout the universe.
That would be an accurate statement.

D: I always thought “in our image” might refer to the soul part of the human.

P: “Image” referring to visual representation, and so this human
form is then represented throughout the universe in many different
areas. This is also true throughout other universes as well,
that there are many representatives of one form.

D: But in this universe, it’s mostly the human, humanoid-type of being?

P: Not so to say “mostly,” for there are forms which are not human
in any respect. However, accurate to say the human form is simply
OtherWordlyone form of many. There are many different forms and
many different planets with different forms. There are those
planets which have multiple forms represented living harmoniously
and concurrently. This planet Earth, however, has only
one form. We would say that the form you have now is similar
to other human forms in the universe. Many have hair and facial
features and bodily structures very similar to that which you find
on this planet. But there are differences and it would be very
difficult to tell the origin of many of them. We are simply saying
that this is not the only form in the universe. However, this is also
not the only place this form is in the universe.

D: When life reached the human stage the beings from outer space
did not come as often. I wanted to know why.

P: It was not necessary. The assistance in the initial stages was one
of nurturing and careful attendance to that work which was
being done at that time. With the completion of this work, there
was no longer the need for such careful attention. They simply
returned to those systems from whence they came.

D: Did anyone stay here to observe?

P: There were at that time several commissions of entities who
remained on the planet in permanent form, physical real form,
in order to monitor on a day-to-day basis those conditions. These
were, however, not large scale or complicated ministrations as
were done previously.

D: You said these beings were physical?

P: In a three-dimensional form, real form as you would express on
your plane. These beings were of physical form but were of aHuman
race not from this planet.

(AV: Skipped some parts here).

D: In the Bible it says that there were giants in the land.

P: That is an accurate statement. For the human stock of that race
were of an average over seven feet tall. There were many other
races but that was one of the first. Many humans carry those
genes to this day, and so there are still occasionally those humans
who will grow to a height of over seven feet tall. These are simply
genetic reappearances of that stock.

D: It also says in the Bible something about the sons of God looked upon the
daughters of man and found them fair.

P: It would be accurate to say that this was a reference to the interbreeding
between those who came from the sky and those of the
earth. There was intent in this in order to uplift the genetic stock,
as the species had evolved to a point at which they had, on their
own, reached the limits of their evolution. And so it was necessary
to bring this stock to a higher level. To uplift the physical body

D: Then without their intervention the race would have remained at an
animalistic stage?

P: It would not have evolved to the point at which sufficient brain
capacity could accurately or adequately translate those concepts
which would in that time in the future be necessary for an understanding
of these concepts of which we speak today… of universal
custodianship and of God concepts, etc. It was accomplished
through the physical mating of the races.

(This Concludes the Series)


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  1. 40 years ago whilst debating the nature of evolution and the creation of man I use to use the arguement that any evolution would by nessecity have to be sudden and within a generation for it to work. It was always a hard job to convince folk that we are here because we have been helped along . Good seres Angelc View .

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