Keepers of the Garden III

(Continued from Part II)

Remember: “D“= Dolores “DC” is Dolores Cannon (the same person, just quoting text from the book) “P” = Phil and “AV” is me – AngelicView

Weeds in the Garden

AV: In this part Dolores begins by asking about the trees and plants and other vegetation that is already on Earth when the beings first came to take the samples. Phil says that they are simply products of evolution – after the primary planting of “the garden”. Here is the conversation that follows (excerpts from text):

garden1D: Wouldn’t animal and human life have eventually evolved also? The
evolutionary theory aims that everything began and descended from these
first cells.

P: That is mere speculation. The planet was ready for seeding and
was so seeded. There was an intent and purpose for this planet
and so it was utilized as a vehicle for these intentions. You would
look at a garden in the same manner by saying that you have the
ground tilled, the fertilizer in place, and the rains are coming.

We ask you, would you then sit back and wait for your crops to
grow? Do you expect that your tomatoes would come up in this
row and your potatoes in that merely by sitting back and allowing
them or hoping that they would do so? Could you grow your
garden in this manner? Of course not, for there has to be the
direction. There has to be the manipulation, if you will, to
achieve the desired results. For certainly your crops will not spontaneously
grow in the way you wish them to. So it is the same
here. This planet was as a garden which had become ready for
planting, in order to sustain and grow that crop which was
desired of it. That is the purpose that this seeding accomplished
and that was to plant the garden.

D: But, do you think it would ever happen on other planets, that life would
have evolved by itself?

P: Very little can be said of this, for it as well would pre-program. We will however say that there are instances where life has evolved on its own. 

D: I see. I just wondered if it would have ever happened here eventually.

P: That is mere speculation and we have no time for sitting back and
watching to see if it would grow. For there is much work to be

D: This is an argument that would be presented, that’s why I wanted to get
the answer.

P: Let those who wish to argue the point, argue it, for they will all
reach the same conclusion and that is, there is no answer. For we
do not know. We have never sat back long enough to see whatgarden2
would happen. There is, as I said, much work to be done, and we
are working and not idly sitting back.

D: Okay.-There was one other point that wasn’t finished last week. You
were talking about the garden and that life had begun to grow. And that
they came back from time to time to oversee the experiment or to see how
it was gong.

P: We would say that it was never left. For there has always been
constant attention from a spiritual point of view. From the first
life on Earth there has been a spirit civilization around this planet
in many functions and forms.

D: These beings from the other planets who did the seeding were any of those
left here to tend the garden, so to speak?

P: These are of the nature of coming occasionally. For this planet,
as had been mentioned earlier, is far off the beaten path. So
there would be nothing to stay here for. For the growing process
would be much too slow to warrant constant attention.

D: You said last week that during the course of time something happened,
something went wrong with the experiment. There was an interference of
some type.

P: That is correct. We will illustrate it in this manner. A meteor
from another part of the universe crashed into the Earth, collided
with Earth. It brought with it a disfiguring, disrupting virus
and life organism, which grew in this very receptive environment.
The outside or interfering life-forms found an easy place in which
to grow and so mingled with the life-forms which were already
growing at the time. It can be likened to the wind blowing seeds
of weeds in to the garden and the weeds getting a foothold, and
the farmer never being able to quite eradicate all the weeds. That
is the situation to this very day.

D: What did the beings think when this happened?

P: There was much sadness and confusion, for the possibility of this
was not foreseen and was at first not perceived. However, when
the situation became apparent there was sorrow and disheartened
feelings. For when one’s prize garden is suddenly spoiled,
you can see the effect it would have on the gardener.

D: In other words, it had already altered the genetic makeup.

P: That is correct. For up to that point the garden was in perfect
shape and was pristine. It was at that time just exactly how… the
vehicle (AV: “the vehicle” is Phil) is having trouble translating the concept, for there are
many subtle differences in the various ways it could be said. The
concept is that the garden was very pure and very clean at that
time, and it was expected to remain so. There were high hopes,
for the garden was very conducive. Then the interference came
in or entered, and so naturally the high hopes were reduced to
merely using that which was available.

D: There wasn’t anything they could do to alter this or stop it in any way ?

P: That is correct, it was irreversible.


AV: At this point they go into discussion clarifying that the “weeds” should not be considered any race of people or any religion or belief system. Remember, at this time there was only vegetation on the planet. Now, back to excerpts from the text:

D: So they came back and they saw that this species had become more or less
contaminated. Would that be the right word?

P: Not the species.

D: The life-forms?

P: Incorrect. The soil itself had been contaminated. There was
accidentally given to the planet a stock of… (Searching for the
word) genes, genetic material which then caused the breakdown
of bodily functions. And so disease was given to the planet.

D: Then before this contamination there was no disease?

P: That is correct. This is, in fact, the root or the source of disease. It was necessary to reach consensus on the proper terminology to use. For we oftentimes must refer to our “experts,” quote, unquote, who are familiar with human perception. And so we can now speak to you of the source of that which you call “disease.” That is the origin of disease on your planet. For originally, had the plan not been fouled, there would have been no disease. There would have been natural death. But there, however, would have been no disease which has caused such pain and suffering on this planet.

D: All right, that makes it easier to understand. Then these are the weeds you
spoke of.

P: That is correct.

D: Then this is where all the diseases of humans came from? This one meteor
which contaminated the soil?

P: For the most part that is correct. However, we hesitate to say
“all,” for some diseases are man-made. They were caused by
ignorance of the use of natural elements and so were self-made.
But for the most part disease originated with this meteor, that is
correct. We find trouble in translating this, for we are expressing
the concept wrong. Please understand that there would have 
been no equivalent of disease on the planet or system from which the meteor originated. It simply carried that which was already in the system and it was not considered disease from whence it came. But it came from a system which was incompatible with this one.

D: Had the life on Earth evolved very far when this was discovered?

P: It was still in the seeding stage and so the invaders had little
trouble in finding a foothold, for there was no resistance at that
time to disease. When it was discovered it had spread to a large
degree and was at that point non-containable.

D: It was at this stage when the beings came back and discovered it?

P: That is correct. They came back to find weeds in the garden.

(Continued in Part 4)

AngelicView: I just wanted to make sure you all knew that I am just providing excerpts from the text of the book. I am trying to make it less reading for those who don’t have the time or energy to read an entire book – so you get the point of what they are saying. But I am ‘snipping’ a lot of it out. So if you want to get the entirety of the chapters, you’ll have to read the book 😉


5 thoughts on “Keepers of the Garden III

    • If you have the time, it’s a very interesting read! I have skipped whole chapters because I am just focusing on what he says about how Earth developed. The whole book, including the chapters I skipped, also has to do with “The Keepers” – who they were, where they lived, etc. So there is definitely a lot more information in it than I am giving out here. 🙂

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