Keepers of the Garden

AngelicView: I wanted to post a short excerpt from Dolores Cannon’s “Keepers of the Garden”, but before I do… something personal from me.Contemplation

Dolores Cannon is way high up on my list of people who speak the truth. And I’m sure there are some out there who would call me gullible and naive. To tell you the truth, I really wasn’t sure about her at first. Her stories seemed so far “out there”. But my gut was telling me to read her stories anyway.

Since then, I have met new friends who have had experience with her – going to her classes and demonstrations, and they have learned her technique which produced similar results. In addition, some old friends that I knew personally attended her events and have learned her technique which also produced similar results.

So that was the clincher for me. Personal experiences from people who I know are telling me that Dolores is the real deal. It pays to listen to your gut. 😉

The Discovery of a Starchild

longer be considered as aliens existing only on distant stars or cruising
around in spaceships. They are everywhere, among your friends,
neighbors, even your relatives. We are all interrelated, for they are
our ancestors. Their blood flows through our very veins. We are as
much a brother to the beings from the stars as we are to the animals
of the Earth.

This was revealed to me through a year’s intensive work with an
actual starperson. Our contact was made through hypnosis. I am a
regressionist and I regularly take trips through time and space to visit
Earth’s past and learn about history as it is being lived. But until my
work with Phil D. began I had never visited other planets. I had always
wished to. I thought it surely would not be any more improbable
than what I was already doing. Surely some human being had
experienced life somewhere else besides Earth. The idea fascinated
me, but so far the proper subject had never crossed my path. I
thought this type of person would be rare. But as I work with so many
people I assumed that the odds were that sooner or later I would find
one, or they would find me (which is usually more accurate). I had
no way of knowing that the odds were greater than I thought. But
these people are not easily recognized. They are very cleverly disguised,
even from themselves, by the protective subconscious.


When I started on this totally unexpected journey I was preconditioned,
as we all are, to think of anything alien as being frightening
and bad. Anything we can’t understand we naturally fear. I was quite
surprised to find a totally different picture of these creatures than has
been presented by the movies and TV and science-fiction stories. It took quite a while to overcome the brain-washing of several years and to think that deep within us, our spiritual side, there is no difference, only misunderstanding.


The Lost Colony

“P” is Phil & “D” is Dolores

P: It’s windy … sandy and dusty. I feel it and see it. The sky is somewhat
reddish-orange tinted. I’m standing outside a spacecraft
There’s a clearing where we landed. I’m looking at the spire. It’s
to my right.

The spire apparently was the strange monolith that he had
described before. It stood out from the rest of the sharp peaks
because of the odd-shaped, donut-like structure which surrounded
the point. He continued with his description.

P: There are some shacks or huts to the immediate right which were
supply or storage areas … (sadly) which are now empty.

D: Are there others with you?

P: (His voice had a somber tone.) Only those on the ship. We’re
here to resupply and to check on the welfare of the scientists on
this planet. They’re colonists from the planet we’re from. Our
regular routes are on established trade routes. This is off the
“beaten path,” so to say, in an isolated part of this galaxy. This is
an isolated testing, mining and scientific colony here for scientific
purposes only and not mainly for colonization.

D: Do you know how long they have been on this planet?

P: Time doesn’t correlate to earth years, but it has been … seven
chronometers, although I can’t explain what chronometers are.
They have been colonizing and testing for seven.

D: Is that a long period of time?

P: For being on a planet, yes.

D: Has it been a while since you have been to this planet to resupply ?

P: We come approximately every two chronometers.

D: Did these people volunteer to do this work ?

P: Yes, all the work is voluntary. There is no conscription.
Although I was interested in obtaining the story and finding out
the reason for Phil’s sadness, my curiosity took over and I asked for
a physical description of the people on the ship. He said they were
small in stature with large bald heads, light-skinned and not very

D: Are they physically like humans with a circulatory system, or areStargazers
they different?

P: They are similar, yes. They have two arms and two legs, and eyes
and ears and a mouth, but they have no nose. There is no need
for a nose. This was part of the evolution. The mouth is but a
mere slit and its only purpose is for drawing air. There is no
tongue or vocal cords for speaking because the entire process of
communication is telepathic.

The physical description sounded a little revolting but it did not
seem to bother Phil to look at them. He said later he felt very comfortable
with these alien beings.

D: Do these people eat food?

P: Yes. It is inserted into the slit

D: Are these people male and female?

P: We are androgynous, all are who are of this race.

(DC) At the time I knew vaguely what the word meant. I wasn’t exactly
sure whether it meant a being which had both sexes such as a hermaphrodite,
or one having no definable sex. Obviously it meant a
creature that reproduced by some other method than the one we are
familiar with.

P: We’re more of a combined or a combination of both sexes in
one, which is a blend of both male and female characteristics.

D. I’m curious about that. How would androgynous people reproduce? Or
do they live longer periods of time and have no need for reproduction?

P: There is a longer life span; however, it is not permanent so there
is the need to procreate. There are roles which are played. The
divisions however, are not nearly as pronounced as what we are
used to here on Earth.

(DC) My curiosity being temporarily satisfied I returned to the story.

D: You said you have come to this planet to bring supplies to these scientists?
Where are the scientists ?

P: (Sadly) All except one are buried in the ground. There were a
total of twelve who are all now, except for the one, buried. The
last survivor took the duty of burying the others. It was a shared
responsibility until the last and his remains lie with the others,
only it is on top of the ground.

D: Do you know what happened to these people?

P: Yes, the monolith, the spire contained the telepathic records of
what occurred here. They died of starvation and thirst, or its
equivalent. A very slow and painful death.

AngelicView: Skipping a bit, the people on that planet died because of lack of food and water. Phil’s ship was carrying these essentials to them and was delayed.

Dolores was very surprised, because in some of Phil’s descriptions he compared what he was seeing to things on Earth. Like for example, that planet was desolate like a desert here on Earth, and therefore, could not produce food and water to sustain them. Normally, Dolores says, people who are in deep trance cannot recall their life on Earth while hypnotized like this. She later learned that she was dealing with a different type of energy.

(Continued in Part 2)

8 thoughts on “Keepers of the Garden

  1. The story reminds me of a large group of similar entities lost on Earth many thousands of years ago. A very similar type of being.

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