Keepers of the Garden II

(Continued from Part I)

The Explorers

AngelicView: The next time Dolores and Phil have a session together, he is on Earth. He is standing amongst trees and next to a spaceship. A “scout craft”. It is round in shape (oval shaped in cross-section). He says that the scout ship reports back to a “mother ship”, which is like the cigar-shaped craft many people have seen in today’s world.



There are three crew members who are in the forest and they are collecting soil and vegetation samples. Then they will take these samples to “the central and super universe, and there they will be considered and analyzed. An adaptability study will be made at that time and a determination as to the appropriateness of the planet, as to supporting life in an animal form.”

So the time frame that we are talking about here is before Earth has animal or human life on it. They are trying to decide if the planet is ready to support animal life. Phil says that “the Hosanna”, or God, is the one that makes the decision.

Phil says that the ships come from “a constellation which is visible to the naked eye, Andromeda.” He goes on to say, “some visitations which are being made on this planet at this time are from this same star point reference.”

Here is some text from the book:

D: Why are they still coming to this planet?

P: They have returned, for there was a long absence of their visitations.
The time has now come for this planet to fulfill its destiny
and much information is needed in order to assimilate and
understand where this planet is at this point, regarding air pollution,
soil pollution, energy levels, etc.

D: The ships that did the actual seeding-did they come from the same planet
that this expeditionary ship came from?

P: That is not correct, for this detail was from a survey or scout mission.
The seeding was done by a separate and commissioned
group of ships whose sole purpose was that-to seed the planet.
So you may be now told that the human life and many other lifeforms
on this planet were seeded intentionally and was grown
from a garden state. So you can now see that your brothers are
still in the sky while you are walking, or rather crawling on Earth.
Your time to fly with your brothers has now approached.

AV: When asked where the seeds came from that began vegetation life on Earth, Phil replied, “the seeds were brought from many places and no one place in particular.”

Dolores asked him about the “half man / half beast” legends, and he responds that this is imagination. He goes on to say, “There was careful and attentive gardening to insure that all was well. Occasionally an intruder from the outside… there was the disruption of the plan, and so man has found much turmoil in his life because of this intrusion.”

At this point Phil doesn’t want to talk about that subject anymore and asks for a change of subject. Dolores knows not to push someone to talk about something they don’t want to, because that would ruin the trust they have developed. She then asks about the seeding of the planet some more. He says that it’s very well-orchestrated and it is meant to produce very specific results.

Now, some text from the book:CreatorBeing

D: This would seem to be very complicated. It would need a great deal of
planning behind it.

P: Exactly. As we were trying to describe earlier. For nothing is,
hopefully, left to chance.

D: But you must admit it is a radical idea.

P: It is not an idea. We wish to stress this; that this is not simply an idea – this is history. Not that there is any great plans connected with the giving of this information. It simply is given. We have much information to give you as long as you keep searching. It is as accurate as can be stated at this level of comprehension. The information would be meaningless were it raised even to a fraction
of a degree above this comprehension. For there is information which would be so far above what the human intellect could comprehend that it would be entirely useless to include. For there are no concepts in the human language with which to
translate this information. So it is described in terms which are
familiar to the human experience. The information it is based
on is true fact and is true. It, however, may be presented in such
a way as to seem a paradox, and this is not in fact the case at all.
It is simply a matter of translation.

D: There is probably some information we will never be able to have because
of this difficulty in translating.

P: That is correct, for the human language has many gaps or weaknesses
in the ability to convey ideas. Were this information to be
given telepathically the story would be vastly different and much

D: Well, I appreciate you trying to get the story passed over to me.

P: You are a manipulator of the English language and have a high
degree of skill in this, so you are chosen to do this work. For the
information must be given; it is time; the time table has arrived.
We are now in the active part of the planning to bring this planet
to seeding stage. And so we must work through those who are
skilled in this dissemination of facts and ideas in this conceptual
level. (AV: note that this session took place in 1984 and since then, this information has come through from many other sources).

D: Does this go along with what you told me before about approaching the
stage when we would also seed other planets?

P: This is correct; for the concept of seeding is one which is much
misunderstood. We wish to clarify this. The seeding will not be so much physical as spiritual. For the souls which are now inhabiting this planet will travel to other planets and carry with them those experiences which were accumulated through many millennia of lifetimes on this planet. So the consciousness of another fallen planet or inferior planet or … we wish to strike“inferior” for that is not an accurate presentation. But we wish to say that the consciousness of another planet may be raised by the infusion of souls from this planet after it has reached its seeding stage. And so you can see that it goes on and on and on. For there always throughout the universes will be planets which will be ready to be seeded and infused.

AV: Why does he say “we” instead of “I”? Answer: because he is coming from a state of unity consciousness. That is our natural state of being, rather than the duality consciousness we are living today. This is explained further in “Oneness Explained“.

Now, back to the book:

D: Can you tell more about the birth of the Earth that you mentioned? What exactly are you talking about?

InDreams1P: This is the concept of a seeding planet. Imagine a sunflower as
it grows. In its early stages it’s merely there. However, whenever
it blossoms into flower it is open for all to see. It eventually gives
off parts of itself in order to spread more of its kind and experience.
Earth is on the verge of blossoming and opening its flower
for the universe to see.

D: Would we be the seeds of the sunflower?

P: Some will be, yes.

D: Where will we go from here?

P: That is up to each individual and not for one person to dictate.
For each must make his own decision. Many will choose to stay;
the Earth’s history is not nearly complete. Much has yet to be
done here. However, there are many who will choose to carry the
seeds of Earth experience to other planes and other planets, and
to so assist in their blossoming and eventual seeding. It may be
merely on a spirit level or it could be on a physical level. It could
be as an incarnation on another planet, from which to draw the
experience on this planet. The spreading of willful energy is the
point here, for Earth’s energy is particular or unique. So Earth’s
energy could be spread to another planet which is in need of an
influx of outside, fresh, new mental energy.

D: Why is Earth’s energy unique?

P: It is unique to Earth. Another planet’s energy is unique to itself.
Even as each personality is unique to itself.

D: This brings up an interesting question. After the planet was seeded with
life, when did the seeding of the spirit occur?

P: This was a gradual process which was accomplished after the human body had reached the point of inhabitability. For there was the time between the first given seeds for the physical animal kingdom until the point at which the human body had developed through evolution to the point where it could be inhabited by souls. 

D: May I ask where did the spirits come from?

P: The spirits were from many other planets. There are no spirits
which are truly native to this planet, for all have come eventually
from other planets. There are many, however, who have spent
what could be considered a long time on this planet who are
considered native.

D: May I ask how this information would coincide or go along with the story of the Creation in the Bible?

P: We ask that you also consider the evolutionary or Darwin theory,
and you will see that both have a share of truth in them. For truly
there was the evolution of the body and yet truly there was theAnimalsInside
divine gift of life given to humans; that is the spirit So each is
right in a part of the whole.

D: I’ve already come to the conclusion that they are very similar.

P: They are not so much similar as complimentary, for they each
hold part of the truth. They do not contradict. One must
embrace both beliefs in order to more accurately approach
the whole.

D: Then you believe what you’ve been telling us does not contradict the
Biblical story of Creation?

P: Would we ask that you tell us how it does?

D: I don’t think it does, but there will be those who will say it does.

P: We will let them figure it out, for that is the whole idea. (Laughter) God is merely an observer of His children in their tasks. The children are doing the tasks. God simply is. God is, period. The children are doing; God is.

D: I’m just trying to form a mental picture. I was just curious if He ever wanted to ask anyone else’s opinion, or if He just wanted to do it all by Himself.

P: The opinions are asked of God; not the reverse.

Dolores: “We had now taken a new direction in the pursuit of knowledge,for they had lit the spark of my curiosity and I knew I would try to find out all I could about the seeding of Planet Earth.”

(Continued in Part 3)


5 thoughts on “Keepers of the Garden II

  1. A excellent tale Angelc View , I am familiar with the Seeders as entities . It makes logical sense . Can’t wait for the next thrilling installments .

  2. This is great. So Interesting!

    “D: There is probably some information we will never be able to have because of this difficulty in translating.”

    So true! So much that is hard to understand & ‘translate’

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