The Past-Present-Future is All Happening at the Same Time

AngelicView: In this Juicy Lilou Mace interview, Mira Kelley, Hypnosis Regressionist, describes how she first found out that the Past, Present, and Future all happen simultaneously. It sounds much like a QHHT Hypnosis session where the regressionist talks with the higher-self after the regression.

Thanks to Higher Density Blog for bringing this to my attention.


4 thoughts on “The Past-Present-Future is All Happening at the Same Time

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  2. Yes, it does sound like a QHHT session. I believe Hypnotherapy will become the leading edge of healing (in all aspects) in the near future as it allows you to speak with God and your Spirit Team (Angels, Guides, Higher Self, etc) in such a meaningful and impressionable way that is unforgettable. I am glad Mira experienced this as it is necessary for all of us to learn who we are, where we come from, what we are here for, learn of our multi-dimensionalities, and learn from the Universe of Life. All things are happening NOW and all is possible – this is what makes life more meaningful to me. Thank you for sharing this video!

    • Mira did study with both Dolores Cannon and Dr. Brian Weiss. She’s evolving her own method – good for her. You see the difference when she makes a suggestion as to what the client will think or do. In QHHT, we learn not to lead the client, always allowing the Higher Self to guide every step of the session. That is one big difference. Different strokes.

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