An Entire Philharmonic Orchestra

AngelicView: All I can say is “WOW!” about this NDE! This is a must-read. This man was in a motorcycle accident. This is one of the most perceptive and articulate NDE’s I have ever come across. This is just an excerpt of the original, so if you’d like to read MaleAngel7the rest (mainly, I started posting about the middle to the end), then hit the link at the bottom.

As I became aware of this state of complete peace and to recognize it for what it was I started to look around me. As I did this I became aware of something. All around me, at near distances (though even the near distances were ‘far’) and at what I sensed as far distances there were lights. These lights I took to be stars. That is to say that here we would ordinarily refer to them as stars. Their colors were more various than I have ever seen in an ordinary night-sky. But there, these ‘stars’ were something else too. They were beings and they were utterly conscious. The entire universe, in which I was now lying and beginning to observe, was completely and utterly aware. All of it is conscious. I mean that – all of it, the very space itself is permeated with consciousness. There was nothing there that was not conscious. This did not seem to surprise me in any way at all. I did not regard it as curious or as bizarre in any way. Far from it, I seemed to regard this as in some way entirely natural – which is the nearest expression that I can think of that even remotely points in the correct direction – and my feeling sense was of like ‘being home and now completely safe’. Every single burden that I ever knew was utterly gone. In fact in many ways it was only while here and feeling myself in this state that I realized just how burdened I was.

I was now lying in space among these beings that I seemed to know so very, very well. (I need to emphasize that these were the kinds of feelings that I was experiencing as I lay there in space and started to look around me. These feelings were completely comprehensive and beyond any of even the vaguest of doubts. There were no doubts.) This was so very distinct a feeling. I definitely felt that I knew these beings and that I had known them for a long, long time though I could not specify the duration of the time – it was simply sufficient to accept it. (Here to all intents and purposes we would say that I had known these stars for periods so vast that we would call it eternity.)

As I looked around I became aware that all these stars were in communication with each other. They were all ‘talking’ with each other. (At this point, as I sit here writing this, I now run into a very, very severe difficulty. The difficulty is that there are no words to in any way adequately describe what was happening here. We have no vocabulary that in any way even approaches being able to describe what I am trying to describe here. The vocabulary simply does not exist.)

The communication system there is entirely different from anything that I have ever experienced before or since. Here, in our ordinary everyday lives, we use words to try and transmit something of what it is that we are thinking and feeling. A response is made in words. If the intent of the communication is to reach agreement on something then a system is set up of transmit, response, transmit, re-response and so on. This arrangement is inevitably linear. It has a linear dynamic. The communication that I have just described is fairly straightforward (at least in its manifest dynamic) between two individuals. But if that takes place simultaneously between many hundreds of individuals then it would rapidly take the form of seeming chaos – a veritable Babel.

StarSeedThe communication system there is one of direct transference of thought and feeling. (Again I am running into severe problems with language here: the two are not discrete there. There they effectively become one and the same thing. There is a great difficulty in that many people, like me, might automatically regard words as necessary to ‘thought’. There this is not the case. Words are not required for thought or communication.)

I need to qualify this. Here we all know that we all have feelings. Some, it is said, might have more feelings or at least more access to a range of feelings than others. For my own part I would like to try and make an analogy to music here. With respect to living people it might be said that some have, say, one instrument to play, at that quite badly, from the choice of an entire symphonic orchestra. A lucky few might have the capacity to play with a choice of two or three instruments, though quite badly at that. These are the sum total of the expressive-affective capacities available to us here – in the ordinary course of events. It should be realized, then, that any attempt made between us at communication with such a limited range of instruments, my one, your two, his or her three, is constrained in its capacity to communicate with respect to that with which it can attempt the communication. Likewise the same constraint is brought to bear in our capacities to attempt to receive any communication. If we regard the purpose of such a communication to be the creation of a thought and understanding from affect then it might be said that the thought will in itself remain constrained by our capacity to communicate affect. I would underline that I am here talking of a translation system for in trying to do this at all we are following the line of affect, to words, to thought and back to affect. There, all of this happens simultaneously. There is no need of translation. Words are redundant with this at one’s disposal.

I found that my capacity to distinguish between ‘ranges, shades, or nuances of affect’ to be extremely expanded. This it seems to me is necessary for the communication system. My sense was that this was not Irisnecessarily a property of ‘mine’. As I have mentioned the communication system there is based on direct transference of thought-feeling. It should be understood that in a communication system of that type it is perfectly possible for another being to directly transfer to you without any shade of ambiguity, without any form of in-exactitude of any kind at all, exactly what the sum total of their thought-feeling is at the time that you receive it. Which is exactly what I found to be happening to me, therefore, the thought-feeling is not necessarily a ‘property’ of you. It is the very ‘property’ of another inside you. Not only did that happen but I also knew that I was doing the same to that other being. It is like being in ‘possession’ of another mind and affective complex (though I would emphasize that none of these beings would ever try to possess you) and being able to at the same time distinguish that you are still an entity in your own right.

Now I need to make this even more complex. As I lay there in this space, in this conscious, thinking, feeling, utterly active universe I was being permeated by the very thought-feelings of these beings so that I could quite literally feel them inside me (though I knew them to be all around me). As I looked around I could literally see one of these stars and know its thought-feeling inside me. Not because that thought-feeling had just arrived inside me but because it was already there. I had only to look at that star to be able to identify that the presence of this particular communication inside me belonged to that individual. The complication is that as it was inside me too (as well as in that individual) that communication was also part of mine – it became part of me. (This is not in anyway at all to suggest that I experienced my own individual identity to be in any way at all at threat from any of this. That was absolutely not the case.) Now it is necessary to understand that there were literally hundreds of these ‘near’ stars, and ‘they’ were all inside me at the same time.

Now I need to complicate this even further. (It should be said that this complication only lies in trying to put this into words. As I write this it is clear in my feelings, it is the attempt to put it into words that in any way point at what I’m trying to describe that is difficult. There all of this is inWorldsOfWonder practice easy beyond belief.) It is important to understand that I have mostly here written about this matter with my focus on the individual stars (beings).

But as I have said they all communicate with each other and all at the same time. And they manage to do that with absolutely no conflict whatsoever in their communications. Even though they all had individual identities – they had personalities, if you like – they were always in agreement. There were literally hundreds of communications going on and all individuals were communicating with all other individuals all at the same time. Communication between them, it was clear to me, was absolutely instantaneous and involved them all at the same instant. Whatever was happening was not something that we would be able to understand as a linear communication system. (This in itself was further complicated by the fact that I had no sense of time there. The time frame if there is one at all is utterly different from here. This to the extent that to me it makes no sense to talk of time there. Something is happening there that nullifies time in any sense of the way that we understand it, or feel it, or believe it to be.)

So, as I lay there watching this, I could identify the communications of individuals and at the same time be aware of the totality of communications occurring. This totality was of a nature that is near indescribable. This because the totality of the communications produced nothing but harmony. In the totality of the communications there was no sense at all of any deviation from what might be best described as a meta-communication. It was as if the total of all the individual communications was in itself a single communication that had formed itself from the individual communications arising. This seemed to happen so fast that the individuals that fed into the totality would themselves become aware of the effect of their communication on the totality as instantly as they had made their individual contribution. I know of only one thing that comes anywhere near this – and at that imperfectly – and that is music. To lie in, feel, think, participate, modify, be modified by, feel the essence of each individual, feel the essence of the totality of the thought-feelings of the group of individuals, feel all of them affecting all of each other, and having a response back that affects all of them – all happening instantaneously û is one of the most profound sensations I have ever experienced. It is like ‘listening to music’. And here if ‘music’ were to be taken as a play on a range of feelings and thoughts the ‘orchestra’ there had a capacity to play those feelings and thoughts that was well beyond anything that I would be able to bring myself to call human. This ‘music’ (keep in your mind that I am talking about a communication system) was not just an ‘event’ that happened isolated from everything else but one that permeated everything.

I would like to return to the matter previously mentioned that my sense of self was expanded to an extent that would (here) be unbelievable. Part of that expansion of self was as I have said to do with my sense that my ego had fallen away (or had been subsumed and attenuated by this enlargement of sense of self) – I was aware of that in a nascent sort of way, though I would emphasize that it was no concern of mine at all. However part of what stood in its place was a unity with this ‘total mind’. In effect I was part of this total meta-mind and my sense of self expanded accordingly. I should like to say that my sense as I write this is that in terms of there I suspect that I was a novice in this communication system. My sense is that in many ways I was in fact being (re-) introduced to it by these stars (beings). It needs to be understood that I really am talking about the mind of ‘something else’ entering one. And that includes the capacity to teach in a very, very direct way.  

I had one sense of something that I did not understand. This was to do with the ‘far’ stars. It seemed to me initially that I could only feel, participate, know, the communications of the near stars. It was as if the far stars were in some way ‘blocked’ from my knowing. Or as if there may have been some kind of barrier that prevented me from knowing what the far stars were communicating. However, when I became aware of this it did not interest me for long. This place has such a sense of ‘perfection in rightness’ about it that one does realize that things have a purpose and that the way things are is right.

SpaceBannerSo, as I have said, I lay and became aware of these stars and this universe all around me being conscious. I also became aware of the communications of these stars. I now need to try and describe more specifically what these stars were communicating to me.


It was in essence very simple – though as I have said the communication system is utterly stupendous – in the ‘first part’ of their communication they let me know that they knew me. In the ‘second part’ of their communication they let me know that they were happy to see me, again. They were so very, very happy that I was back with them, to join them again. In the ‘third part’ of their communication they let me know that they loved me very, very much. I need to point out here that I have written this as first, second and third part of the communication.

This is wholly inaccurate – it is a limitation that we have in our thinking because of our use of language. This communication was one massive stream of ‘music’ that played in the very fabric of the space that I was in, that moved through me, and from me and back to them. For I myself was in such a state of joy to be with them again. (This did not strike me as in any way peculiar or strange to me.) At the same instant that that was happening I was also aware of the meta-mind of the communication as a unified and completely non-conflicted whole.

It needs to be stated that the nature of the meta-mind that was produced is something like a radio broadcast transmitter in that the signal of such a transmitter will always be composed of energies at a given frequency range even though the content of the messages can vary widely. There the nature of the meta-mind that I was in, that was communicating with me and I with it was one of love. I could not begin to describe the sensations and ease of being that I felt to be in an environment that was literally composed of love as its base-essence or base-frequency.

This entire communicative ‘sequence’ was ‘started’ by one individual star that I looked at as I became aware of where I was and what was going on around me. I looked at this star and it ‘said’, communicated to the others, what translated to words would be a message similar to: “Look, here he is now. He’s back with us again. He’s here now.” The thing was that as I looked at that ‘initiating’ individual star I knew that all the other ‘near’ stars already knew, that I was there, knew the message of the individual, knew their own responses, knew my feelings as this ripple of communication of thought-feeling spread out and around and back again. I do not know how long I lay drifting in that area of space that I found myself in. It could have been minutes, it could just as soon have been forever, I neither knew nor cared. The sensations of being welcomed, of being loved, of being back again, of being at ease, of being nurtured, of being caressed, their acceptance of my returning of my love for them, of having them inside me, and me inside them, of feeling their extreme InDreams1intelligence and wisdom, of feeling the extent of their knowing of the fundamental nature of things. I lay among these beings being welcomed and loved by them for how long I do not know. Then I ‘heard’ a sound like a low rumble in the distance.  

I turned towards my right side, to the side that the sound seemed to be coming from. I say that I heard this sound and did in fact do so. The capacity of hearing there is similar to that of hearing here. However, my hearing was not restricted to just this form as I also ‘heard the sound inside me’. That is, like there was a vibrational analogue of a sound moving deep inside me. I looked in the direction that I thought I could hear the sound coming from and at first could see nothing.

The area into which I was looking was far off in the distance and in a dark area of space with no stars in the immediate vicinity. Then I thought that I momentarily saw a slight change at one point in that space – as if something had appeared for a second and then disappeared again. Like as if I had just vaguely identified one pin-point of movement in all that far away space. Then I saw the pin-point again, for a little longer this time, then again, and again, and again. This appearance and disappearance had a slight shimmering quality to it. This did not involve light as such (a pin-point of light) only recognition that something different from the overall background of space was present in that area. Then this thing appeared and stayed in appearance. At that point I knew for sure that its staying in appearance was because it was getting closer. I knew that there was something there and it was apparently moving in my direction.

As I identified that there was something moving in the distance I felt a silence come upon me. This had nothing to do with fear û I had in fact no fear at all of anything here. As this silence fell upon me I noticed that all the stars (and ‘the group’) had also fallen silent. It was as if the whole space was made pregnant by this silence. As if, as if one had a feeling that something profound was about to happen even though one had no idea of what. It was as if all the stars had withdrawn into a state of contemplation; as indeed I had myself. The object, I could see, and hear, and feel-hear inside me was getting closer. As it got closer all this hearing and feel-hearing got louder. This so that I could feel my interior start toDNAGalaxy vibrate to the sound.  

In tonal terms this sound was like a low bass rumble at all times. As I looked and the object started to get nearer and nearer it got to a point where I could see that what was moving towards me was a slowly tumbling rock. Almost as if it was rolling in space – though its rate of rolling was very slow and in no way a gauge of its actual rate of travel. It was, roughly, spherical in shape. As it got nearer and nearer I could see that its surface was quite rough, irregular (just like a huge rock here would be). It’s path toward me I could see was occurring as part of a huge arc. 

As this rock got to about mid-way to me I found that I was aware of some its apparent properties. These properties seemed to perplex me in some ways. This perplexity was not in any way confusing and in fact did not amount to any concern in me at all û it was simply present, that is all. One of the properties that I understood of this rock was that it was not positionally fixed in space. I seemed to be aware of this as a distinct property of this rock that made it in some way different from all else that was around me. I knew that this rock had a freedom of movement that marked it out as different from everything else. I was also aware that I was not aware of the consciousness of this rock in the same way that I was aware of the consciousness of the stars. (Though again I say that the stars had now fallen silent and had been silent for some time.) I was also aware that in some way the consciousness of this rock was not being made available to me. Though I must say that there was no element of deception involved in this. My sense was of something approaching that in some way was un-knowable and that ineffability had something to do with the state it was in. I had a sense that this rock and its movement was extremely volitional. Whatever this was it was not an object approaching by chance because of some random path it was on. It had volition (AngelicView: free will/purpose). I was also aware that this rock was ageless – by which I mean that in our terms it was old beyond our widest imaginings.

Now, all of this apparent non-communication, was a communication from it to me. It was only that I did not understand the elements of the communication that it appeared to me that there were no elements of a communication. However, though I could not distinguish communication elements directed by it deliberately to me it was clear to me that those awarenesses that I did have merged to form an over-arching communication (or meta-communication, if you like). And that communication was that this was fate. Whatever was happening now was something that was destined in some way.

It knew why it was there, though (at that point) I did not. This was why this object was volitional. It was, if you like, keeping an appointment. And it knew, from what we would call the beginning of time, that it would be here now to meet me. I did not at that point understand that I was meant to be there to meet it, that awareness on my part was in a nascent state. I tried, as I had done so with the stars (though with them it was not necessary to ‘try’) to reach out to the consciousness of this object, merge with it in the very definite way that I have also described, but found that I could not do so. All that I got was what I have described above.

I watched it come nearer and nearer and as it got very close realized that there was nothing that I could do to pre-empt its intention. It was now so close that my entire field of vision was filled with the rough surface of this rolling rock. It was now so close that I thought that I could reach out and VortexMerkabatouch it if I wished. It was now so close that I could see that it was going to roll into me. This did not concern me in any way at all. In no way at all did I seem to be afraid of it. Just at that point I looked up and down to see nothing but this huge rock above and below me as it rolled right onto me.

I was lying, suspended, drifting in nothing but light. Everywhere around me was light. There was nowhere that was not light. Light as far as I could see. Light, I knew, further than I could see. This light was very bright but in no way at all did it hurt my sight. This light had a singular property that is utterly indescribable in the extent and scope of its sheer magnitude. The singular property of this light was one of absolute love. This love was utterly unreserved, completely unbounded, and utterly infinite in its scope.

Within that total love there came also the knowing of the intelligence and wisdom of this being for I was bathed and permeated by this also. The extent of the intelligence and wisdom of this being, of this light, was utterly indescribable other than to call it infinite. This intelligence and wisdom was of a magnitude that knew that there was nothing that was outside its compass, that knew there was nothing of which it was not aware, that knew there was nothing that was outside its scope.  

As someone sitting here trying (and failing) to write about the un-writeable I have no option but to drop the pen and say that in the extent of its power and its magnitude without limit this being was awesome in its beauty. There are no words that can describe this being and its sheer magnificence in its magnitude. However, it has to be said, that all of this, all that it was capable of, all that it did, all that it gave, could be reduced to its essential quality, all of it was poured into this one quality without reservation: it was sheer unalloyed love absolute. And this indescribable beauty of it moved through every part of me as if I were being permeated by the very shining itself.

I have written what I have written immediately above so that what I write now can be understood (to some extent) û I need to prepare the reader for the sensations that came upon me immediately I entered this light. So what follows now is, initially, a backtracking to the point where I found myself in the light.  

I was lying, suspended, drifting in nothing but light. I could see that my bodily position was one of lying as if at an angle of around thirty-degrees with my arms, like my legs, lying outspread from my body. I was, if you like, lying in a ‘prone’ position. Seeing myself this way lying  in that light lasted only what could have been a fraction of a second. Suddenly, almost instantaneously, on this light exploding, coming into being around me, my sense of expansion of self rocketed to unbelievable proportions, it was as if I had just suddenly exploded outwards in all directions; I could not Wormholeidentify where my ‘self’ was. (This happened very, very quickly on this light coming into being.) It was in this state that I first became aware of wave upon wave upon wave of love moving into and through me from every spatial direction imaginable. I became aware of love coming into being inside me and radiating from me in wave upon wave upon wave without remission, and directed at, I knew not what. Then I became aware of the presence of a being of a power, magnitude and intelligence that was utterly indescribable and that was this light that I now knew to be here. (What I am trying to indicate here is that on first finding myself ‘inside the light’ is that I ‘exploded’ in size to unbelievable magnitude and that, in terms of having an identifiable ‘form’ I just completely disappeared. Literally, I became one with what that light was, strange though it may sound it was as if I in some way became the light, I was completely merged with it. That lasted I do not how long, it could have been twenty seconds, it just as easily have been for eternity. Once that ‘having no form of my own’ ended it was like I re-formed into an identifiable form ‘out of the light’, as though I was extruded from it, though I was still in the light and still experienced my self to be, psychologically, massive in size, but I had ‘regained’ an identifiable form. (Sorry, I’m finding this extremely difficult to put in words. It was like, briefly, becoming the light itself, and losing form because of that, then, once that part was over, reforming again but still being left in the light.)

Then it came upon me that I knew I was inside this being and it inside me. We were merged so that there was no separation – and yet I also knew that I existed, as did it, as a discrete entity. (This I know sounds like an impossible paradox to us here. But there, this is easy. There this is perfectly natural. I had, after all, already experienced this to some extent with ‘the stars’.) As I became aware of this being that was moving in me and around me and I in it; as I became aware of its properties and of its indescribable magnitude I felt arise in me a sense of reverential awe. I also felt rise in me a sense of my own indescribable thankfulness to be united with it again. I have to say that this was a strong sensation in this experience – it really was as if some part of me knew about this place already. As if some part of me did have a sensation of knowing of these things and beings from before. (Though I did not know how I could be coming to think-feel these things, nor did I question this in any way û that was a matter of no interest to me at all.)  

I transmitted (communicated) my thought-feeling sense of reverence and thankfulness to this being. It was not necessary for me to do this as it already knew. It did however thank me for this with more love, which I knew it would not have withheld anyway. I surrendered myself to this being, I wanted to be open to this being, I wanted to be so close to this being forever. We united in mutual love. I could not begin to describe the comprehensiveness of this union. There is no union like this in ordinary existence between people on Earth. This is love expressed with no barrier of any form between the direct experience of the love of the other which is Timelines1now not other. The sensations generated by union in this condition are beyond belief in their scope and in their subtlety. Again it is only able to point  at by metaphor. I remind the reader of the ‘one, two or three instruments’ analogy. Here was an entire philharmonic orchestra composed of millions upon millions upon millions of instruments.

I have mentioned before that communication here is by direct transference of thought-feeling to the extent that thought and feeling are not separate facets of a communication. I have also mentioned that this is an incredibly subtle form of communication system. Likewise I have mentioned that the whole is conducted in a fashion which can (with the limited means available to me for description) be compared to the unfolding of a musical score which is literally being played as it is constructed and that there is never a mis-note or dis-chord played as it is constructed. I have also said that (to use the musical analogy) the range of ‘instruments’ available and the tonal affects possible because of that are beyond comparison with anything known to us here. I have also said that out of the communications of individuals a single meta-communication arises out of the multiplicity of the individual communications and all are placed in a situation of communicating with the meta-communication too. It should be borne in mind that all of this happens as a synchronicity. This is not of the nature of a (wordy) linear discourse as we know it. That meta-communication seemed always to be played out (or land at, if you like) a single unifying theme; that unifying theme was always love. This was not a dominating constraint – to all it was always most welcome, most held in high regard – this is, if you like, the culminating point of all communication in this place – love. This, if you like, is the living essence of the harmony among the ‘stars’ (those beings, lights, whatever they were): this communication system that always culminates (though it is an ongoing process and hence does not end) in never-ending love.

It is impossible to describe the subtlety of this type of communication system. However, for what I am trying to describe here it is very important to realize that this system is so dynamic and so subtle that a single communication for a single individual can contain thousands of strands all playing on each other instantaneously and always culminating in love. Thus it should be realized that from a single communication many things can be transmitted within (if one likes) that unifying theme. 

EarthHologram As I first became aware of myself within this being of light (after I had ‘re-formed’) and its communication to me of absolute love (and of all that I have written of above) it was made clear to me as part of that ‘initiating’ communication to me that ‘we’ were now to take part in a ‘judgment’. This was made completely clear to me. This did not worry me in any way whatsoever. (When I say ‘judgment’ I would very much underline that there was no prospect of any kind of condemnation involved in this.) I felt so at ease, so nurtured, so wrapped and rapt in the care and concern of this being for me that I knew it would never ever do anything to harm me. I knew that this being was not human. This being I knew was so unspeakably far above the human that it is impossible to qualify or quantify it in human terms. I knew this being to be utterly powerful yet that I was to be ‘judged’ in no way concerned me at all. In fact, I welcomed it. I welcomed this because I knew that this being was total love. This being despite its magnitude and its power I knew without question was completely benign. There was nothing that this being would ever do to me to harm me – ever. This being was in fact – of its own essence born of the extent of its intelligence and of the sheer depth of its wisdom – incapable of condemnation. To be ‘judged’ by this being is to be exposed to its total love for you.

As this being, this light, conjoined me in and with its love, and I returned mine to it, so that both merged together so that neither existed except the two in the one I knew (it did let me know) that it was ‘looking’ for something. It was feeling its way through and around me (though I stress it was also it in me, or me in it) searching for that upon which ‘judgment’ could be made. This needs some qualification.  

It has to be realized that this ‘judgment’ is not a matter of the sole-discretion of this being. This ‘judgment’ is still conducted within the parameters that I have attempted to describe above of the communication system there. This ‘judgment’ is one in which that individual who is being ‘judged’ is utterly and intimately involved in their own ‘judgment’.  

I have since having had this experience read of some other accounts of this part of the death process and have read that some people actually see images or aspects of their lives played out for them, as if a ‘review’ was being made. This did not happen to me. Yet I did know that I was beingangel53‘judged’, or rather that I was participating in a ‘judgment’. I knew that this light, this beautiful Being was ‘sifting through me’. Looking for something, gauging something, vibrations, frequencies, taking them into its love, knowing the whole. This did not feel intrusive, I was happy for this being to ‘look at me’ in this way, I welcomed it, and loved it for this thing. And I knew that it was on this thing that ‘judgment’ was based. This is ‘judgment’ based on the essence of you within an intimacy that would simply be impossible on any understanding we have in ordinary life. This ‘judgment’ has as its basis the answer to a single question which would translate to something quite precise – What is, was, the essence of your love? If you like, in a summative sense of the whole, what vibration, or frequency, did your love resonate at? Wave after wave after wave of love washed through me from this being – and I returned this to it. Then there was what I can only describe as something like a pause, it was clear that the ‘judgment’ was over.

I knew that I was still in the being, and it in me. I knew that I was still bathed in the light. But now everything had gone silent. I was no longer subject to wave upon wave upon wave of love flowing all around and through me. Everything had gone silent. I lay in the light in a state of absolute peace and calm. In a silence of feeling the like of which I have never known before or since and which could only be described as pure peace in rest and acceptance. And then  

I was looking upward at a dark sky – at the dome of the heavens. As I became aware that this was what I was doing I became aware that my head was turning to look to my left. As it did so I became aware of a sphere of rock immediately to my left side, no more than an arm’s-length away. The rock was in the process of moving away from me, slowly tumbling away into space. I started to watch it go.  

It was still in communication with me, though the form or intensity of the communication was much attenuated – in some ways its communicative state (or my own depending on your point of view) was similar to that of its approach. In any case, the communication system was starting to break-up.

As it gained some fair distance from me it made a communication which in words would translate to something like: “I will see you (or meet you) again later.” Again I need to state that this attempt to verbal translation is a failing one. The communication contained many strands, some that dealt with love, some that dealt with an indicated time frame (as a setting of context of the communication). It was clear to me that it was leavingCenterOfYourUniverseme, going off on a volitional path that would take it over what we would call immense distances. It was made clear within the communication that this ‘later’ that it referred to was (in our terms) an immense distance of time away. We as human beings simply do not think in terms of these types of time frame at all. We just do not do it. It was ‘speaking’ of a vast distance of time away. And, I knew, that this ‘time’ that it was using as reference meant absolutely nothing to it. Not a thing. So much of nothing that it was meaningless. ‘Meaningless’ in the sense that it (time) is a frame of reference that has no real meaning to, or for, it. It meant nothing to it at all.

As I realized this I saw its arc start to take it towards the side of a small planet that was in its now immediate vicinity. I thought that this was curious as I had not previously noticed this planet there at all. Yet I knew that I had looked in that direction when I had first arrived here. I did not trouble myself to puzzle over the (now) presence of this planet. I watched the rock arc its way behind the planet and realized that it was now gone from me so I turned my sight away.

I looked upward a bit and turned my head in an arc looking at all of the dome of the dark sky above me. I realized that all the ‘near’ stars had somehow, now, disappeared.  I also realized that the space I was now in was not permeated with consciousness – as it was when I first arrived here – everything was silent. All that I could see were ‘far’ stars away off in the great distance. I could thought-feel no communication from them. I was turning my head and as I did so I was aware that I was trying to make a decision on where I would go now. I stopped turning my head at a point in the heavens that was a little to my right and above me. There I could see some far stars. I could see an area of darkness between these far stars and seemed to think that I would head off in that direction. It did not seem to me that I had made a firm decision on going to any particular place – only that I felt that to go to that region would be the next thing that I would do (here). I raised my left arm as if in a movement to fly off into that region. Even thought in our terms this would have involved covering an immense distance I had no kind of a notion that this travelling to there would take any kind of significant time at all. I felt myself start to move in the direction in which I intended to fly and-  

I was aware of a female voice calling my name. I seemed to think this was my grandmother (with whom I use to stay at that time) calling me. I seemed to think that I was being called to get up and go to work in the morning. I remember mumbling something like (though I do not know if I was heard), “I’m not going to work this morning. I don’t feel too good.” As I said this I opened my eyes and at first was dazed as to where I was. Then it dawned on me that I was inside an ambulance. Then suddenly my pain, though now fairly reduced, flooded back to me and I started to become re-aware that I had been in an accident.

AngelicView: His final statement: ”Please, please, please keep getting the word out about NDE’s.”

Thank you Peter. 🙂

13 thoughts on “An Entire Philharmonic Orchestra

  1. Thanks, I am a bit worried that my death will be nothing like this. I am worried I will get stuck in the Void, or some other bad place. When I was Manic there was a lot of fear involved. For a long time I was afraid of having another Mania. Lots of people get happy Mania, but, while mine was amazing, mine was so terrifying. I am worried this tendency will be continued in death.

    Everyone has a different NDE so I am curious what my death will be like. I might have a long time before I know. I might live a LONG life.

  2. Shannon,
    You just keep reeling in these “whoppers”. 🙂 This fellow really got into the details, as nearly impossible as that must have seemed. I may have shared an experience of meeting a fellow who had a serious accident. He was a young man who struggled physically from the severe injuries, and I asked him (he was a customer in a store where I worked) if he had a NDE, not expecting a response. He said “yes, and it’s better than sex.” A few moments later he said “a billion times better than sex,” Unfortunately I never saw him after that. Now I would have asked for an interview. Kind of relates to this account.

    • Hahaha! “A billion times better than sex”! That is one way to describe it! That is really saying something – especially for a guy, right?

      The “whoppers” that I’m bringing out right now are mostly ones that are already posted here but are buried under 600 other posts! I thought it was time to dig some of them back out 🙂

  3. This was so beautiful it made me cry… I felt what he was experincing somehow and longed for that same experience again.

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