The Library of Light

My 4th NDE

By “Mr. M”

“The Call that gathers these beings was the result of a Creator Level Mandate declaring an end to what has been termed The Luciferian Rebellion. As such, these Hosts of Heaven were to attend the library’s council chambers to participate in a form of direct Intervention that would bring the age of darkness to a close.”

Nothing remains the same after an individual has a near-death experience … nothing. The NDE forces one to remain open to the world of possibilities because who could have possibly imagined the death trip to begin with. From my point of view, had it not been for the magnitude of my initial NDE in 1972, the three that followed would have been less cohesive. As such, I’ve come to believe that multiple NDEs build upon one another in a series and I’ve written to the aftereffects of the first three on my own website at Yet, it seems fitting that I submit my fourth (and, I hope, final) experience here, because it is the likes of Kevin Williams who have championed our individually communal cause and allowed those of us who’ve endured the journey to share what we’ve found on the other side of the veil.

Prior to my initial NDE, I was geared toward going to Law School and becoming a criminal defense attorney. The injustices of Viet Nam, coupled with the idealism of the 60′s, propelled me into making this career choice and, were it not for the near-death experience, things just mighta turned out alot differently then they have. However, once ya die, go thru a life review, agonize the Void and, finally, enter the LIGHT … things have a way of changing one’s trajectory … forever. At least, that’s how it worked out for me, thus my fourth NDE (having occurred nearly a quarter century after the first) built upon the many crossroad decisions that followed in the wake of my first experience in ’72.

These choices have lead me down indigenous paths that, otherwise, would have been missed. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that by the time my fourth NDE rolled around, I’d just returned from an expedition to the Mayan Pyramids of Palanque in the Yucatan, visited the birthplace of the White Buffalo in Janesville Wisconsin and been attempting to holographically communicate with Whale & Dolphin Pods at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois. Philosophically speaking, it hasn’t been boring.

My physical health began to deteriorate in mid-March of 1995. Acute mercury poisoning had set in and my condition was of enough concern that I’d audio taped My Last Will and Testament wherein I’d verbally outlined the best I knew from my previous three NDEs. By late May I was ripe for the reaper. Having refused to consider going to the hospital, I thought to weather the storms of my immunological system shutting down at home … in my own bed. And, although my body temperature ranged above 105 degrees for an entire week, I figured to see it thru. Things didn’t go exactly as planned and on May 28, 1995, I died … again.

The debilitating fever and upper respiratory pneumonia had, by the time my 4th death rolled around, been enough to lay waste to whatever struggle to survive I’d managed to muster. I was to weak to fight and to weary to give a damn. So, when it came time for me to die, I simply gave it up and slipped out of my body with little fanfare. Unlike my prior NDEs, there was no railing or attempt to continue living in a body, because mine was shot and I was over it. I greeted my deathing with an exhausted sigh, and, to my surprise, as I drifted out and away was met by two Angels.

I’ve recounted the experience of meeting Light Beings during the coursing of my 3rd NDE on my website. In all honesty, until the events of 1995, I was under the impression that these Light Beings were what others had interpreted as Angels and I had no problem accepting this as fact. However, I learned during my 4th NDE that there is a difference between the two and, although these entities source their Intentions in the LIGHT of LOVE, their missions are as unique as the respective planes in which they reside. I learned there is, indeed, a vast Spiritual Hierarchy which exists and Angels abide several rings closer to the Center of ALL THAT IS.

Nonetheless, my escorts positioned Themselves on either side and carried me along on an ever brightening stream of Light. As we progressed, I could feel the weight of the world and its density rapidly diminish. Darkness began falling away and, gradually, we entered a realm which seemed to reside in the deep reaches of an illuminated space. I could simultaneously see in all directions at once and, in the distance, saw that our destination was a Citadel of Light. The structure had form. It was architecturally shaped, somewhat, like a cone and we entered by flowing thru an opening at its top. Once inside, the Angels departed and I found myself gently floating to the floor of this cocoon like building. I was awe struck to see the interior of this chamber was illuminated by a diffused light emanating from the walls themselves which were carved in the form of alabaster Angel Wings. The detail was exquisite, the sight astoundingly beautiful and, moreover, alive.

As I flowed to the floor I was allowed a schematic overview of the layout. From my vantage point, it appeared there was a single, ground level doorway that opened to the outside of the circular base. A group of pews lined the entranceway and were separated by a wooden banister from a slightly raised platform which seemed to be the focal point. Surrounding the podium were book shelves made of a living wood that, literally, glowed from within. Timeless texts lined the walls and, as if occupying a place of honor, a separate series of books were arranged in an ornate case next to where the podium resided. Flowing forward, I felt compelled to examine one of the volumes and discovered its cover was made of an ancient wood plate and bound together with golden clasps. Opening the text, I was immediately immersed in words, ideas and visual images that fairly leapt off the page. The book, of itself, was actually speaking directly into my consciousness and, effortlessly, imparting historical records in a pictographic manner. I saw the creation of galaxies and stars, solar systems and civilizations that were as multidimensionally separate as they were communally interdependent … wheels within wheels and circles within cycles that stretched back to the beginning … and beyond. For the few moments that I held the Talking Book, it seemed like I learned lifetimes of intergalactic history … epoch upon epoch, timelessly carved from a distant past that was ancient with the age and full of the future.

There were several dozen of these Talking Books and I was to hold only one of them before returning it to its place. To this day, I have no recollection of all that was imparted me. The amount of information was staggering, far too much to fully integrate and bring back to my Earth bound consciousness. Strangely, though, it was satisfying just the same.

Turning from the sacred texts, I was aware of the presence of five beings who silently busied themselves within the sacred chamber. Attired in hooded robes that were reminiscent of those worn by trappist monks, my attention was drawn to the one who stood behind the podium. In answer to the mild surprise I felt upon discovering I was not alone, he began utilizing telepathy byway of an introduction. He indicated that within the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Beings who presided over the Library of Light were known as The Council of Five. I was informed that an unprecedented Call had been sent to all sectors of Life. I was told the Leaders of Light were to convene from everywhere and every when within the Chambers of the Library. I was instructed that what once had been was to be no more, because that which is known as “darkness” was to cease and LIGHT would prevail in ALL the worlds of Creation.

Looking toward the limited number of pews, I felt there needed to be lot more seating capacity if they intended to pull this caper off. In response, The Council Member began telempathically communicating the name of just one of those who would attend. Immediately a portal opened (sorta, like a holograph that was so intense it felt as if I was in both places at the same time) and I became immersed in the image of immense galaxies that spiraled in space and, comprising millions upon millions of stars and solar systems, teamed with Life and Light. The name of the spiritual leader of this galaxy was inexplicably long and as each word was pronounced I’d see an associated pictographic accomplishment … and the accomplishments embodied a character whose caliber was Creator Level. As His name continued to unfold, I witnessed the depth of His achievements and realized the unimaginable scope of His evolvement. Further, I came to learn their were Others like Him who were sovereign in their own limitless galaxies and they were the ONES who would be gathering in the Library of Light. They are the Heavenly Hosts of the Legions of Light.

Imagine, literally, an InterStellar Steering Committee and, then, think along the lines of LIFE Directing ITSELF thru Circles of These Ascended/Extended Beings who ring around the Center of the CENTER ITSELF. Words fail me, for in my attempt to identify them I confine them … and They are the unshackled, removed from my ability to linguistically conceptualize. Further, The Call that gathers these beings was the result of a Creator Level Mandate declaring an end to what has been termed The Luciferian Rebellion. As such, these Hosts of Heaven were to attend the library’s council chambers to participate in a form of direct Intervention that would bring the age of darkness to a close.

Realizing that any One of these Majestic Beings would be more then enough to deal with whatever needed to be handled in the worlds I’d come from, the idea that the entirety of Creation was sending all of them was nearly overwhelming.

Strangely, it’s unprecedented in a precedented kinda way, because it’s the flip side of the “the fall from grace” which was originally allowed by SOURCE for the benefit of our learning experience. However, as a historical marker, I don’t believe it can be explained by Archio-Philosophic Calendars, pyramids, yugas or Second Coming kinda calculations because it supersedes (yet, includes) them. With that said, the best I can do is go into the silence of INTENDING INTENT and LOVING the LOVE that would INTEND IT SO.

Having reached the point of saturation, my download complete, the spokes being of the Council of Five determined our audience was over. Immediately, I found myself whisked away by the very same Angels that had brought me. I have no clear recollection of how this portion of the journey occurred. It seemed I was standing in front of the robed figure in the Light Library one moment, and was sailing thru an infinite space, the next.

The return journey was smooth, I felt secure in the presence of my Angelic Guides and at ease with the newfound knowledge afforded me. Gradually, I felt a slowing as I began picking up the dimensional drag associated with the coarser vibrations of the MEST continuum in which our bodies reside. Reincorporation into our 3D realm was nearly at hand and a vestige of doubt fell upon me. I fretted, “Will it be enough to turn the tide? Will They be in time? What if They get here to late and it all goes to hell in a hand basket??”

In response, one of my Angelic Escorts telepathed that the only reason I wondered about this sorta thing in the first place was because I was reentering the worlds where doubt exists.

He continued, “Where We come from doubt is recognized as a lower state of consciousness and doesn’t even exist. Where We come from the only thing that exists is Knowing.”

And, then, I knew. I knew I’d returned to the worlds of duality where shadows dance and doubt is a symptom of a limited existence which pays homage to a lesser god. I also knew it didn’t matter whether I doubted what I learned or not, because the Majestic Beings who INTEND intervention in this continuum are evolved beyond doubt … and command from the core of So Be IT.

Since then, I’ve often waited impatiently and felt a certain sense of frustration because I wasn’t given a specific time line. Understandably, Light Speed and interdimensional travel was involved and conjectured measurements don’t offer much insight. Thus, I’m not about to proclaim this or that will happen on such and such a date, because I wasn’t given that information. All I know is that it all works itself out in the wash and everything is gonna be OK. In all candor, I don’t know if it’ll happen in my lifetime. All I know is that it does.

AngelicView: Yes!!!


3 thoughts on “The Library of Light

  1. Great story Angelic View, if tries to look objectively at all that is going on in ‘consciousness’ expressed in the world. It is clear that a drama is being played out that is almost scripted. Hints come through the new sciences that are now open to us, through the messages from the once future us. Psychic waves from many sources . It does seem that’s conclusion is being reached for those of us in our second century the hope is we will see it happen.

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