S.0. is Hitting the Road

By Ben Davidson

Hitting the road to meet our +170,000 viewers. We want to enhance our monitoring and observation capabilities on the tour!

365 Days a year, no weekends or holidays. The earth and space-weather never stop, so why should I? – especially when I truly love keeping an eye on the planet and the sun! Now we want to take that multi-year record of dedication on the road.

To make the most of our journey we will need specific scientific devices and cameras, a constant internet connection for live streaming of events, and professional installation of the devices, cameras and central control computer system. We can SIGNIFICANTLY enhance our public service with these capabilities.

How we will accomplish the funding goal – as with all KICKSTARTER Projects, we will need to rely on people like you to help us share our story. However, with more than 170,000 friends subscribing to my YouTube Channel, and our strong record of commitment, follow-through, and dedication to proper research techniques, we have an excellent chance to cross the finish line!

Gas isn’t getting any cheaper – the more funds we raise, the farther we can AND WILL go on our tour. The better devices we can afford, the better data we can produce. The better cameras we have, the better the documentary can be. The budget for this project is an open book, and will remain updated on our website.

Please donate today and the Project will be one step closer to success!

Risks and challenges

1) My wife and I had never driven an RV before a few weeks ago but we are getting the hang of that fast- however it is a huge challenge to LIVE in an RV for a year, especially given our steady/conservative lifestyles.

2) Adding to the coverage. It is a challenge to deliver the news EVERY DAY, but it gets done. I also update the website and respond to viewers EVERY DAY. With the support of my wife, full-time, we can bring MORE observational capabilities into the mix, but it will not be a simple integration.

3) I am about to work full time with my wife. Risks: Many
This is much more of a challenge for my wife than me 🙂

4) Installation delays/costs. There is simply no way for me to outfit the RV with top-notch internet and these other devices on my own, so we will rely on a workshop to pull it off. They may take longer than expected, or there may be unexpected costs that force budget adjustments.

5) Device Damage. We are NOT storm chasers and you won’t catch me anywhere near a tornado. However, you cannot simply run away from all weather. Lightning strikes and hail may not be avoidable. I plan to include protection for the devices mounted on the roof, but mother nature can get creatively dangerous.

Link to Video and Donation Page


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