Every Single Thing in the World is Divine

AngelicView: This experience is described by Nicole as a “dream”, but I would have to say it sounds like an OBE (Out of Body Experience) in that it happened while she was awake and the experience lasted about one minute (she looked at the clock). Or it could have just simply been a vision. None-the-less, it is very intriguing, as it was prophetic.

My otherworldly experience happened on a cold, snowy day in January. On that day, I found out I was pregnant. My husband and I were very happy with the news, although admittedly, we hadn’t exactly been eager to become parents. Sure, we LIKED kids, but after growing up the eldest of 7 children, I was enjoying a quiet, child-free life with my husband. 

Shortly after the pregnancy test, my husband and I were involved in a minor car accident. The roads were icy that day and the driver behind us rear-ended us. There was very minimal damage to the cars, and nobody got hurt. However, I immediately started worrying about the baby. My husband tried to convince me that the impact was too minor to possibly harm the baby. It was too early in the pregnancy to hear a heartbeat or see the baby in an ultrasound, so I tried telling myself to just relax until the fetus was large enough to be seen/heard in utero by my doctor.

Late that night, my husband had just fallen asleep when I really started to agonize in my mind that the pregnancy might be compromised. In fact, I became certain that something was wrong, even though I wasn’t experiencing any cramps or bleeding. I couldn’t bear the thought of waiting a few more weeks for the baby to get big enough for us to detect a heartbeat. I said to myself “God, please find a way to let me know the baby is okay”. I had an eye on the clock, and it was 11:10 pm. This is when my “experience” occurred.


I dreamed there was a “man of light” standing at the top of a staircase. He was very nice and friendly, and waved me up the stairs. I walked up the staircase. He wore corduroy pants, his name was Mark, and he had green eyes and freckles. Clean, white shirt. And a lovely light/glow all around him. I asked, “Are you an angel?”, and he said “well, something like that — I have a message for you”. He told me that God didn’t want me to worry about the baby. He said the child would be delivered full-term, safe and sound. I told him I felt the pregnancy was in danger. He agreed that there was indeed a medical problem associated with the pregnancy, but it wouldn’t matter in the least. The baby would be fine, he promised. He said the doctors wouldn’t even be aware of the medical problem until after the baby was safely in our world. Mark talked with me until I felt 100% reassured. Toward the end of our conversation, I asked whether the baby was a boy or girl, and he said with a smile “you don’t need to know that right now!” And I said, that’s fine, I’ll just go ahead and paint the nursery blue, because I’m pretty sure it’s a boy. He winked at me, and then started walking away. I felt quite sad then, because it was time for me to go back down the staircase. But much to my delight, Mark turned a glance back to me and said “Hey, you’re wrong. It’s a GIRL”. Then, he was gone and I was awake in my bed. The time on my clock was 11:10, turning to 11:11 pm. The experience had taken no time at all. I woke my husband and told him what had happened. Lucky for me, my husband didn’t think I was crazy. He said “I believe you”.

I missed Marko a lot during the months after the experience. I used to look around in crowds, hoping to see his face. I prayed for him to show up in my dreams, to no avail. I still hope to visit that special realm again, but I think it probably won’t happen until I die. I think I was VERY fortunate to have this experience while still alive on Earth. I didn’t worry for a moment during the rest of my pregnancy/labor. I knew my daughter would be fine.

As it turned out, our daughter was safely delivered into the world, 9 months later. When I delivered the afterbirth, the doctor remarked that the placenta was “no good” and it was a miracle that a healthy baby resulted. He called several nurses over to look at the bad placenta, but of course, it didn’t matter because the baby was in excellent health. I never told my doctors about the dream.

Our daughter is now 16 years old. I used to wonder if maybe she’d turn out to be a wise prophet or something, because of the experience I had while pregnant. Alas, she’s pretty much your typical teenager who keeps a messy bedroom, loves animals and complains about homework. She doesn’t go to church. I asked her today to share her religious views with me, and she says she a pantheist. When I asked what that means, she said that every single thing in the world is divine.



6 thoughts on “Every Single Thing in the World is Divine

  1. You reached out from your heart and I find that beautiful. Upon awakening I do creative visualization exercises and lately I visualize things in my environment as “perfect” and then put them all around me, item by item. For some reason this gives me a good mood and attitude for the day. So the title, “Everything is Divine” spoke to me. Today I visualized items and made them “Divine”. I like how that feels :-)) You can do that with people too.

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