An Endless Stream of Pearls of Light


AngelicView: This is a short NDE story that I just had to share – a child drowning experience. The string of pearls of light contained…. well, you’ll see ;)

They brought me into the emergency room and began to attempt to resuscitate me. They were not having much success. All this time I am floating around them.

I tried to communicate with them but they did not hear me. I could hear them speaking as well as hearing their thoughts and they thought it was hopeless.

I had no pain or discomfort. Eventually I began to look around the room and noticed what I can only describe as a black hole or void that followed me around. I some how recognized it and went into it. I had no fear. When I did this I found myself in a tunnel of light with a sensation of speed like I was moving faster and faster. I came out the other end into an area that was misty of foggy looking. I heard a voice tell me not to stop but to keep going. I was flying through this misty place for what seemed to be a bit of time and eventually I came to the end. I saw a blackness, like a starless sky may look … except there was one light. It seemed small so I headed for it and as I did it got bigger and bigger and bigger …  I was going to enter this light. It was now what might be like standing before a sun except it was of a pure white light. As I was about to enter it two large swirling energy forms with human like shape emerged from it. They said to me [in my mind] “what are you doing here”? I said “I’m going into the light “. They said “It is not your time “.

I tried to assure them I was going into the light but they denied my passage.

They were adamant it was not my time. Then I noticed I was a ball of light. I no longer had the shape of a human being. My consciousness was spherical in all directions at once and I had a god-like knowing. Then all at once I saw my entire life pass before me in minute detail … In fact I saw much more than words and deeds but how they affected those around me. It was like energy radiating from me that rippled out like a pebble tossed into still water eventually touching every thing around it. I saw how my actions hurt others even indirectly. I was devastated. I had such a great grief I get choked up even now thinking about it. Then this beam of light came out of the huge light and enveloped me. I was like a baby in its mother’s arms I felt secure and loved and at peace. Then the two figures showed me how I could look into myself. I did so and what I saw was like an endless string of pearls of light. I approached one and touched it.

I saw an entire life time here on earth… I was in what appeared to me to be 16th century France. I was in military garb and was carrying a sword. I was a drunkard and a braggart and fond of dueling. I died face down in a ditch PastLivesafter being run through the heart . I looked at another. I was a soldier in a Grecian phalanx and again I was run through the heart and died in battle. I looked again and this time I was a priest in Egypt I knew the secrets of the temple of that time. I looked again at yet another and I was a priest of the temple yet again, but this time in what we call Atlantis. I walked a sacred path for initiates only and knew the advanced technology of that day and of the Pyramids. I looked again but this one was different. I was not a human being I was something that I can only describe to you as a Pan type being – part goat and human. I tended flocks of strange creatures on a small planet that was smaller than earth and had large boulders and crystalline structures projecting from the ground. I knew my time was short they were calling me back so I went way way back and touched on one last sphere of light. I was a creature that lived in darkness or void with out shape or form.

They pulled me back and I was before the light like before . They said I had to return to Earth because “I had things to do”. I told them I didn’t want to.

I looked out for the first time in the direction I had come and I saw all of creation. It was like a moment frozen in timeless eternity in an instant.

The next thing I knew I was flying down the tunnel of light again. I popped out into the emergency room and slammed into my body… and everything was black and there was pain in every part of my body.

AV: Thank you, Robert.


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