AngelicView, What Are you Thinking?!?

By AngelicView

Good morning friends! Wow! What a week. Me6

First of all, I sliced one of my fingers today so good that now I think I’ll have a flip-top finger! I’m sure that will be useful in some capacity at some point, right? Problem is – Every time I touch something, the darn thing wants to start bleeding again. SMH… and I’ve been so busy lately.

What I’ve been doing is I’ve been making attempts to fix certain things here at my house that have needed fixing for a long while. Sometimes I feel as if this old house is falling down around me – begging for some much-needed attention. And since I have limited funds, I’m going to have to do much of the work myself. Anything that I can possibly do myself, I’ll do. Some things I’ll have no choice but to hire done. But I’m having some problems with some rotten wood and some moldy drywall, and these things will only cause further problems if I don’t do something soon to take care of them. Also, mold could make my daughter and I sick if not taken care of.

So that’s what I’ve been up to when I’m not at work lately. Those activities have left little time for research for this blog. Don’t worry! I’m not quitting! 😉 But where I usually take three hours a day for research, I have recently only been able to do an hour a day. And, as most of you probably know, I don’t post here unless it is something that is either mind-blowing in some way, or it is so important that I feel it needs to be shared far and wide, or it is something truly unique or very uplifting, etc.

I was looking at my site stats the other day and noticed some things. First of all, on any given day, if I have not posted any articles for several days, the site reaches about 600 people. And while some people are reaching down farther into the blog (AngelicView has about 650 articles), most of the clicks are just on the top few.

And I was thinking that things like NDE’s, OBE’s, and STE’s – those are timeless. In other words, it doesn’t matter whether the story was posted in July of 2012 or March of 2014 – they hold the same significance either way. But when I look at the site stats for an NDE (for example) that has been long-buried in the deep-depths of AngelicView, I see that some of them have had only maybe ten clicks in the last year and a half. And back when I posted them, I didn’t have nearly the site traffic that I do now and so I am feeling like it’s wasteful for them to be so buried that no one is finding them.

I am trying to decide if I should re-post some of those. The other option is to not re-post them but to post them to my Facebook pages. The only problem with that is that some people are actually not on Facebook (can you believe that? I know!) so they would miss out on the “new-to-you” articles. Many times if I am very busy, I’ll “sticky” some older articles to the front page of AngelicView so you’ll see them there if you click on the site.

Did you know that even the pages you have “Liked” on Facebook might not show up in your news feed? In fact, my AngelicView page has reached few people. But the more “Likes” your page has the more chances that it will actually show up in more people’s news feeds. And if you occasionally go to the page itself, then it will more likely show up in your news feed. And the more you click on the “Like” button on the posts, the more often it will show up in your news feed. Just some tid-bits of information

So I guess I’m just thinking aloud here. I’m trying to figure out how to get those older, but timeless posts out to my readers. If you have any suggestions for me let me know. In the meantime, if you see me post on Facebook something you’ve already read, or if you see me re-post an article as if it is brand-new, or if you find older articles “stuck” to the front page – you’ll know why.

Love! Love! Love!



8 thoughts on “AngelicView, What Are you Thinking?!?

  1. Well I am one of the few who does not have an account on Facebook. .. or at least the one that I had has probably expired. .. but well as soon as I get free from exams I am at least going to spend an hour reading the stories… its something I love to do…. no matter how old or new they are…

  2. When you’re too busy to research a new topic, then post a few “golden oldies” links. I don’t follow you on Facebook or visit your blog regularly. I’m getting your messages via email and that’s what brings me here.

  3. Thank you to everyone who responded! I appreciate your input. It appears that most people would like to see re-posts – and that works well for me! That doesn’t mean that I will be stopping my research for great stories. It just means that when I don’t have a lot of extra time, I’ll re-post previous great stories 🙂

  4. I say re-post. I believe the view count ratio that Facebook implemented on pages, so they could make more profit (page owners can ‘boost’ their view count by paying money), is about 20%

  5. I am a contractor, and although I don’t think I can do the work for you (probably not living in the same area) I am happy to help you as I can with info, ideas and how too’s.

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