Caravan to Midnight: Fukushima ELE


AngelicView: John B. Wells has his own radio show now, called “Caravan to Midnight”. According to him, he wasn’t allowed to say what he wanted with freedom or to have the guests on Coast to Coast that he thought would discuss the issues that are most important to the world today. And so he has this radio show now where he can control who the guests are and can have the freedom to say whatever he wants to say.

This guest,ย Gary Yantis, says that Fukushima disaster could be an ELE (Extinction Level Event). To me, it seems very similar to what might have happened to Atlantis, many years ago.

This conversation starts at about 40 minutes in. I think this is probably one of the most important issues facing the world today.

“The World is not the way it appears to be…” ~Gary Yantis

AV: Apparently (of course) the video has been removed from You Tube (who’s surprised?). Here is a link to Caravan to Midnight website where John B. Wells has gathered several articles on the subject โ†’Linkโ†

And here are two other videos from Gary Yantis (I have not reviewed them, but have listened to the one from John B. Wells Caravan to Midnight – which is no longer available).

Fukushima Revelations (Part 1)

Fukushima Revelations (Part 2)


5 thoughts on “Caravan to Midnight: Fukushima ELE

  1. AngelicView, I am a subscriber to John’s website and he and his team have insisted via his March newsletter that anyone posting his shows on YouTube stop immediately and if not, he and his team will take legal action.

    I saw the Yantis show and thought he was an excellent guest.

  2. Shannon,
    Gary Yantis never explains how he came across the information he provides in the interview. He doesn’t name any person(s) specifically as the source. Do you know if any other people have corroborated his description of Fukushima events? In other words, where is there any proof/evidence that Israel detonated nuclear weapons and caused the earthquake in Japan?

    • You know, it’s been a few days since I listened to this Caravan to Midnight… but I really don’t recall John B Wells mentioning where Gary gets his information from. So you have a very good question – and I don’t have any answers. ๐Ÿ™‚


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