Bentinho Massaro: Law of Attraction vs Non-Duality


AngelicView: Let me tell you, I love this guy! Well, maybe not in the way you think 😉

I love his mind and his heart – his teachings. I have more on this site by Bentinho Massaro. I’ll see if I can dig them up for you in case you are interested. But first – just a few explanations about what you are about to hear in this approximately 15 minute video.


Law of Attraction” means what you focus on in life comes to you – you create your own reality by envisioning what you want, matching the vibration of that, and then letting the Universe bring it to you.

Non-Duality” is the concept that there is no such thing as “good” or “bad” – all just “is”.

Given these two different concepts, it seems that they can contradict each other. But Bentinho explains to us that they really do not. Both can exist in harmony with each other.

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(Despite the rather boring-sounding title of “We Are Eternal Beings”, this talk of his really floored me and I have transcribed a portion of the video for you in this post.)


6 thoughts on “Bentinho Massaro: Law of Attraction vs Non-Duality

  1. This is a great little talk because yes, a lot of people do think of LOA as separate from the unity paradigm. I’ve come to understand this for the reasons he states. It’s what Source has given us to help us experience ourselves and allow Source to experience itself through us.

    I’m interested in what others may think – and any other speakers or posts Angelic VIew may have or post or pull up.

    What makes it confusing though is taking it one step further – and I’m still wiggly on this next piece: LOA isn’t opposing to Source – but when you call Source God, then the belief (or “belief”) is Source knows what’s best, Source knows what you need, and Source will bring that to you.

    The trick, I think, is getting out of one’s own way and being willing and allowing to receive that – whether it’s specific or non specific. Larry Dossey, author of Healing Words (and some other amazing books) says that in clinical studies, answers to prayer were granted EQUALLY to both specific AND NON-SPECIFIC requests.

    So in line with LOA AND duality – it doesn’t matter. Then the question is – just how does THAT work? Does one say “I want to go live in a house that looks like (mental envisioning) and need a way to move to Idaho” or does one say “Okay – I want to move and I want a house that’s perfect for me – I leave it up to you” and have faith that you’ll receive it?

    Both I think. I’ve gotten this far, but there’s more I’m wondering. I’ve found that if I can get out of my own way to a) envision receiving perfection in what I need or want b) allow it to come through – that 2 things happen: 1: something that doesn’t look “right” comes through and leads to something else and the whole thing is just amazingly perfect 2: the outcome – or gift – is even better than what I’d have asked for

    I don’t mean asking for a honda and getting a mercedes. It’s much more complex than that. Sometimes the path to receiving is longer and less direct than we’d like – but more beneficial. Is that because we weren’t able to ask for something specific? Or did we and block it? Or did we and it came but in a manner and timing more beneficial?

    So it’s LOA vs gifts. Specific vs non specific. Or are they the same thing…………sort of because non specific is faith that you’ll receive what’s perfect for you – and you have to have faith to attract something specific under the generally acknowledged LOA framework anyway?

    • Hi Judi! I have read your comment over and over – because I’m trying to get to the crux of what your question is. I’ll give you my opinion based on my studies and that’s the best I can do… and please let me know if I didn’t even answer your question and I’ll try again 😉

      Personally, I don’t pray very much, because I ‘talk with’ my “other-dimensional team” all the time. But when I do pray or ‘ask’ for something, I do it in a way that is very non-specific and make sure that whoever is listening knows that what I REALLY want is whatever is best for all parties involved.

      Let’s do an example: My friend’s wife is dying of cancer and he wants me to pray for her. I’m sure that he expects that I would pray that she should live, right? But that’s not my prayer exactly, because sometimes when one holds on to life in the 3D realm – it’s not really what is best for either the person who is holding on nor is it best for the persons in their life. But my friend can’t see that – only someone who is looking at it from a higher perspective can see that.

      I have seen NDE cases where someone who is having the experience comes back against the advice of their ‘other-dimensional team’ because so many people are ‘praying for them’, and in one case in particular the woman reported that her life has been a living hell since she came back and that now she just couldn’t wait to die again. Is that the kind of “life” you’d want to live as opposed to being in Heaven? I wouldn’t.

      And so sometimes from a higher perspective, our prayers and wishes ARE answered but in a different way than expected. Or they weren’t answered at all because it wasn’t what was best for us. Only they can see that, though. We simply can only guess from down here in the muck and the mud.

      But can you pray for something specific? Sure! You can try. I don’t think it hurts anything.

      However, according to the LOA, you should envision what you want – it CAN BE specific, however, the LESS specific you are the more likely it will come to you faster because the Universe has LESS RESISTANCE to bringing you what you want if it has a few options or choices to pick from rather than just one. But following the LOA, in my mind, is subtly different than prayer.

      Did I answer your question? And does it make any sense?

      • Well, not really. On the other hand, I agree with everything you say. And thanks for the long answer. Here’s an even longer response!

        I’d say your example is prayer, not LOA. LOA is about receiving something for self. It can be a million dollars when you have $100K or it can be a cast iron skillet when you have so little that you can’t even save enough to buy one. That can also be prayer, but LOA is only about self because you can’t attract something to someone else. They have to do that. Other than that, they’re the same thing, kind of, because aren’t both of them asking God for help? And LOA can be self-ISH, but just because it’s of self doesn’t mean that it is. It’s the intent behind it.

        A few premises that are (in my opinion) all pieces of the same puzzle, just not yet pieced together.

        1. LOA is a natural law created by God. It states that thought creates form, and it allows Source to experience Itself through us. If we think of joy, we are joyful. If we think of sadness, we are sad. If we worry that we won’t find a job, we won’t. If we’re convinced everything is easy, doors open magically for us. And the more we experience the results of what we think, the more we experience the same. So if you’re thinking limiting thoughts, then you’re headed for a course correction, of which you can avail yourself anytime you wake up and acknowledge the truth.
        2. If you’re thinking of what you want, and it’s not coming, there are blocks in the way that need to be cleared. You can’t receive a job offer if you’re so busy convincing yourself you’ll never find a job, and subsequently you sabotage yourself – you’re too inexperienced or that company was in the news having problems or you knew someone who worked there and didn’t like it, or you’re too busy to send out resumes. Or mixed beliefs – you believe only hard work brings wealth yet you play the lottery all the time and wonder why you never win. These are limiting beliefs and need to be cleared out of the way to facilitate willing and allowing for change and the ability to receive.
        3. In between incarnations, we plan our next lifetime whether it’s many challenges or one unique one or we want to have a little rest with a fun, easy life or whatever. Then the soul knows stuff the human part doesn’t. Maybe this life I set a goal for X, but the human is operating in a limiting world and so whether that happens at age 25 or age 65 or not at all and takes another incarnation, depends on ……remembering who I am and to what degree. Which presumably includes LOA since thought creates form
        4. Go back to #2. That person who is bemoaning about ever finding work is having job problems over and over and over. Presumably it’s something to do with some challenge set between incarnations. The human side isn’t getting it. The more they think limiting thoughts, the more limiting their world becomes. According to LOA do they end up homeless? Or GOD’S GIFTS – out of the blue a call comes – someone who knows someone who knows someone needs someone to do something magnificent – and despite pessimism and sabotage and limiting beliefs, this person gets the job and their whole life is turned around.
        5. YOUR paragraph 5 – to throw a monkey wrench in there – connecting to my #4 point: God knows what’s best for us. How does THAT figure in with LOA, when it’s one of God’s laws, figuring it into point #2?

        I believe all of it, but how it fits together beats me. Especially God knows what’s best for us and provides us with gifts, but if we do LOA it comes….or it doesn’t….- see, can it BE – both? Because if they’re both true, then it can be both. My mind can’t grasp the unity of the duality. Or something. HAHA LOA – maybe I should start saying “I GET IT!” Then eventually my experience will catch up with me, right?

        That’s not my story up there, BTW. But it’s one a lot of people relate to, and mine is equally big. Like This-Lifetime Pivotal. I’m going on 15 months now in this journey, and it gets ever more intense, yet ever easier. And 9 months later from being healed from clinical depression by my angels, I’m still off the meds and have never felt better or lighter in my life.

        So God’s gifts ….LOA…..overlap. What do you think?
        Blessings and love to you!

        • “I believe all of it, but how it fits together beats me.”

          You said it all right there! I can say that I believe there are people, “other-dimensional” people as I call them, that are tirelessly working side-by-side to us to help us attain our goals. They also save our lives (whether we know it or not) often throughout our lives because it wasn’t our time to go. We may not have even realized for a second that our life was in danger. One such article that expresses that is here:

          Here is another one that speaks to that:

          • Those were both great. Thank you, Shannon. The more I learn, the more I want to know and experience. I recently started Seth Speaks. Have you read that? Like your blog, I find it comforting and educational.

            • Great Judi! I’m so glad you like it 🙂

              If that’s a book – then no. I have books lined up that I want to read. But I spend so much of my free time scouring the internet for great stories to share here that I just don’t have time to read the books!

              It gives me great pleasure, though, to be able to brighten someone else’s day. And by sharing stories that I find, I feel (or hope) that I’m doing that. Where if I read books then I feel I would not be brightening anyone else’s day. lol

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