“I Consider it the Most Amazing Experience of My Life”


AngelicView: This is a very brief NDE, but I wanted to share it with you because it magnifies some specific points about death and dying. (Besides that, it kind of hit me right there – in the heart ♥)

  1. Young children are very close to the other side. Death and dying is not a struggle for them.
  2. Our bodies may be seen flailing around or even crying or screaming, and we may not even be inhabiting them any longer – calling into question who is the one doing the flailing, screaming, or crying?
  3. The after-effects of NDE’s are well-known, documented, and very close to everyone who has an NDE has similar after-effects. You’ll see several of these displayed in the account.

Cathy was only five years old when it happened. She was swimming with her family in a lake she called “a blood sucker infested mud hole“. Her mother was giving her encouragement and telling her how good she was doing with her swimming. Feeling a burst of confidence from her family’s comments, she dove into the water with a swim ring around her waist. I can just picture that happening! So, as you can imagine, the swim ring was holding her upside-down in the water. No one noticed it right away, but it didn’t matter. She was already having the most amazing experience of her life. I’ll let her tell you the rest:

I opened my eyes under water, which I had never done before and still rarely do and to my amazement, I saw tropical fish and sandy beach.  There was a bright light and a feeling of great peace and awe.  I distinctly recall thinking, “Gee, I didn’t think you could breath under water, but by golly, I sure am!”  I looked to my right and saw my mothers legs and I somehow knew that was her which gave me an even greater sense of peace and safety.  It felt divine without really knowing what divine felt like.  I never once felt any sense of panic or fear, just blissful peace and beauty……no struggle whatsoever.   Meanwhile my mother was counting heads and had only briefly turned her back to me.  When she saw me, my legs were flailing frantically which was such a surprise for me to hear as I never felt anything under water besides pure bliss and peace and safety. 

I did not require any mouth to mouth resuscitation but was gasping and choking.  I do not think I was taken to the doctors to be checked.  

I found myself always doing school public speaking on the topics of death and dying and was always interested in the mystery of death and dying.  The very first time I heard the word hospice I knew I was destined to do hospice work and that is pretty much what I have done my whole life.  

I was once part of a local research project at a Medical Center.  There I learned some interesting commonalities that other people who experienced near death shared.  For example, we recall the experience as though it happened yesterday, we do not fear death and others find it easy to talk with us about death and that we have an aversion to loud noises by getting extremely startled.  I would love to be in a group of others who experienced a near death as well.  

I consider it the most amazing experience of my life; the one I treasure the most and the one that shaped my life the most.  The greatest gift I received from it is that I share my experience with many of my dying patients, and families; especially when someone is struggling at the end of life.  I like to think that those people are inwardly already in that divine heavenly space like I was even though their body appears to be struggling on the outside.  Many feel comforted by my testimony.  I recently wrote a book entitled “The Miracle of Hospice” that I self published which has the above account in the introduction.

I felt so very relaxed, that time seemed to slow down but in reality it took place rather quickly as my mother only took her eyes off me for a split second, according to her.

I feel as though I was given a gift and a purpose to my life.  I feel it was the near death experience that makes me feel I am here to be of service and to share my experience with others.

I have never doubted for one minute that it was real. I feel this is one of my greatest gifts given for me to share.  Again, it has shaped my life. 

I am drawn to people who are spiritual or like minded and have little tolerance for the mundane.

I am a seeker of truth and am just realizing that it is most likely a result of my near death experience.

~ The fact that outwardly I was struggling while inwardly so at peace makes me hopeful that others who struggle during the transition from this life to the next are having the same experience I had.

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