Graham Hancock: Magicians of the Gods


“We’re up against the world’s belief because once you start saying that sites are this old, then the whole story of history has to be reconsidered and whole careers go down the tubes and a vast investment in an understanding of our past that mainstream history and archaeology has put together over the last 100 years is just ‘up for grabs’ completely and you can’t expect to get away with that without a great deal of difficulty and trouble.” ~Graham Hancock

AngelicView: This is the newest, latest information on megalithic sites from Graham Hancock. The speech was done in December of 2013 at a university called “Greensboro”. I have made some notes about what you can expect to hear about in this presentation:

  • The Great Pyramids of Giza
  • The Great Sphinx
  • Angkor Temples
  • Hoover Dam
  • Temples of Seti the 1st in Egypt
  • Gobekli Tepi
  • Maltese Temples
  • Ancient Maps including information on the Bimini Road and Hy-Brasil (and more)
  • Gunung Padang
  • Megaliths off the coast of Japan
  • Megaliths off the coast of Okinawa
  • Easter Island
  • Bolivia: Tiahuanaco (Step Pyramid in the Andes)
  • Comet that hit America 12,980 years ago
  • “Man-bags” and Megaliths

If you can spare the time, I think you won’t be sorry you watched this presentation.

Video Description: Author Graham Hancock discusses the research for the upcoming sequel to his bestseller “Fingerprints of the Gods”. The talk was given at Greensboro College at the invitation of Dr Jon Epstein, on November 11, 2013. Video by Doug Mokaren. Sponsored in part by The Greensboro College Department of Sociology.

Comment by Dr. Epstein: 

This video is posted by my department in order to foster reasonable and courteous debate. We are not interested in creating converts to this thing or the other….what we are interested in is intelligent, well thought out, and articulated discussion.  Please keep in mind that this video was recorded at, and posted by, an academic institution where free inquiry and the ability to explore where that inquiry leads without being censured or condemned by our colleagues is highly valued. If you think Hancock  is off the mark, tell us why, don’t simply say :”Fail!” or if you really think that a higher consciousness is at play here, tell us how you know that. In the professional sciences simply saying “It is what it is” or “I just know, that’s why” don’t work. We require verifiable, supporting, evidence. Hancock, I believe, has provided that evidence, which is why I asked him to come speak. Whether he is correct or not has yet to be determined…he will even tell you that. In fact, having had this conversation with him, I know he would say this ” The evidence I have collected strongly suggests the existence of a previous technologically advanced culture prior to our own.that has since been lost.” The “evidence” “strongly suggests.” This is not the same thing as making a truth claim which would sound like this “The evidence PROVES that….”  There is an important difference

4 thoughts on “Graham Hancock: Magicians of the Gods

  1. It is so wonderful, how masses of people are awakening to the unconscionable lies we have been subjected to regarding all aspects of our lives. Thanks to wonderful, courageous people like Mr. Hankcok. Thank you Shannon for another eye opening article and video. ❤

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