We Swim in a Sea of Our Own Thoughts and Dreams


By AngelicView

My information comes from my studies of NDE’s. This is an opinion piece based upon my studies, and you should decide for yourself what your own beliefs are.

We Manifest Our Thoughts

That’s right. Let’s say right now you are thinking about a big, pink teddy bear. Somewhere in another dimension a big, pink teddy bear appears. You just made it, quite literally, from your thought alone. You might call that other dimension a “Realm”, a “Universe”, or just simply another “dimension”.

Now Let’s Give that Thought Some Density

Imagine “density” as a particular place on an infinite sliding scale. The lower you go on that sliding scale is more negative. The higher you go is more positive. Lower density is more thick and gunky and gooey. Higher is more light and fluffy and bright.

So, we’re thinking about the big, pink teddy bear, right? Now imagine that it develops some giant razor-like teeth and it comes at you and it’s going to eat your face off! Scary, right? Well, right now you’re giggling, but if it really happened you’d be scared.

It did really happen. In that other dimension / universe / realm. (Let’s use the word “dimension” for our purposes here.) Since it is a very scary thought, it’s going to sink downward on that infinite sliding scale of density.

Now strike that last scenario. Let’s say that our big pink teddy bear is all smiles and sunshine and it gives us a hundred bucks! Pretty cool, right? That also happened in another dimension and since it is a nice and happy thought, it will rise up the infinite sliding scale of densities.

Since we already thought about the scary big pink teddy bear, it still exists. But now we have a nice and giving big pink teddy bear, too.

This goes for our dreams, as well. A nightmare is manifested as well as a good dream – each going to their respected spaces on the infinite sliding density scale.

We Swim in a Sea of Our Thoughts

Our thoughts and dreams cannot be directly perceived by us because while we’re in our 3D bodies because we cannot perceive (see, hear, taste, smell, or feel) these other dimensions. But we can perceive them psychically. How? Well, all you need is to be vibrating at the very same vibratory rate as the density of the manifested thoughts in order to feel their effects.

Even though we can’t see it with our physical eyes, we are literally swimming in a sea of our own thoughts and dreams. And these other dimensions are quite close to our physical bodies, and even sometimes within our own auras or energetic fields. People who are empathic are very sensitive to these energies and can feel them on the surface very strongly. But people who are not empathic can also feel these thought and dream manifestations – but they just aren’t aware of where the negative (or positive) feelings are coming from. And so they might think that they are just in a bad mood or they might think that they’re being attacked by an other-dimensional entity, or they might think that it has something to do with the Earth energies or astronomy. While I don’t emphatically announce that none of those other things can be true, I’d like to suggest that the person might just not be aware that they are swimming in a sea of manifested thoughts and they are vibrating to the same density at the moment that those thoughts are existing at.

Does that make any sense?

So How do We Get Out of the Way of These Negative-Density Thoughts?

What you want to do is to raise your own vibration so that you will literally lift yourself up out of the “dimensional-area” of the negative-density energetic thought-forms. How do you raise your vibration? Well, that’s a whole subject of another article! But mainly you just want to do what makes you feel good. Getting some time to yourself and away from other people might be a helpful start. Getting out in nature is a really good way, because I think that natural ‘beings’ like trees and grass and dirt are more likely to hold energetically positive-vibrational density thought forms. And thinking happy thoughts is a must!


Love! Love! Love!


6 thoughts on “We Swim in a Sea of Our Own Thoughts and Dreams

  1. Shannon, are you familiar with Dr. Robert Lanza, stem cell researcher and his book called Biocentrism? I think you would really like him. Visit his web site robertlanza.com.

  2. BTW, Dr. Lanza will be on Science Chanel Monday night at 10 pm EST with Steven Hawking (I see you have a past thread on Hawking)….

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